2 Chainz: ATL’s New King Claims His Throne

Introduced to us first as a member of Ludacris DTP collective comprising I-20, Bun B’s nephew “Lil Fate” and Chicago bred Fem-Cee Shawna. As a part of the group 2 Chains aka Tity Boi almost went noticed for over a decade while all the other crew members got their albums released and some even went on so have successful solo careers.

Many might argue that Luda held back on 2 Chains but ask the man and he will tell you otherwise. Luda has recently expressed an appreciation and sense of pride for his former protege. The two have actually recorded a few songs together while extending his blessing for his Younger Homie to shine. Shawna also recently during an Interview with DJ Vlad spoke highly of 2 Chains and depicted his success as something that should have been expected based on his work ethic.

The college Park native always stayed relevant through features with his DTP crew along with various solo attempts here and there over the years.

It was only a matter of time before we all took notice of the slender, 6 foot 5 tall MC and in 2005 he took a bold step following the release of “Dolla Boy” the two went on to form the successful duo “Playa Circle” and release their debut “Supply and Demand”. Through out 2007, the two dominated the airwaves with the classic “Duffle Bag Boy” featuring Lil Wayne and for over a year it was literally impossible to escape hearing the song in clubs, radio and DJ mixshows.

Finally 2 Chains had managed to shake off his referred association with Luda, Playas Circle and managed to curved a cult following that identifies with him as a solo artist. By 2010 2 Chains was on every mixtape, remix, video and a biddin war ensued with the likes of Cash Money, Def Jam and many more expressing a long running desire to work with 2 Chains.

For the passed 2 years his brand has grown and by now everybody including non-hip hop fans are finally familiar with 2 Chains. With the release of his solo effort this passed summer “Based on a TRU Story”, which not only debut at Number 1 on Billboards top 200 but also managed to sell 147,000 units in its first week who can stop him?

With T.I’s interests in film continuing to overshadow his musical attempts, Jeezy and Gucci beefing, the younger generation is definitely gravitating to his movement and it is probably time for a new renaissance anyway.

Who better to claim that spot than a respected vet that already has 10 plus years of releases, played in the league alongside the best, applied graceful patience and has no problem letting others shine along with him? If you disagree just ask Birdman, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Drake, Ludacris, Jeezy, Kanye,Gucci and everyone else that has worked along 2 Chains over the years they will tell you.

In a recent documentary by MTV “How I Made It”, 2 Chains takes his fans through the lifelong journey from his upbringing to he’s present success. If it were an actual nomination for who we would vote in as the new King, without a doubt 2 Chains name would top the list.

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