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The family of a teen whose heart stopped after clamping an electrical cord to his nipple in shop class is suing the school and the teacher (who ‘supposedly’ egged him to shock himself by enticing him with… believe it or not, a Mountain Dew), saying the boy suffered brain damage.

Kyle Dubois (moron), 18, put an alligator clamp on one of his nipples, with a classmate placing the clamp on his other nipple, while a third classmate plugged the cord into the wall.

For three seconds, Dubois endured the electrical shock, dropping him to the floor and stopping his heart.
In the lawsuit, Dubois is described as suffering from “short-term memory loss” and “brain damage.” Although, I personally think that the kid was a vegetable even before this whole incident…

“Keepin It Gangsta:Its Cold In The D

DETROIT — Authorities say a sport utility vehicle used by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s security detail had its wheels stolen.

Police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens says the GMC Denali was assigned to a member of the executive protection unit. She says it was parked on the city’s east side when the tires and rims were taken late Tuesday or early Wednesday last week.

Mayoral spokesman Dan Lijana says the SUV is a secondary security vehicle that isn’t used to transport the mayor.

Photos posted on the website of WDIV-TV showed the black SUV up on blocks. WXYZ-TV reports the wheels were replaced before it was towed away.

Police said the theft was reported this morning and was under investigation.

A Case For Foie Gras

I have listened to a lot of arguments regarding the treatment of ducks and geese in the production of foie gras, and I have to say that I really don’t understand the moral dilemma. Animal cruelty is something that I, along with most people, would fully agree is reprehensible, and completely morally wrong. So, with that in mind, I would like to make a case for foie gras.

There is a primary argument that needs to be reconciled before anything else can be discussed. Animals such as chicken, beef, lamb, pigs, game birds, fish and various other forms of game are bred for human consumption. They deserve to be raised in a healthy environment, and treated with respect. For many reasons, a good and healthy animal makes for better food, but at the same time, animals deserve to have dignity and respect shown to them during their lifespan. So, if someone is against consuming animals, that is a different argument as a vegetarian versus a carnivorous person; rather than the ethical treatment of animals that are bred for slaughter.

With this in mind, where does the production of ducks and geese differ from the raising and slaughter of other animals? Two areas that seem to be major stumbling blocks are the force feeding of the animals, and the enlargement of their livers right before they are slaughtered.

Force feeding, a rather disgusting sounding process, is by veterinarian’s accounts, creates no physical damage to the animal’s throat. That’s right, no physical damage. What appears to be a gruesome act of quickly putting a tube down the duck or goose’s throat known as ‘gavage,’ does not cause damage to the animal. Why? Ducks and geese are omnivorous animals, and have throats that expand to allow large food in the manner that a snake would eat their food whole, or in large chunks. So, while we imagine what this might do to our own throat, the fact is there is a completely different physical make-up.

Secondly, ducks and geese have livers that naturally expand during the fall months, in physical preparation for migration. The ‘gavage’ accentuates the process, fattening ducks for a 12 to 15 day period, and geese for about 15 to 18 days. The ducks and geese are then slaughtered for food, and all parts of the animals are used. The luxurious liver is the prized delicacy, but breast meat and leg meat are also commonly prized.

If you really believe that the processing of these ducks and geese is a cruel practice, then I would suggest that you should stay away from foie gras. Animals raised for slaughter do not have happy endings for the animal, no matter what type.

In speaking with Michael Ginor, co-owner of Hudson Valley Foie Gras in Ferndale New York, he says the ducks come running toward the person with the feed. I have seen abused animals, and that is clearly not a behavior I would expect from one.

As, I believe we become more aware of farming and food production practices in our country, I think it might be more important to look at the respect of the farm for the land and the animals.

I will thoroughly confess to loving foie gras, but I realize this is probably the most controversial food product on the market, and I really would not eat it if I felt something more cruel than the sacrifice of an animal for human consumption took place. I know we live in a society that does not eat animals from snout to tail, and many people avoid the subject of killing animals for consumption.

Foie gras from an ethical and responsible producer is a delicious product. Ethical and responsible are the key words; just as they would be for farmers raising chicken, beef, pigs, fish, game birds, and wild game.

I Wonder If She’s A Long, Lost Fishburne?

A member of the University of Nevada track and field team has been arrested on charges of prostitution, and has been dismissed from the team.

Jackae Bridges, a redshirt freshman who ran sprints and competed in jumping events last season, was arrested Aug. 4 during a sting operation, the Reno Police Department said.

Nevada spokeswoman Rhonda Lundin said Bridges was suspended immediately after the arrest and then dismissed from the team on Friday. Lundin said no other athletes were cited in the sting.

Athletic director Cary Groth is on vacation this week and not available for comment.
Bridges, who was on partial scholarship, attended Mater Dei Catholic High School in Chula Vista, Calif., where she also played basketball and volleyball. She was the track and field team MVP and team captain for three years.

Reno police Sgt. Ernesto Leyva said Bridges was arrested as part of an operation targeting females posting ads on websites such as

“Once we conduct these operations, an undercover officer contacts these numbers (posted on the web) to arrange a meet time and location,” Leyva said. “Once they meet, some kind of negotiation takes place, usually a sex act in exchange for money.”
Leyva said the phone numbers listed in ads might be contacted multiple times and did not know if Bridges was contacted specifically. He said Bridges was alone during the negotiation portion of the sting operation.
I’m willing to bet you that she can run really fast in high heels…


More and more often menus include the statement, “Notice: The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of  food borne illness.” 

More simply put, “Eating our food may make you sick and in rare instances, kill you.”  Maybe said restaurants, should add a symbol, like a skull and crossbones, next to those dishes that increase one’s risk of food born illness.

While they are at it, they might as well add this too, “Eating solid food greatly increases your risk of choking, and we’d also like to remind you that walking upright greatly increases your risk of falling.”

Empire State Of Mind (Kuroc feat. Navarro)…SMH!

An upstate New York cat named Navarro was rescued Sunday night from the trunk of a car at a traffic stop, where he was marinating in oil and spices and on his way to becoming his owner’s next meal.

Police in Buffalo arrested 51-year-old Gary L. Korkuc after they pulled him over for blowing through a stop sign, and found four-year-old Navarro marinating in his trunk in a mixture of oil, crushed red peppers, chili pepper and salt.

Spicy! So why would Korkuc want to eat his cat? According to a memo from the staff at the local SPCA, obtained by the Buffalo News, Korkuc said he no longer wanted Navarro because the cat was “possessive, greedy and wasteful.”

He told police that Navarro was mean to him. The memo added, “Do not under any circumstances adopt to this man ever again.” Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Navarro has already been adopted by a family, and his new name is Oliver.


It probably sounded so good at the pitch meeting. Pretzel Crisps’ attempt to be clever has sparked outrage from people who claim their new ads encourage people not to eat.

On several posters plastered throughout NY city, Pretzel Crisps advertisements declare “You can never be too thin.” Many disagree with that statement, including one upset passerby who tacked on an “actually you can” message to one of the ads in the East Village.

Pretzel Crisps responded to the controversy, saying, “We in no way advocate unhealthy weight loss or want to promote a bad body image. We appreciate your feedback and apologize if the ad offended people.

We are listening to feedback and making some adjustments to the campaign.” I guess all that’s left for the so called ‘models’, besides eating these pretzel chips, is to smoke cigarettes, own small dogs, and maybe, just maybe, date Bill Maher…

‘TO LIVE & DINE IN ATLANTA’ food festival.

If you missed out on ‘The Attack of the Killer Tomato’ food festival this past Sunday, I urge you to all come out for the, ‘To Live & Dine in Atlanta’ (August 11th from 6:30PM-9:30PM). A hip, foodie throw down at The Gallery at King Plow Arts Center, celebrating southern food and drink with a rustic, farm-to-table moveable feast.

The event features chefs Jean-Luc Mongodin of BLT Steak, Todd Ginsberg of Bocado, Canoe’s Carvel Grant Gould, Kevin Maxey of Craft, Hugh Acheson of Empire State South, and more. 

Plus, sample the new street cart phenomenon, from trucks like Souper Jenny, Westside Creamery and Yumbii. Guests enjoy signature bourbon cocktails from One Flew South’s Jerry Slater and top it all off with charming desserts from Bakeshop, The Hungry Peach, among many more!

Everyone takes home a Fresh Market swag bag and all proceeds benefit Georgia Organics (Tickets are a steal at $25.00 a head).

Complimentary valet parking is also available.
See you there…

Obama’s Born Day: Happy B-Day Mr President !

With Michelle in Spain, President Obama had his birthday dinner in Chicago at Graham Elliot’s eponymous restaurant with friends, Oprah Winfrey, her friend Gayle King, Valerie Jarret and Chicago friends Marty Nesbitt and Eric Whitaker. 

Graham Elliot, one of the co-stars of the hit new Fox show MasterChef tweeted the photo above from the back of the kitchen after the president went in to say hello.

It must have been a humbling experience for the GE team, to have the President celebrate his birthday at the restaurant.


There’s a story making the rounds about a chocolatier in London, called Hotel Chocolat. It recently raised 3.7 million pounds by selling chocolate bonds. The three-year bonds will be paid off with deliveries of chocolate, instead of cash interest.

This comes after Johnnie Walker plugged their pension gap with barrels of whiskey.  At the beginning of the month, DIAGEO (the world’s largest multi-national beer, wine and spirits company) said,  it would partially fund its pension plan using mature whiskey spirits as assets.

I wonder what’s next… wine, cheese, caviar?  This could turn into a serious problem as investors buy into these products and then hoard them in hopes of driving the prices sky high.