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50 Cent : The Man, The Music, The Vision…

So you think you know everything about 50 Cent? Contrary to what you may believe, there is plenty that he has yet to reveal….up until now. Recently Fif sat down with Larry King again for a one-on-one but this time, 50 opens up more about his personal aspirations. True indeed, he is a by-product of the streets but he has crossed over into the corporate world quite superbly and just like his strive for perfection in the studio banging out tracks, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson can now be respected as an all-around business man…

Nas Opens Up About Life And Other Issues Regarding State of Hip Hop

Throughout his prolific career in the hip hop realm, Nas has always been held as the realist to ever do it. He has always been well-respected for being a master of storytelling and his profound insight. But outside of rap, he’s been guarded for many years even amidst one of rap’s most infamous beefs — with Jay-z, Nas has kept his personal life to exactly that….personal. Recently Nas sat down for an interview and opened up to show himself in a different light, as Nasir, the man outside of the booth. He reveals numerous things from being a single father raising a teenager, coping with a bitter divorce, to putting a song together from the basic elements. After all that’s he’s been through in his life, Nas truly appreciates his gift and the support from his fans and close friends and family.

The Game Vs 40 Glocc, When does it end?

After the publicity surrounding the infamous beat down Game issued fellow California native 40 Glocc, a lawsuit has been issued by 40 who is seeking punitive damages in the extent of a million dollars.

The G Unit affiliate has since the late 2000’s been at odds with Game by extention of his affiliation with 50 Cent, Spide Loc and G unit.

The Game, who has since his departure from G Unit and subsequent rivalry with former mentor 50 Cent, has been the target of many verbal attacks by 40 Glocc and various other members of what was once known as the G Unit Crips.

Even some of Game’s “Black Wall Street” members has been involved with altercations between 40 Glocc and members of his crew.

Since the release of the video 40 Glocc has questioned its accuracy, claiming he was the victim of a mob attack as opposed to the one on one as per the video.

The humiliating video ended up on TMZ as well as viral circulation in numerous platforms and 40 Clams that Game is compromising his brand and image. 40 Glocc is suing with hopes that the outcome of this law suit will help in restoring his street credibility.

Look on the bright side, at leased they are not shooting each other…

Video: Damn Dash Says He Is Proud Of Jay Z and Kanye

Following a public split, former business partners and friends Jay Z, Dame Dash and Kareem Biggs have since been estranged for years to come.

Many have questioned Dame Dash’s ability to reclaim his notoriety as a successful businessman he was once considered to be.

After numerous attempts following the split, a divorce and tax issues many seem to have counted Harlem’s ultimate hustler out.

Not so quick though according to Dame, he is where he wants to be and has nothing but admiration for his former partner and protege Kanye West.

RZA “The Man With The Iron Fists”Classic in the making?

20 years in the music industry, remaining relevant and expanding your horizons is nothing to frown upon. Since our introduction to Wu Tang in the early 90’s, the man behind the movement RZA aka Bobby Digital aka Prince Rakeem has stayed relevant through his extensive musical accolades and most recently his films.

Along with long time collaborator Quentin Tarantino, RZA has sharpened his skills and finally stepped behind the camera to direct his debut “The Man With The Iron Fists”.

It is action packed with the high energy advanced martial arts and according to the veteran producer the film is set to mirror the classic “Enter The Wu-tang Clan 36 Chambers” .

Up Close & Personal: Michael Strahan Interviews The Mowry Twins

As fans of prime time television, we’ve all come to love the beautiful and talented Mowry Twins. From their early days of ‘Sister, Sister’ until their present day careers and even motherhood, it’s been a pleasure watching them grow on-camera and in their personal lives as well. Recently, Michael Strahan sat down for an intimate interview with the lovely ladies. Watch the following interview to learn something you may not have known about them. It’s so cute how they always answer questions at the same time with the same response!

Interview: ‘Oh Sweet Brown’ Causes Quite a Stir!

It could happen to anybody… This is a story of a woman who was caught in a building fire and had to make moves quickly in order to save herself. But that isn’t what makes this story special. The lady who is now known to the world as ‘Sweet Brown’ became an overnight internet sensation when she voluntarily told her story to the news reporter on-scene after the event occurred. It wasn’t only about what she said, it’s about how she said it. Let’s all say a prayer for Miss Sweet Brown!

Video: Lil Wayne Gets Disrespectful During Disposition LMAO!

While answering questions asked by the Quincy Jones III attorney during his disposition, Lil Wayne didn’t spare a moment to show his disregard for the questions as well as the legal council.

During the interview Wayne didn’t threw numerous jabs at the attorney as well as challenged his intelligence.

Since the release of the controversial documentary directed by Quincy Jones III “The Carter”, Lil Wayne and his Cash Money team have filed suit against Quincy Jones III.

The suit is as a result of what YMCMB site as a misrepresentation of Wayne’s brand and legacy portraying him in a negative light.

Video: DMX Questions Drake’s Talent and Claims He Isnt Paying Homeage On Aaliyah Album

During an Interview with MTV’s Sway Calloway on Rap Fix, X had some harsh words for Drake who was recently commissioned to help putting together Aaliyah’s latest project.

I’m feeling some kind of way about the fact that you’ve been commissioned… You’ve been blessed, you’ve been given the opportunity to do the [Aaliyah] album yet you don’t include anybody she worked with personally. What part of the game is that?

X, who was widely known as a close friend/collaborator  to the now deceased Aaliyah has been vocal about the various things pertaining to the canadian born and bred MC including his talent which X considers redundant and annoying.

He has talent but it’s kind of redundant,” X said. “It’s kind of the same all the time, and it sounds the same to me personally. It’s an annoying sound. Like a washing machine or a dryer. I don’t even have to explain. I just don’t like what it is

Aaliyah and DMX both starred on the cult lassic film “Romeo Must Die” alongside Jet Li as well as the classic