Can 50 Cent and Fat Joe Bring Back New York Hip-Hop?

Lets just explore this concept based on a timeline and you can see exactly what we mean. Now unless you have been living under a rock or you just take life too seriously, you know the history between 50 Cent and Fat Joe.


As you may also know, have recently 50 Cent and Long time nemesis Fat Joe called a truce live on stage in the soon to air, “2012 BET Hip-Hop awards”. The truce comes as a surprise to many who have watched for almost a decade the two New York based artist/moguls exchanged harsh words publicly, humiliation, threats and disrespect.

In 2005 during the VMA’s 50 Cent and G Unit “Capo” Tony Yayo, after performing Yayo’s hit “So Seductive” screamed continuous insults towards the Bronx MC.

The beef according to 50 in a recet interview with NY Power 105.1 Breakfast club, was insinuated by what he called Fat Joe’s loyalty to Murder Inc’s boss Irv Gotti. Fat Joe had long established a business relationship with Irv and even worked on one of Fat Joe’s biggest hits to date ft Ashanti “whats luv”.


The beef would eventually be made apparent when Fat Joe was included in Ja Rule’s biggest come back street record “New York”. 50 would then respond with the release of his disrespectful “Piggy Bank” that featured some low blows from the Queens bred MC.

Fast forward to 2012 things have changed for NY and few from the birthplace of hip-hop have managed to remain relevant in this predominantly southern era.

Heavy weights like 50 & Joey Crack have sustained off the star power while a majority of upcoming acts have struggled to keep the region represented on a mainstream level with the exceptions of few. New York will always be where the culture originated and the game needs New York just as much as it needs every other region.

What happened to New York after 50 Cent and Fat Joe collided in the mid 2000’s almost marked the end of East Coast relevance. If you recall 2004-2005 there was a balance thats saw all regions seamlessly share the airwaves including the West Coast. Today mainstream music is segregated regionally and the lack of integration has resulted in an imbalance that could be offset a result of this truce.

We commend both parties for assessing the situation and finding it within themselves to over look the passed as a respectful gesture to their shared mentor the late “Chris Lighty”.

According to both Fat Joe and 50 Cent, Chris was solely responsible for helping the two artists establish their careers. Fat Joe during an interview with Q Deezy stated that Chris had tried for years to mediate the feud but to no avail and neither party would concede.

So as a show of respect to their late friend the two have put their differences aside and have even gone as far as exchanging some friendly tweets over the passed couple of days.

Hopefully this same thing happens in the West Coast, we can probably hope to eventually see Snoop, Dre and Suge hug with a Tupac Hologram standing next to them…just a though!

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