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Kwesta aka “Da King Of African Rap” Takes Over SXSW

Recently, HipHopABC.TV was live at Austin, TX for this year’s [2017] SXSW Festival, and we were able to catch up with some of your favorite stars, including some up and coming.

During our stay in Texas, we were fortunate enough to catch up with Kwesta aka “Da King Of African Rap”, who was in town promoting his new album, Dakar 2.

Video: Timberland Chats With The Breakfast Club & Shows Enthusiasm About New Artist

It’ s been a while since we’ve seen and heard that playful side of Timbaland on record or even at all for that matter. But recently with an interview with Power 105.1 (The Breakfast Club), he spoke of everything from Aaliyah, comparisons from today’s music to the 90’s era, all the way to his new artist, Tink. In the interview, you will notice the look in Tim’s eyes, it’s that look of passion, something that has been noticeably missing from the superstar producer for quite some time. After playing a couple of tracks featuring the 19-year old lyricist/vocalist, it’s no wonder why he’s dubbing his new artist to be at the forefront of the next female emcee takeover. A few months ago, Tim mentioned that he had a project coming up that he and Nas are putting together. At the end of the interview he plays another joint but not before telling Dj Envy to end the interview and stop the camera rolling… my guess is that the song he played featured Nas and Tink but we’ll see (and hear) about it in due time.


Btw… here’s that joint with Rick Ross and Jay-z that he played in the video above…

Musiq Soulchild Creates Alter-Ego, Introduces ‘The Husel’

For many years, we’ve learned to love and appreciate the endless counts of audio greatness given to us by Musiq Soulchild. From ‘Love’ to ‘Half Crazy’, all the way to his infamous ‘Buddy‘ song, he has delivered classics that will always be held in high regards. But just as numerous other artists have experienced with today’s state of music (Pop, R&B, Hip Hop), the Philadelphia native realized that the time has come to step out of what he’s been used to doing and make adjustments in order to identify and be an artist that would interest today’s mainstream audience. Honestly, he chose to do the right thing at the right time and so far he’s connected and has everyone’s ear once again. And for those who still remain confused as to why he’s changing up, the following is a recent interview of Musiq (excuse me,,, The Husel) explaining what he’s doing and giving us the heads up on what to expect.



We mentioned earlier that change has been good so far for the artist formerly known as Musiq Soulchild and here’s one good reason why… His radio hit ‘Greatest’ has been heavy in rotation and leaves us with high expectations for his upcoming project.

Damon Dash Is Interviewed By Redman, Reveals That Jay-Z & Kanye Learned From Him

Sometimes it’s always interesting to hear the ‘other’ side of a classic story…


Given their respective careers, Dame Dash and Redman are still relatively influential figures and both have had historical moments in the game, as well as, being known to always speak out when given the opportunity. So when I first came across this interview, I was curious to know what kind of things that would be said during a conversation between these two. Surprisingly enough though, there were some interesting points brought to light by Dame Dash and whether you love him or hate him, it’s still entertaining to watch him emulate shades of himself that we once grew familiar with back in the late 90’s.

Don’t fight the current of the water!

A Meeting of the Minds: Chuck D Of Public Enemy & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reflect On Each Other’s Careers

Two of pop culture’s biggest icons come together to reveal personal memories of their respected plights and journeys throughout their storied careers. We’re referring to none other than Chuck D of Public Enemy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Each of which conquered amazing achievements and overcoming obstacles such as adversity and racism. Without these two legends, the game of basketball and the hip hop genre may not have stood a chance. Thanks to these two gentlemen for taking the risks that many were too fearful to do and reaching above and beyond to what many thought was impossible. The following video will take an inside look at Kareem and Chuck D as they give props to each other and reminisce on their success.

Interview: Timbaland Speaks On Aaliyah, Drake, Nas & More

He said what? This is a short interview but best believe Timbaland drops some gems in this one. Believe me people, you may want to hear what Tim has to say about Nas’ upcoming project and furthermore he addresses the big question as to if he will do another album with Missy Elliott….

Jay Z And Elliot Wilson Speak On Racism, Sports, Money, George Zimmerman & More

Recently Jay Z sat down with Elliott Wilson to open up about some of today’s hottest topics. With his recent album release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay Z finds himself once again at the forefront of the world’s watchful eye of the media. We all know him to be extremely careful when it comes to interviews, he’s particularly guarded with his words. But with his growth as an artist an businessman as well, Shawn Carter, the man behind the voice is finally opening up to reveal his most personal feelings. He’s definitely matured over the years and has proudly accepted his role as a hip hop veteran and positive role model for the millions who listen to his music and follow his movement.

Video: Ñengo Flow Chops it Up With Montreality

So you’re a fan of Ñengo Flow and you think you know everything there is to know about the man and his music. A few months back, the reggaeton artist sat down with Montreality for an interview. Aside from being humble, there’s quite a bit more to love and learn about Ñengo Flow, check out the interview below.