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HipHopABCTV Interviews Morgan Heritage About New Album & More Part 1

With countless hits through out the reggae genre, features with hip-hop greats and beyond, the Grammy Award winning “Morgan Heritage” has sustained for generations and stands as one of the most respected forces in modern music.

If you have been fortunate enough to experience the group live, you understand that it is not an accident that they are considered “The Royal Family of Reggae”.

Since winning their well overdue and much deserved Grammy,  the group has maintained a tour Schedule that allows them to cross from continent to continent all year round.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with front runners Gramps & Peter Morgan who enlightened us on various facets of their movement.

Kolombia Music Takes Over SXSW

This year SXSW  3rd Annual “Sounds From Africa & The Caribbean” was a massive success with one of the most diverse rosters in all of Austin TX.

With artists from Africa, Caribbean and Latin America, W & R Projects put together a production comprising of both Reggae & Afro Beat and various other sub genre’s on the same stage

This year the crowd was treated to a special performance featuring Kolombia and frequent collaborator Stylez Music. We got a chance to speak to Kolombia following his performance and here is what he had to say.


Good Cop vs. Bad Cop : When Disaster Strikes

Who’s to blame? When will we say enough is ENOUGH?

Violence and police brutality, two things that have become a daily trending topic, no matter where you live, which news network you tune in to or even whIch social network avenu e you follow. The walls are closing in, and it’s happening fast! My question to you is, what are you doing to prepare yourself and your family? Are you educating your kids about these subjects, and if so, are you being impartial and revealing the FULL truth?

It baffles me to see after so many years of making strives in the right direction, we’ve allowed ourselves to become desensitized to these issues.  If you don’t believe it could happen to you or anyone you know, you’re completely fooling yourself.


Issues and corruption still walk among our community.  As we recall, over the last few months, police brutality is still high. Recently, a black man by the name of Freddie Gray was arrested and later died. His death was initially reported unknown.  After several reports and videos it showed the police used crucial force to tame the young black man, even though he wasn’t resisting. In my perspective, there is still chaos when it comes to the black community.  Every time I watch the news, I see a policeman arrested for killing an innocent black man. Two  days later, Baltimore went into rage — destroying cars, vandalizing stores, and properties, and even attacking citizens. Not all destruction occurred in the city, civilized protest, and peace walks roamed the streets.

Only a few days after the Baltimore settled down, an incident in Dover, Delaware catches nationwide attention…

Good Cop vs. Bad Cop

Today, a guest speaker by the name of Officer Carol came to my class. He is a former sergeant in the military. He talked about the good side in being a cop and how you get to see the world. Basically, he explained how they keep order in the community. I asked him, “How do you feel about the police brutality in Ferguson and Baltimore?” “It’s messed up…”, he replied. “You have the good cops, and bad cops. We have cops that are a**holes”. He claimed proudly, “Every time I walk into a restaurant people give me the side eye, or suck their teeth. I’m not them, you don’t know me”, he added on. His explanation was very vivid! I actually didn’t expect to get that answer. In conclusion it goes to show you not all cops are evil.
Submitted by C. Kendrick

Ear To The Streetz: Who Is Doc Frank?

In today’s time when you think of Dayton Ohio, you’d most likely will think about the national ranking as it being one of the top 25 most dangerous cities in the US.  Indeed there will be recollections of legendary gang and drug wars, but you will hear very little about the music.

How could this be? Dayton is the home of George Clinton,  The Parliament Funkadelic movement, Roger Troutman, Walter Morrison and many more.

So we ask again, who is Doc Frank? Well if you don’t know by now who Doc is, you need to ask some of your favorite rappers from Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Cee-Lo, Bone Crusher, T-Pain and the whole city of Dayton.

Doc built his foundation as a battle rapper in the 90’s, having battled the likes of Eminem — remember him? The charasmatic white guy that rapped with Dr Dre — and also discovered 50 Cent? Yeah him!

Doc has since evolved into a full fledged producer, director as well as writer with credits on various projects with T-Pain, Jodeci, Musiq Soulchild and many more.

Any artist in Doc’s position would be comfortable with the success behind the scenes, but the desire to put his city on overrides everything.

With the upcoming release of his 2nd installment Who Is Doc Frank? Vol 2, Doc is set to reintroduce himself on a larger scale… until the whole world knows who Doc Frank is.

The UNCF Raises Over $500,000 In Scholarships

For 36 Years the UNCF (United Negro College Fund) has contributed towards education with the help of various partners and organizations. This year was no exception and The UNCF along with long time partners like Wells Fargo and McDonalds managed to raise over Half A Million Dollars towards the education of 20 students attending various HBCU’s.

Other top brands along with various  celebrities in the entertainment and sports world collectively donated towards the $500,000 for this year’s 36th annual taping of the UNCF An Evening of Stars,® which aired nationally on Sunday, April 26 at 10p/9c on BET Networks.

Got Next: Joe Green “Real Street N****a”

We all have our definition of what a “Real Street N*****a” is or should be and Scottsdale own Joe Green has his own interpretation of the term. Few disagree with Joe Green’s definition and over the last few years he has made a name for himself independently with the help of his management team Exit 40 Entertainment.

Its not until you witness a live performance of street bangers like “RSN”, “Trap Bunkin” and “Choppa” featuring Que that you fully understand that Joe got the “Streetz” behind him, literally and figuratively.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding his next move, a few heavy weights (no pun intended) have already expressed an interest in working with the new comer. There is already talks of his latest single “Trap Bunkin” being added to regular rotation but what we know for a fact is its only a matter of months before the world is introduced to Joe Green.

HHABC: Cool Amerika Performs “Make Sum Shake” Live At Aroma

New comers and AMG (Affiliates Music Group) duo “Cool Amerika” undoubtedly have one of the most contagious records on rotation lately. As the duo continue to make a name for themselves club goers can not resist the infectious nature of the song which has been taking a life of its own over the past few months.

The Track is produced by Cassius Jay who is responsible for a slew of other hits with artists such as Justin Beiber, The Migo’s, Bankroll Fresh and countless more.

HHABC Exclusive: Cap 1 Performs “Bird Bath” Live At Aroma

With the major Street Buzz surrounding the re-emergence of Chicago Native Cap 1, his latest single “Bird Bath” has been taking the club scene by storm.  Some may remember Cap-1 from his earlier attempts to make a name for himself as the first rapper signed to Motown over a decade ago in the year 200.

Cap’s story is one of perseverance, patience and perfect timing for the Chicago MC who’s affiliation with Street Execs and mega star 2 Chains couldnt have come at a better time.