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El Nuevo Alarma: Mexico’s Most Violent Crimes [Video Documentary] *Warning Graphic Content*

El Nuevo Alarma! Magazine documents some of  the most brutal crimes and deaths in Mexico City .David Alvarado brings the  images and stories weekly to their readers.

In this documentary, Vice rides along with crime photographer David Alvarado as he  covers various crimes in an attempt to capture the most prolific photos. He has to compete with other photographers, sometimes angry mobs and police who don’t want him taking pictures of their crime scenes.

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2 Chainz: ATL’s New King Claims His Throne

Introduced to us first as a member of Ludacris DTP collective comprising I-20, Bun B’s nephew “Lil Fate” and Chicago bred Fem-Cee Shawna. As a part of the group 2 Chains aka Tity Boi almost went noticed for over a decade while all the other crew members got their albums released and some even went on so have successful solo careers.

Many might argue that Luda held back on 2 Chains but ask the man and he will tell you otherwise. Luda has recently expressed an appreciation and sense of pride for his former protege. The two have actually recorded a few songs together while extending his blessing for his Younger Homie to shine. Shawna also recently during an Interview with DJ Vlad spoke highly of 2 Chains and depicted his success as something that should have been expected based on his work ethic.

The college Park native always stayed relevant through features with his DTP crew along with various solo attempts here and there over the years.

It was only a matter of time before we all took notice of the slender, 6 foot 5 tall MC and in 2005 he took a bold step following the release of “Dolla Boy” the two went on to form the successful duo “Playa Circle” and release their debut “Supply and Demand”. Through out 2007, the two dominated the airwaves with the classic “Duffle Bag Boy” featuring Lil Wayne and for over a year it was literally impossible to escape hearing the song in clubs, radio and DJ mixshows.

Finally 2 Chains had managed to shake off his referred association with Luda, Playas Circle and managed to curved a cult following that identifies with him as a solo artist. By 2010 2 Chains was on every mixtape, remix, video and a biddin war ensued with the likes of Cash Money, Def Jam and many more expressing a long running desire to work with 2 Chains.

For the passed 2 years his brand has grown and by now everybody including non-hip hop fans are finally familiar with 2 Chains. With the release of his solo effort this passed summer “Based on a TRU Story”, which not only debut at Number 1 on Billboards top 200 but also managed to sell 147,000 units in its first week who can stop him?

With T.I’s interests in film continuing to overshadow his musical attempts, Jeezy and Gucci beefing, the younger generation is definitely gravitating to his movement and it is probably time for a new renaissance anyway.

Who better to claim that spot than a respected vet that already has 10 plus years of releases, played in the league alongside the best, applied graceful patience and has no problem letting others shine along with him? If you disagree just ask Birdman, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Drake, Ludacris, Jeezy, Kanye,Gucci and everyone else that has worked along 2 Chains over the years they will tell you.

In a recent documentary by MTV “How I Made It”, 2 Chains takes his fans through the lifelong journey from his upbringing to he’s present success. If it were an actual nomination for who we would vote in as the new King, without a doubt 2 Chains name would top the list.

2 Chainz by PaperChaserDotCom

Documentary: Becoming Nas – Part 1

Hard to imagine its been 20 Years since our introduction to a young Nasir Jones through Large Professors “Live at the bbq” followed by the release of his classic debut “Illmatic”.

Nas is without a question arguably one of hip-hop’s top 5 MC’s dead or alive and as he continues to push his boundaries “Becoming Nas” takes you through the journey of QB’s finest.

With the release of his gold Certified “Life is good” album Nas has and will continue to proove any non-believers that he is truly one of the best to ever grab the mic.

Documentary: ‘Just For Kicks’ — A Closer Look At The History And Culture Of Sneakers

This is strictly for the ‘sneaker’ lover in all of us. As time flies by we sometimes lose grasp on the small things which in most cases would be considered as the minor details that make the big picture much brighter (or clearer for that matter). Anyway, this is an ode to the sneaker culture, a closer look at what helped turn this craze into more than just a fashion trend — but a staple to a whole worldwide culture. Look as some of the industry’s pioneers and voices speak out in the name of ‘kicks’.

Video: Marathon Metaphors Kenyan Hip-Hop Documentary Coming Soon!

Marathon Metaphors is a hip-hop documentary Produced, Written & Directed by Artist James Noggz Kamawe in various parts of Kenya.

During a visit to his native country Kenya, Noggz embarked on a tour of virtually every neighborhood, district, region, ghetto and area where hip-hop culture was kept alive simply by the dreams of many hungry prospective artists of all kinds.

Amidst tribal tensions and uncertainty surrounding the fate of Kenya as the general election approaches in March 2013, Hip-Hop has served as a vessel of artistic expression that unites the youth.

Marathon Metaphors takes you through Kenya’s underground hip-hop scene where a slew of artists vow to stay true to the culture while still getting their message across.

Documentary: Russell Simmons Presents The Show (1995)

Its been 17 years since the release of the cult classic hip-hop documentary and soundtrack “The Show” by Russel Simmons.

Anybody familiar with the significance of this film and the tone of the culture at the time understands the its importance.

Seeing all the different artists from various regions, eras, styles interact flawlessly off camera and on stage before the famous bi-coastal war is nothing short of special.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

World News : The Most Dangerous Gang In Africa

Nairobi (KENYA) — Not too long ago amidst poverty, government corruption, and a slew of other societal perils, the people of Kenya gained notice of a crisis — on the brink of a plague.

Now if you’re thinking to yourself, ‘what could be so bad and cause such a large number of people harm?’.
You will soon learn… and it will probably be too much for some to bare.

We are talking about The Mungiki Gang… the most dangerous gang in Africa.
As tensions flare, the local government tries to put an end to, or at least suppress, the influence of the infamous Mungiki, but as you will see in the upcoming video, it is not an easy task. The Mungiki thrives off the citizens’ fears and the so-called ‘turning of the cheek’ from the government. But some officials say enough is enough. With a potential civil war brewing, it was said that almost 250,000 citizens were left dead or homeless almost immediately following post-elections. But members of Mungiki maintain their point of view and reasons for being so ruthless. They claim that the government is true criminal and that they (Mungiki) have turned to violence in retaliation and they want to serve as the voice of reason and stand up for the poverty-stricken citizens. Some say that the Mungiki have a righteous message, but far more people say that the Mungiki are to be feared and they are merely just a gang who are known for beheading their victims, brutal violence, and senseless murders. Some even go as far as accusing the government of using the Mungiki as needed for their own agenda and then turning their backs on them after certain ‘jobs’ or ‘tasks’ are finished. Watch as Ross Kemp goes inside and gets a first-hand account of the real truth behind the force of the Mungiki…the most dangerous gang in Africa.

Documentary: Rakim : Definition Of A Classic

What’s the true definiton of a classic? It’s surprising that it’s so many so-called ‘hip hop lovers’ out there that couldn’t tell you what a classic is. Well, for those of you who still have a hard time defining that word (in terms of music of course!), you’re in luck. This is a documentary put together by Reebok and Complex that features the legendary emcee, Rakim. This video focuses on Rakim’s stellar career and his longevity in the game.

Nairobi : Hip Hop Has Found An Oasis…

Endless libation

For all you true hip hop heads, just think… wouldn’t it be nice to see hip hop the way it used to be? Not only see it, but imagine watching the whole thing take place from the beginning and watch over time the progression of musical art and talent. Close your eyes and think of the time frame of the late 80’s until around 1991-92.

Enter the stage

Nairobi, Kenya

This is it… This is the beginning of rap all over again. Nairobi is a place like no other. Sure there’s been a fast-spreading hip hop culture in other places such as Europe and Asia, but this one has a different feel to it. The music coming from this region is heartfelt and it’s almost as if this music instantly puts the listener/viewer in good spirits. As avid hip hop entusiasts, we’re proudly happy to present to you…

The essence

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