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Audio : Lloyd Banks, Kidd Kidd & Tony Yayo – “Set The Pick”

Just in case you thought G-Unit was done, please think again! With a new mixtape recently released, the lyrical collective show and prove just when it matters the most. The new project is dubbed ‘The Lost Flash Drive’  (hosted by DJ Whoo Kidd). They pull no punches on this one, and it’s completely obvious that the members of the crew are not just along for a free coat ride off 50 Cent. You will get a thorough mixtape here, and you will even find that you can actually listen to it without skipping around over tracks!

One of the highlights off the mixtape would definitely be ‘Set The Pick‘. About 10 seconds into the track you’ll see why! Check it out below…

Video : “Venom” Bruse Wane Feat. Sean Price & Chris Rivers


Wane Enterprises CEO and New York artist Bruse Wane presents the music video for “Venom”, featuring guest appearances from the late Sean Price as well as Chris Rivers, son of the late Big Pun. The video features DJ Eclipse dropping cuts and a cameo from Illa Ghee. Produced by Kloud Nine Music, “Venom” appears on Bruse’s new album, Earl Manigault Of Rap. Bruse also recently released the music video for EMOR singles “Brighter Days” (watch) and “Yuu” (watch). Bruse previously collaborated with the Price (watch the music video for “Beast Inside”) and Keith Murray (listen to “Return Of The Spitters (RMX)” featuring Keith Murray and Fam-Illy). A native of the Bronxdale Houses Projects in the Soundview section of the Bronx, Bruse founded Wane Enterprises in 2001, hosting events featuring Styles P, Papoose, N.O.R.E, Buckshot and Remy Ma.I just wanted the video to bang like the track,” Bruse says. “When we dropped the audio months back the reaction we got from the fans and critics was dope, so I wanted to make sure the visuals was on point. It was great linking up with Chris, Illa and DJ Eclipse for this one. I really wanted to make sure this got out before the end of the summer, so we could scorch the whole game.”



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Legends Never Die : James Brown, Micheal Jackson & Prince Share The Stage

As we try to compose ourselves and get a grasp on the recent news that the artist we’ve come to love and admire, Prince, had just passed away, the right words are suddenly so hard to find. There are in fact though, endless words that could describe the brilliance of Prince’s artistry and what exactly he meant to the world. It would be fair to say that his legacy is one that could be compared to Michael Jackson or even the legendary James Brown. Just imagine that one day these three souls met at the beginning of their careers and shit the building down! Yes, this really happened and moments like the one your about to see will explain exactly why…. legends never die.

Video: Ricky Rude Feat. AR-AB & Dark Lo – ‘Grew Up Too Fast’

Camden, New Jersey rapper/producer Ricky Rude presents the visual for “Grew Up Too Fast”, his new single produced jointly by producer Point1 and Ricky himself. “Grew Up Too Fast” also features guest appearances from Philadelphia rappers Dark Lo and AR-Ab. Ricky’s last EP featured Scarface (watch the music video for “So Immature”) and Trina (watch the music video for “Stripper Ass Model Face”). “Grew Up Too Fast” is the first street single from Ricky’s upcoming EP Reckless Recluse due out later this year.

I trained my brain not to complain and taught my heart that there’s no such thing as pain. I grew up too fast”Ricky Rude


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News : Iron Galore in Flint, Michigan, Crisis On Hand

It’s just another day in Flint, Michigan…

You wake up, get out of bed, and the usual routine begins, but suddenly, your tap water is pouring brownish liquid right before your eyes! My first impression was “Wow! Gold water somebody’s is filthy rich!” They’re water supply is, without a doubt, filthy but he or she may be rich altogether. Flint, Michigan is undergoing emergency safety to resolve the water pipe that is connected to Lake Flint, which is notoriously known for its filth, before it was connected to Lake Huron (mostly Detroit area). This transition took place two years ago, when the city agreed to switch lakes for budget purposes. Citizens opposed to the switch, mainly because the lake isn’t safe to drink from.

To make matters worse, the State Department of Environmental Quality did not take action by applying anti-corrosive agent to treat the water. The water contains iron from the eroding water pipes. Flint isn’t one of the prosperous cities in the U.S. but the Councils and mayors need to be more assertive when it comes to health especially children. Researchers from Virginia Tech like Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a pediatrician, concluded lead is found in the water and that it has long-term health consequences, such as IQ deduction, abnormal behaviors, and criminal rates. Information from the DEQ, about the contaminated water was brushed off until the hero doctor took matters into her own hand.

“Their information wasn’t flawed. They had the data, but they were being told by the DEQ that there wasn’t a problem, they just dismissed it”, said Dr. Hanna-Attisha. Dan Wyatt, the former quality director at Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality stepped down after the issue surfaced once again.

Previously,  Mr. Wyatt went on local TV to dismiss the issue by drinking water to prove it is fine. Apparently he hasn’t respond to all the allegations by the citizens of the suffering city. This lead poisoning issue has impacted plenty of generations. The city of Flint is taking the necessary actions to resolve this crisis.


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Opportunity Is Everywhere!

In today’s times, there are still not many black females in the medical or physics fields get the recognition they deserve. Nevertheless, universities are proud of their black females making a difference in the U.S. Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green has worked her way to the top to receive her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. If you don’t think that’s impressive; wait until you hear this-she is the winner of a $1.1 million grant to develop cancer treatment involving lasers and nanoparticles. Dr. Green is now an assistant professor at Tuskegee University. “I was completely overwhelmed with joy, with thanksgiving, humbles at the opportunity that a group of my peers thought that my work was worthy for such a grant,” she said. “This is a huge door opening. It outlines a path to take this treatment to clinical trial.” After both her mother and father passed away, she went under her aunt and uncle who were both diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, both passed away from cancer. This was a turning point for the young professor assistant. Dr. Green became interested in cancer enough that she went on to major in Physics to research the fatal disease. Notably Dr. Green was the second African-American to receive a doctorate in physics from UAB. Also, she stands as one of fewer than 100 black female physicists in the U.S. – in a field that is dominated by white men.   ( ;

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New Music : Tekh Togo feat. Joose – ‘Dressed To Kill’

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Rapper/producer/visual artist Tekh Togo presents the music video for “Dressed To Kill” featuring Joose of AGO, and directed by Tekh Togo, Andy Miller and Ashley Trieu. Togo is preparing for the release ofBlackWater, his forthcoming album featuring Mick Jenkins, Nitty Scott MC and Dougy Lo Hot as well as production from Mistro, Nixon and Seventh of AGO. One BlackWater single has already been released, “End Of The Rainbow” featuring Mick Jenkins (listen), as well as “More Crystals” (listen). Joose, I and our fly black ops are on a mission to save humanity from becoming a fashion war of the worlds of dummies (mannequins),” Tekh says about the video. “This leads us into a couple of secluded locations; one in the woods where they find an abandoned hideout that may have once been used to carry out diabolical experiments, the other a modern fashion house used to plan sinister plots.


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