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After over 30 yrs since the inception of the idea of Hip-Hop in mainstream culture, the evolution of the art form has been one of many phases. In 2003 on an interview, KRS 1 put across the idea that in a few years The President of the United States will have at some point encountered Hip-hop in an intimate way (music, fashion etc). 7 yrs since that Interview Barack Obama became the first Black President of the United States and is also a self proclaimed fan of Hip-hop. Barack Obama is very much a representation of the Hip-Hop generation based on his age alone. That not only further emphasizes just how an important part Hip-Hop plays in today’s society and pop culture but also shows how far into our social infrastructure Hip-Hop culture has penetrated.

The clothes we wear, the songs we hear on Radio, the Tabloid friendly Hip-Hop artists etc there is no escaping it. As far as music goes on a global scale it is obvious that the dominant Genre is Hip-Hop in some form or fashion. Numerous sub-genres even in foreign countries have their roots in Hip-Hop. Be as it may, the question of integrity is always a factor especially the more lucrative and influential the culture has become. There are entire industries that have been created around Hip-Hop and I guess it was inevitable.

HHABC began as an attempt to salvage what we felt was the misuse and abuse of the culture that we pride ourselves for being a part of, the respect we have for the culture and the constant fight to preserve it for the generations to come. HHABC embodies the concept of a Hip-Hop “Utopia” which is, for whatever its worth, a representation of an ideal destination for those that enjoy the culture and appreciate what it has to offer and more. Thank you for taking this journey with HHABC and on behalf of the staff and everybody involved in this amazing process, welcome.

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