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On this page we pay homage to an elite group of up and coming artists of all kind that we have carefully selected according to a very specific set of criteria. The artists featured on this category dont have to be mainstream but they have got to bare these qualities in order to considered to be making a significant amount of efforts towards a big break. Do you have next?

Got Next: Ralo The Famerican Gangster

It’s not always about the money… or is it? That’s a debate that could last a lifetime. One thing is for sure, Ralo is worth some millions and thats not up for debate. Upon his release from prison, where he found Islam, Ralo vowed to never turn back to the streets, but the streets never turned their back on Ralo. Instead, the streets maintained loyalty and got behind Ralo. So if you ask why you’d soon know that it`s because he preached a message of unity, but not only did he preach it, he lives it.

It was only about 2 years ago when buzz around town was a new up and coming rapper took $1 Million of his own street money and invested in himself. Since then, Ralo has not only successfully established himself, but also launched his own label, Famerica Records. He has maintained ties with long time friend, Young Scooter, who he credits for his introduction to Future, whom he has since collaborated with severally. Ralo has also made friends with previous foes like Young Thug who he has worked with numerous times since their reconciliation,

Fast forward to Feb 2017, when Gucci Mane announced that Ralo would be the first artist signed to his new imprint 1017 Eskimo Records. It makes perfect sense! Besides, who in their right mind would pass up the opportunity to sign one of the hottest artists coming out of Atlanta? All Ralo has needed over the last year is a machine to recognize his efforts and partner up with him.

Below, is a HiphopABCTV exclusive interview conducted with Ralo over this past weekend in Gainesville, GA, at a video shoot in memory of the late Ricko. Ralo not only shot a video but also gave a free performance in effort to raise funds to help Ricko’s family during this difficult time. When is the last time your favorite “rich rapper” did that for a fan? Or better yet, a family member?

Ear To The Streetz: Who Is Doc Frank?

In today’s time when you think of Dayton Ohio, you’d most likely will think about the national ranking as it being one of the top 25 most dangerous cities in the US.  Indeed there will be recollections of legendary gang and drug wars, but you will hear very little about the music.

How could this be? Dayton is the home of George Clinton,  The Parliament Funkadelic movement, Roger Troutman, Walter Morrison and many more.

So we ask again, who is Doc Frank? Well if you don’t know by now who Doc is, you need to ask some of your favorite rappers from Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Cee-Lo, Bone Crusher, T-Pain and the whole city of Dayton.

Doc built his foundation as a battle rapper in the 90’s, having battled the likes of Eminem — remember him? The charasmatic white guy that rapped with Dr Dre — and also discovered 50 Cent? Yeah him!

Doc has since evolved into a full fledged producer, director as well as writer with credits on various projects with T-Pain, Jodeci, Musiq Soulchild and many more.

Any artist in Doc’s position would be comfortable with the success behind the scenes, but the desire to put his city on overrides everything.

With the upcoming release of his 2nd installment Who Is Doc Frank? Vol 2, Doc is set to reintroduce himself on a larger scale… until the whole world knows who Doc Frank is.

Got Next: Joe Green “Real Street N****a”

We all have our definition of what a “Real Street N*****a” is or should be and Scottsdale own Joe Green has his own interpretation of the term. Few disagree with Joe Green’s definition and over the last few years he has made a name for himself independently with the help of his management team Exit 40 Entertainment.

Its not until you witness a live performance of street bangers like “RSN”, “Trap Bunkin” and “Choppa” featuring Que that you fully understand that Joe got the “Streetz” behind him, literally and figuratively.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding his next move, a few heavy weights (no pun intended) have already expressed an interest in working with the new comer. There is already talks of his latest single “Trap Bunkin” being added to regular rotation but what we know for a fact is its only a matter of months before the world is introduced to Joe Green.

HHABC Exclusive: Cap 1 Performs “Bird Bath” Live At Aroma

With the major Street Buzz surrounding the re-emergence of Chicago Native Cap 1, his latest single “Bird Bath” has been taking the club scene by storm.  Some may remember Cap-1 from his earlier attempts to make a name for himself as the first rapper signed to Motown over a decade ago in the year 200.

Cap’s story is one of perseverance, patience and perfect timing for the Chicago MC who’s affiliation with Street Execs and mega star 2 Chains couldnt have come at a better time.

The Migos: Quality Control Goes Global

Almost 2 years ago, a fairly unknown trio hit the local Atlanta scene by storm speaking tales of their trap exploits and more ‘young rich n****a’ talk. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught on to what young Quavo, Take Off and Offset had to offer.

Under the guidance of Coach K, former manager of Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, Quality Control Music has developed a style and sound that has made The Migos one of popular culture’s most sought-after acts. Following the release of their third mixtape “Young Rich N****z”, The Migos have maintained an overwhelming presence on radio, television and certainly on the streets.

From mega hits like “Versace”, “Fight Night”, “Freak No More” to hood classic’s like “Bando” they have delivered hit after hit effortlessly. Since Young Jeezy’s “Trap or Die” its almost been a decade since any artist managed to score multiple hits from a mixtape release. The Migos have yet to release a full length official album, yet they have managed to go two consecutive summers without skipping a beat.

At this point there is no denying the cult following The Migos have created along with the respect of their peers. With the recent release of the much anticipated “Rich N****a Timeline” and countless hits The Migos have nothing left to prove to any doubters that they are here to stay.

Got Next: TK n Cash Got Their Mind Right

5 years ago rapper Ludacris’s DTP Label announced that they would be signing an Augusta GA duo by the name of TK n Cash. The group would then embark on a roller coaster ride that put them on the BET sponsored “Scream Tour” but the deal would soon fall through resulting in the group being dropped from the label.

For most artists, the story would end there, but certainly not TK n Cash. They have since created a name for themselves independently and used the Indie circuit to build a buzz.

Over the last year, the duo has maintained a presence on the scene and even landed some regional hits independently, as well as, being featured on shows with The Migo’s, Rae Sremmurd, K Camp, Ca$h Out and many more.

The group scored a regional hit “Outchea Living” featuring Ty Dolla $ign which put them back on the map indefinitely.

Following the release of summer smash “Mind Right”,  which has since been tearing the clubs and airwaves, a biddin war for the duo later ensued. Everyone from Kevin Liles, Lyor Cohen, Def Jam, Atlantic Records have reached out wanting to sign and or work with the duo.

It was recently confirmed that the group inked a deal with Reckless Republic/Columbia Records so it is really just the beginning.

What makes TK n Cash unique to most of the other groups present today is their witty lyricsism along with their melodic sound which can be appreciated by any hip-hop enthusiast. Check out Streetz 94.5 exclusive Behind The Scenes for that new video/single “Mind Right” and request it at your local station/club.



Got Next: Who Wanna Try Dej Loaf ?

There is very little known history of the Detroit native but Dej Loaf is no newcomer, she has certainly managed over the last few months to make a name for herself. The 23 year old has emerged out of the woodwork at a time hip-hop was recovering from all of the recent summertime twerking frenzy.

Some years back we posed the question “What Happened To The Female MC?”  but since then numerous female MC’s are starting to make waves and in some cases outdoing their male counterparts.

A lot has changed  since then we have seen the rise of Rapsody, the return of Remy Ma and the recent success of Grand Hustle’s Iggy Azalea . We once cited a need for more diverse female presence in hip-hop and Dej is definitely a representation of what we have been yearning.

Her new banger “Try me’ has taken the hip-hop world by storm playing in every club and  landing on every major market radio station in the country with no major backing. With everybody in the rap game making their own version of the record, as well as, an official remix featuring Remy Ma and Ty Dolla $ign, there is no telling what is in store for young Dej but we are paying close attention.

Got Next: Miami’s Rising Star “T MiC”

T-MiC is a 19 year old unsigned artist from Miami fl, Allapattah. He has caught the ears of many such as Rapper “The Game” Grammy award winning producer “Blac Elvis”, “Jas Prince who discovered Rapper “Drake” Singer “Mario” and many more.

Michael “T-Mic” Pereira is a rare creative force with a sound that springs from the crossroads of HipHop, PopRock and Progressive dance beats. As T-Mic explored his musical talent he had a true passion for hiphop that held him actively writing lyrics by seven years old. At this stage his artistic inspirations were 50 Cent and Eminem, he vividly recalls free styling to their beats and creating his own lyrics.

Born in Miami, FL, T-Mic had a natural inclination to music that had him experimenting and recording songs with a computer microphone out of his closet at an early age of 11. Raised in an impoverished part of the city known as Allapattah, where drugs and crime were all taking center stage; T-Mic found his refuge in his music and faith meanwhile he saw how his peers chose the wrong path in life. Today, T-Mic’s lyrics and music are heavily influenced by these elements, which in turn have aided him in cultivating his own style. Without having formal training, T-Mic’s talent is simply impressive; his singing/rapping is unique and his style was born from years of studying his musical inspirations.

Video: Maja7th and Dominique Larue ‘Attucks,’

Maja7th and Dominique Larue new video ‘Attucks,’ from their ‘GRAND’ album which was released in March, 2014. ‘GRAND’ is still available online via iTunes, and Bandcamp. Be sure to stay tuned for ‘GRANDlive,’ which is a live instrumentation edition of the album, plus documentary.

It is always refreshing to hear a female word smith with substance and quality production minus the sexual undertones.

Maja7th | Dominique LaRue – Attucks from Red August on Vimeo.

Iggy Azalea: The Return Of “FEminem”

As if being the first female as well as non American born rapper featured on XXL prestigious “Freshman cover” doesn’t speak volumes of the native Australian, maybe a T.I cosign can further drive the point.

It was literally only about 3 years ago when the world was introduced to the new comer as a part of T.I’s Hustle Gang collection and roster. Somewhere along the way changes as well as confusion and speculation surrounding her Grand Hustle affiliation left many uncertain of what would become of Iggy.

She is not only exceptionally good on the mic but she also bares an undeniable runway quality that GQ, Vogue or any other fashion platform can appreciate.

But because this is about hip-hop we can all agree that the girl can rap circles around any squares in the rap game and she has a mean twerk.

So why the Eminem comparisons? Lets see…. could it be the fact they are both white? Yes. Is it because she has been cosigned by some of today’s most important hip-hop icons? Yes.

Out of all the possible factors a couple  things that make young Iggy comparable to Em is her brand potential, marketability as well and her appeal to a broad female audience that goes beyond age and color lines.

Her Def Jam released debut album “The New Classic” fell at 3rd place on the charts to Atlanta rapper Future’s  number 1 release “Honest” which  outsold her by only 5000 copies and lets no overlook he already had multiple hit singles on rotation.

Still need some convincing? Well her latest single “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX after the video was released 2 weeks ago has been one of the most searched for hip-hop videos on the web and is predicted to hit Billboards Top 10 and ultimately change her fate.

A couple years back when we asked What Happened To The Female MC?  it appears the hip-hop god’s were listening and hopefully we continue to see more females emerge and put pressure on the fellas.