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On this page we pay homage to an elite group of up and coming artists of all kind that we have carefully selected according to a very specific set of criteria. The artists featured on this category dont have to be mainstream but they have got to bare these qualities in order to considered to be making a significant amount of efforts towards a big break. Do you have next?

Rico Love: “El Presidente” Legend In The Making

It takes a certain type of individual to stand the test of time, overcome the pitfalls of the game and still manage to ride the turbulence. When he was introduced to us about 10 years ago as a the 1st rapper under Ushers record label, few took notice of the new comer’s great potential. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before he would find himself right back where he started when the company would be dissolved following some internal issues.

Rico would then relocate to LA where he took on a job as a song writer/producer for various artists including Destiny’s Child Michele Williams. One thing led to another and Michele played her album for fellow group member Beyonce, who immediately asked for Rico’s contribution to her Grammy Winning “I Am… Sasha Fierce”. He would later reconnect with his old friend/mentor Usher to write and produce for the classic “Confessions” & “Raymond v. Raymond” and the wheels haven’t stopped turning since.

He has since managed to start his own label Division 1, currently distributed by Interscope with a roster including the likes of former Rocafella artist Young Chris as well as songstress Tiara Thomas. He has worked with the likes of Jim Jonsin, Nelly, Usher, T.I.,Kelly Rowland and more, writing and producing monster records for various industry elites.

Following the recent success of his single “They Don’t Know”, Rico Love has followed up with the Mixtape “El Presidente” which was well received by fans and critics alike. Armed with the vocal capabilities as well as the rhyme skills “El Presidente” showcases his range as well as his direction as a solo artist.

Got Next: Who Is Spenzo?

Chicago as a city has a lot of diversity to offer, from the rich history, monumental sights, The Bulls, Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West just to name a few.

Unfortunately over the passed few years the city has garnered a reputation for being one of the most dangerous city’s in the world. With an average of 300 plus homicides a year, the Windy City has rightfully earned its new moniker “Chi-Raq”.

One thing we can not deny is that from a hip-hop perspective Chicago has always maintained its subtle presence from the days of Twista, Do or Die, Common and much more.

With a new generation of Chicago rappers making their waves on the mainstream the game has craved a credible and equally respectable ambassador that can serve as the spokes person for the youth. So in case you are wondering who that spokes person is, it is none other than Infrared Music’s own 18 year old Spenzo.


Following the release of his latest mixtape “Aint You Spenzo?” the young gunner has already began making his mark regionally while also building some national acclaim.


Nothing is more rewarding than the respect of your rap peers, and after an appearance on Sway’s “MTV Rapfix” the young artist found himself amidst legends getting the cosigns of Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, Freeway and Neef Buck.


It also doesn’t hurt to have fellow Chi Town label mates L.E.P Bogus Boys pushing to see the him get a shot at his moment, What separates Spenzo from the rest of the new generation of Chicago rappers  is his sharp wit and lyrical ability.


Spenzo comes across as the kind of artist that can straddle the fine line between commercial and street with ease.


Recently he featured Harlem legend Camron on his new video “Anytime” which only further emphasized what Infrared CEO Eric Jones saw in him years ago.


With the release of his new single “Wife Er” there is no telling just what to expect from Spenzo

Next Up: L.E.P. Bogus Boys (Now Or Never)




Next Up: L.E.P. Bogus Boys (Now Or Never)

In the late 90’s to early 2000’s, a rap group by the name of ‘The Clipse’ were making major noise in the industry. Back in those times, the rap game was so competitive and the level of musical consumption by fans were at an all-time high. The one thing that stood out though were those hard lyrics Malice and Pusha-T were spitting. Some refer to those lyrics as ‘cocaine rap’, and that’s mainly because that’s what their rhymes mostly consisted of….but it was different and it was hot.

Now, with that thought in mind… L.E.P. Bogus Boys is now to what The Clipse were back then. Before you start coming up with reasons why that statement may not be true, listen to why that very same statement IS true! Much like The Clipse, this duo from Chicago, have that same authentic feel and hard rhymes in their music. With crime still rampant in the city of Chi, it’s always a humbling feeling that comes to mind when artists rise out of their elements to become more than just a product of their environment. L.E.P. Bogus Boys are definitely on the path to being known for their music which is actually pretty good. The beat selection is on point and when collaborating with other artists, the finished product never sounds like it was a stretch to blend the two worlds together. It’s something special happening in the city of Chicago, which has a history of producing some of the most talented and complex artists in our time. From Common to Chief Keef, Twista to L.E.P. Bogus Boys, no two artists are alike but they still offer that flavor that keeps us hungry for more. HHABC offers an official cosign to the L.E.P. Bogus Boys. This would be a good time to start paying attention, we always recognize when we see something special. This is that new dope homey, come get a hit…

New mixtape from L.E.P. Bogus Boyz – Now or Never

Forte Da Giant: I’ve Been Patiently Waiting…

When you talk about North Carolina Hip-Hop a couple names like J Cole or Petey Pablo may come to mind. Now if you turned around and asked Petey Pablo, he will probably tell you about Forte Da Giant. Forte is a ten year vet with a resume that reads similar to that of any worthy superstar in the game.

Some may remember Forte from his 2002 BET debut with the hot single “Milkshake” for which he was featured as a member of the critically acclaimed group “Ill Beingz”.

The full story actually begins in the city of Raleigh where Forte calls home and it will more than likely end with a hometown legend solidifying North Carolina as a staple in hip-hop . Ill Beingz debut “Wild Amerika” managed to push well over 100k units independently and propelled Forte and crew to new heights.

Since then Forte capitalized on that momentum he created over 10 years ago and evolved to not only a well rounded solo artist, but as a business man with his own Imprint “Mogul Media Giants”.

From working with Teddy Riley, opening for Travis Porter, Raekwon, Ricky Smiley, winning awards to even ghost writing Forte does it all. We know that if nothing else Forte NEVER stops working and he determined to prove that he is worthy of the praise he receives.

Many accuse him of being too modest and since he chooses to be humble, Forte more than likely prefers for his work to speak for itself while his peers vouch for him. If rappers were required to take an exam, Fortes report card would have all perfect scores. Be it the word play, his various flows, perfect delivery, catchy hooks or his witty punchlines he represents that total package.

Before his incarceration, Petey Pablo had a plan for Forte. Petey saw by his right as an O.G in the game, to let the world know about Forte. Unfortunately Petey was sentenced to 3 years on a weapons charge that would disrupt the whole game plan. Forte has since redefined his strategy and continues formulating a plan to show the rest of the world what everybody in NC already knows.

Hilarious Skit: INSTAgram Fitness LMAO!

Once again the good folks at @Dormtainment hit us with another funny skit and this time around they are going after INSTAgramers, be ware.

We have watched as this group of comedians evolved into the viral sensation they have become over the passed 3 or so years.

With their following growing exponentially, there is no telling where they shall be a YouTube video from now.

Go out and vote America, enjoy yourself & have a good week.

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Maino Presents “The Mafia”, Brooklyn’s New Mob!

Since he was brought to our attention through then girl friend Lil Kim’s video “Put Your Lighters Up” , Maino has slowly established his “Hustle Hard” movement into a force in the tri-state.

Soon after serving a 10 year bid, Maino came in the game with a scar on his face, a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove. He has since lived up to the name of his Atlantic distributed imprint “Hustle Hard” and forced the game to recognize his efforts.

Determined to bring his home of New York from a 10 year slump, he has waved his black flag and also had to wave his backhand at a few haters.

Many remember Maino from the  beginning to make his DVD rounds with the  classic “Rumors” video through the “Smack DVD” era. “Rumors” was track that featured Maino discussing various urban legends, rumors and hear say from the time. The track caused a lot of controversy and immediately thrust him into the conscious of the hip-hop world.

Back then you could catch a younger Maino talking about his altercations with various rappers and putting his famous “Hand of God” on them. After a long running rivalry with fellow brooklyn native Lil Cease, the two recently put their differences asside during a tribute to Notorious B.I.G.

Maino and Lil Cease End Beef, Unite During Biggie Tribute

The outspoken Brooklyn native has stayed on his grind and seen two official releases “If Tomorrow Comes”(2009) and “The Day After Tomorrow”(2012). Following the success of both,  Maino spread his wings recently and decided to brings his loyal platoon of spitters Push Mo, Twigg Martin, Lucky Don and his blood brother Hustle Hard Mouse.

All 5 members make up “The Mafia”, a collective of street MC’s with tales about life on the fast lane, hard living, prison and balling like street legends. Maino has worked with all members over time introducing them through his previous releases, collaborations and short films.

Recently with the release of his club banger “Mobbin” Featuring Waka Flocka, Maino seems to be putting his troops together for a hostile takeover.

The remix for “Mobbin” features Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Trae Tha Truth & Jim Jones and has already established that “The Mafia” is next up in the “Hustle Hard” agenda.

Recently the release of their self titled mixtape “The Mafia” has the streets asking for more, featuring tracks like “Whaddup Son” and ” The Introduction”.

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Got Next: “Millyz” White Boy Like Me…

Without a doubt one of “Bean Town’s” top new comers. Millyz has earned his way in the New England/Tri-State area in the last few years when we learned of him through his “White Boy Like Me” Part 1 and Part 2 Mixtape series.

Both mixtapes boast features from the likes of MMG’s Masspike Miles, Gunplay, Young Money’s Jae Millz, Smoke Bulga, The Game, Brisco just to name a few.

Known to bring the unusual white boy perspective to the over stated “Dope Boy element” in hip-hop, Millyz style conveys this in musically genuine way.

Having collaborated with some of the industry’s top Dog’s as well as other Boston natives like Masspike Miles and Smoke Bulga, it is apparent that if anything his city definitely riding with him.

Part 1 featured a lot of production by J Cardim who is known for his quality street music and exceptional work with the likes of Talib Kweli, Joe Budden, Styles P just to name a few.

Part 2 was a lot more subdued and probably more commercially friendly line up, which shows growth in his brand and intention to move into a new arena.

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50 Reasons Ja Rule Should Sign With Maybach Music Group

With Ja Rule’s release date approaching fast, it is still unclear as to where his career will lead him to next. After watching his former label, ‘The Inc’ diminish to an almost non-existent presence, Ja Rule needs a big kickstart to get back in the game. HHABC has the perfect solution…

Below is a couple Reasons Why Ja Rule should sign to Rick Ross Maybach Music:

Ja has no problem being a ‘role player’. While signed to Murder Inc, he knew when to step back and let his labelmates shine.

Experience… As a seasoned veteran, Ja could easily do big numbers, earn respect, and fill his role in his new ‘O.G.’ status.

Money… The almighty dollar is what everyone is out for and no one from MMG appear to be hurting for cash.

Does ‘The Inc’ even exist anymore?

The rapport with Rick Ross could cause a major shift in the industry and with fans as well.

50 Cent… With an all-star lineup at Maybach Music, the joining of forces with Rozay could keep Ja Rule’s and Rick Ross’ former rival at bay.

Ja needs a certain level of talented artists around him to catch him up to speed and keep him on his toes.

Even after everything thing that’s happened, wouldn’t it be nice to see Ja back on his NY sh*t?

Before the 50 Cent beef, deep down inside we all was loving Ja and the Murder Inc movement.

It’s a win-win situation for Rick Ross. If adding Ja Rule to his roster is a success, he looks good for reaching out. If it doesn’t work out, then no harm is done. Maybach Music has already established their reputation.

To make a long story short… it just makes sense. Do we really expect Ja to restore his status with ease? No, of course not. He’s going to need a push, and this move would be a blessing for the NY rapper.

Run This Town…Camp Mulla Set To Takeover

As we all know, the music industry is always changing, and it’s pretty tough keeping up with the various fads and trends. So it may come as a surprise to some people that Camp Mulla have become to be who they are today.  Camp Mulla, a hip hop group based out of Nairobi, Kenya,  bring a bubbly type of vibe with their music.  To get a grasp on just how much the group’s hometown supports them, we could look at the fact that during Camp Mulla’s video shoot for ‘Hold It Down’, there were entire city blocks shut down in order for them to shoot their video. To music fans stateside, it may seem that the Camp Mulla came out of nowhere, but in all actuality, they’ve been putting in a lot of work for quite some time.

While on set of the ‘Hold It Down’ video, hip hop artist and fellow Nairobi native, Noggz, stopped by to show love and support of Camp Mulla and their movement. Noggz revealed that he has been following the group since the beginning and says that he knew they had something special and were destined to shine. He was even seen donning an exclusively issued Nairobi fitted cap which has also brought some attention in its own respect.

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Got Next: Maybach Music’s “Stalley”-Ohio’s Next Player

“Either you’re slingin’ crack-rock, or you’ve got a wicked jump-shot”. When Biggie spit that line back in 94, it became clear to the world that one’s odds of making it out of ghetto black America were slim to none.

Those words resonate clearly for a cat like Stalley who began with hoop dreams that an injury would eventually put a sudden end to. The Ohio native explained in a recent interview that following his injury that put an end to his once promising basketball career, he found himself strangely drawn to music and 4 years later signed to Rick Ross’s Maybach Music.

Sounds pretty simple huh?  but it was no cakewalk for the small-town dweller who found solace and inspiration in music. The monotony of a small town and get destructive, and the predictability of each and every encounter even the more draining.

“My thing is I just didn’t wanna end up being stuck there, ’cause a lot of people end up selling and using drugs or are just there, existing… says Stalley.

Stalley admits to having a desire to want to know more than what his small town dwelling allowed him to see. Years later, the newcomer seemingly humble and driven at the same time, displays a soulful grace through his music of which he credits towards his diverse taste.

With countless features on heavy rotation, an independent album “Lincoln Way Nights” already released and an MMG co-sign to say the leased, it is safe to say the Ohio native has a bright future ahead of him.