Beware Amber…Natalie Strikes Again!

It looks as if Natalie Nunn is gearing up to go in on famed model, Amber Rose. Recently the reality TV starlet revealed that Amber Rose’s former assistant resigned from her position as Amber’s team because she wasn’t getting paid. Natalie claims that upon quitting her position, she contacted Natalie to inform her that Amber is steadily trying to dig into Natalie’s life. Here’s Natalie in her own words:

“[She] quit, she just quit,” Nunn added. “[She] just recently quit on Amber Rose because the b*tch ain’t got no money to pay for her motherf*cking assistant. Yo, yo, let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. These n*ggas can go ahead and sugarcoat whatever the f*ck they want — when I put my motherf*cking money in the bank every day, that’s my motherf*cking money.”

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