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Video : Yandel – ‘Encantadora’


We’re so used to seeing both Wisin and Yandel on stage and on camera, that whenever either of them release a solo track, we still somehow expect to see the other one appear at some point during the song! Yandel recently dropped a track titled, ‘Encantadora‘, and I must say it is blazing. Take a quick listen…






Thursdayz 4 Wordplay : Dr. Dre, Pete Rock & Kurupt Collab On Freestyle Session

No this isn’t anything big, it’s ONLY one of the dopest freestyle sessions from three of hip hop’s greatest talents – Pete Rock, Dr. Dre and Kurupt. The freestyle recently was debuted on Dre’s Beats 1 radio show, The Pharmacy. At this point we will just be grateful for anything that Dr. Dre releases (musically), because as we all know he’s very protective over his music vault!







Mixtape : 50 Cent – ‘The Kanan Tape’

Finally! After weeks of anticipation and a disappointing pump fake on Thanksgiving Day, 50 Cent drops, ‘The Kanan Tape’. Trimmed down to a mere 7 tracks, the musical collective gives us a soundtrack to Fif’s infamous character, Kanan, which he plays the part on the highly-favored Starz Network Original Series, Power. 50 Cent recently explained that he wrote these songs from the character’s perspective. If you know anything about the hit series, you’d know Kanan to be street smart and grimey and unforgiving, don’t expect anything less from Fif latest release. Enjoy!

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The Kanan Tape

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Throwback Joint : Smif N Wessun & Mary J. Bilge – ‘I Love You (remix)’

Remember when it was all so simple. Rhythm, rhyme and heartfelt lyrics was all that it took. Back before merchandising and the almighty dollar corrupted the flow of things, there was a renaissance that took place.

The year was 1995 and it was the point in time where Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs hit the sweet spot when it came to the quickly-flourishing marriage of R&B and hip hop. Bad Boy was on the rise and the headz from Brownsville was making a name for themselves in the game. I’m talking about none other than Smif n Wessun (now known as Coco Brovaz), along with the rest of the Boot Camp Clik. Mary J. Blige had just released her sophomore album, ‘My Life’.

Whenever this song comes on, it just takes it back to that time.










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Video: Paul Wall – ‘Swangin In The Rain’

 Get your drink poured up and roll up the green and get ready to go ‘swangin’. Paul Wall drops a dope new track that will make your subwoofers rumble. ‘Swangin in the Rain’ is one of the latest joints recently released from the Texas native.  Known for his infamous ‘gangsta grills’, as well as, chopped and screwed inspired beats, Paul Wall is back on the scene once again.

Without a doubt, he is and always will be a hometown favorite, but it will be interesting to see if the H-town rapper will gain mainstream’s attention again.






Busta Rhymes Checks In at Hot 97, Celebrates 25 Years In the Game

 Busta Rhymes

One of the most talented and charismatic artists of any genre, has reached a milestone in his epic career. Recently, the rap vet hit the 25 year mark of being in the game. But you know he’s not going to a man of his stature will it take all the glory for himself. Nope! Instead, he is planning one of the most highly-anticipated concerts of all time. With a guest-list of past collaborators he’s had over the span of his career, Busta has all but guaranteed that this will be a classic moment indeed. Yes… This will be epic.





#NowPlaying : Method Man – The Purple Tape (feat. Raekwon, Inspectah Deck)

Longevity has become a rarity these days, and it’s also the very thing that keeps Method Man on the rap radar. With a work ethic unlike no other, even after being in the game 20+ years, Mef still has that wow factor when it comes to dropping punchlines and the raw, gritty flow that NYC was well-respected for in the 90’s era.

The Purple Tape is one of the bangers on Method Man’s latest studio album, titled, ‘The Meth Lab’. The  track also feature fellow Wu-Tang clansmen Raekwon and Inspectah Deck. Along with friend and long-time collaborator, Redman, he refuses to compromise his creativity and loyalty to the game just for the sake of a dollar. ‘Meth Lab’ is  a strong effort and solidifies proof that if there is any doubt that he can’t spit dopeness, you got it twisted! The kid can still bring it.






Video: Redman – ‘Dopeman’

For hardcore Redman fans, it’s a much needed relief to see Reggie doing what he does best. With a new album, titled Mudface, just a couple of weeks away from release, he sets the tone with a banger with every bit of wit, rawness and humor we’ve come to love Redman for. The lead single, ‘Dopeman’,  is funk-ladened The past few years we’ve been hearing about Red being more involved with things behind the camera, directing and producing videos.


After more than 20+ years in the game, Redman is still a beast when it comes to lyrical content and now to add to that a respected screenwriter. Red’s current work proves the emcee hasn’t lost any of his creative fire, in fact this stuff is dope man!






Album Review : Dr. Dre – ‘Compton’ (A Soundtrack By Dr. Dre)

We are not even mad at this, because the good doctor from the west coast delivered big once again. No, it’s not the long-awaited ‘Detox’ album, which would now be dubbed as a golden unicorn or some sort myth. But we still can’t complain because Dr. Dre captures the sound and emotions of west coast music and most importantly, the soul and passion that we are supposed to feel when we watch the upcoming film ‘Straight Outta Compton’. This album is a solid piece of work which offers appearances from some of Dre’s most prolific collaborators — such as Eminem, Marsha Ambrosius, Snoop Dogg, The Game and Xzibit. Overall, the California king ends a long hiatus (16 years) and bring a new batch of G-funk that will not disappoint.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 3.34.50 PM

Rumor has it that this movie hits the mark when it comes to authenticity of NWA’s legacy and quality. But how can you go wrong with F. Gary Gray, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre on the same squad??

There’s a good answer for that…

you can’t.

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Television : ‘Starz’ Align for the Resurgence of ‘Power’

When 50 Cent first announced his involvement in an upcoming tv series, a lot of people had their doubts and were quick to put the show in a box before it even aired the premiere. But after only one season in, critics have jumped on the other side of the table as fans are now anticipating the start of the second season. This is more than a crime story, it’s much deeper than that.



Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.41.53 AM

Deep down inside, everyone respects Ghost (Omari Hardwick). From the outside looking in, he appears to have it all: a beautiful and loving wife, a successful nightclub, lucrative drug empire, and a good heart. But on the other hand, there’s also many people who dislike him for those very same reasons. In fact, they would love to see him fall flat on his face or maybe even… dead. You see, it all comes down to loyalty and the lack thereof. Perfection and efficiency is what keeps Ghost inspired to always rise above the evils that cross his path. What could be worse than that? How about having your livelihood threatened, along with a marriage being strained by a hot and steamy lust (and love) filled affair. Not to mention, a heartless assassin running the streets, ready to take out any member of your crew who slips up.

Season 1 of Power left viewers on the edge of their seats but most importantly the suspense was quite unbearable. But worry no more because season 2 begins on Saturday June 6th.

You think you know what Power is…

but the real question is

 do you know how to keep it?



For more on cast members, schedule, behind the scenes, etc, visit the official site for Starz