Atlanta’s Annual Dad’s, Daughters and Dolls!

Aside from the cold weather that we are accustomed to during the Christmas season, it is the spirit of giving and love that resonates with most during this time.

Unfortunately for those who are not able to spend the holidays with friends, family, and loved ones, this time of year could feel even colder.

The good folks at Outside Looking In and various other contributors have come together to assemble the annual Dad’s, Daughters and Dolls. This event is dedicated to the young girls with incarcerated fathers who will not get the opportunity to make precious memories of the holidays together with your fathers. The meaning behind the program is an ode to the spirit of love and what a person is able to accomplish during the most trying times. We applaud the people behind the scenes who put this organization and event together. Sometimes we get above ourselves and tend to forget what’s really important in life!

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