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Throwback Video: Slum Village Ft Dwelle – “Tainted”

Shortly after the departure of legendary late producer Jay Dilla, the Detroit based group added a new member Elzhi to their line up and scored big with “Tainted” featuring a then unknown Dwelle.

The song helped reintroduce the group to an audience that wasn’t familiar with them as well as curve a cult following that sustained them up until a recent break up in 2010 and the passing of founding member Baatin and Jay Dilla.

As a group Slum Village has persevered through major blows and triumphs that define a legacy which runs over a decade long from the streets of Detroit.

Even with the passing of two founding members the only founding memeber left E3 vowed in an interview to keep the legacy going.

Got Next: “Millyz” White Boy Like Me…

Without a doubt one of “Bean Town’s” top new comers. Millyz has earned his way in the New England/Tri-State area in the last few years when we learned of him through his “White Boy Like Me” Part 1 and Part 2 Mixtape series.

Both mixtapes boast features from the likes of MMG’s Masspike Miles, Gunplay, Young Money’s Jae Millz, Smoke Bulga, The Game, Brisco just to name a few.

Known to bring the unusual white boy perspective to the over stated “Dope Boy element” in hip-hop, Millyz style conveys this in musically genuine way.

Having collaborated with some of the industry’s top Dog’s as well as other Boston natives like Masspike Miles and Smoke Bulga, it is apparent that if anything his city definitely riding with him.

Part 1 featured a lot of production by J Cardim who is known for his quality street music and exceptional work with the likes of Talib Kweli, Joe Budden, Styles P just to name a few.

Part 2 was a lot more subdued and probably more commercially friendly line up, which shows growth in his brand and intention to move into a new arena.

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Rhythm & Gangsta: Masspike Miles, Rick Ross’s Secret Weapon

Video: Loaded Lux, Goodz, Head Ice and Arsenal “Lion’s Den Freestyle” (Throwback Classic)

Nothing short of classic and even though the musical climate doesn’t favor superior lyricism, we are still for the spitters. More notable is the unique style each MC featured displays along with the seamless transition.

All 4 have managed to stay relevant as well as earn their respect in the battle circuit and beyond.

Most recently Loaded Lux was hailed by the likes of Jay Z, Busta Rhymes and many more who have watched his grind evolve.

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Video: Legendary Hip-Hop Writer Elliot Wilson Checks Veteran Rappers Fat Joe, LL Cool J & EVE

Following the release of LL Cool J’s “Ratchet”, Fat Joe’s “Instragram That H*e” and Eve’s most recent “She Bad Bad”, Elliot Wilson confronts the attempt by these three vets and others struggling to connect with a younger audience.

Its about time someone put a concise and well thought out argument as it pertains to this dynamic. This approach not only makes a respectable artist look utterly ridiculous but also compromises their creative integrity.

Now in the case of these three we all know these records are not necessarily terrible records nor does it mean they are about to loose their entire fan base as a result of. What we feel and probably what Mr Wilson is trying to say is that it is necessary to confront the matter and give them a true fans perspective.

We all remember when that “used to be cool” uncle or older cousin tried to relate with us as teens but missed the mark and made us question just how cool they were to begin with.

Unfortunately for these three vets and many others the challenge of maturing with your fans, finding ways to connect the new is no easy task and probably impossible in some cases but it is definitely necessary, Just ask Eminem and Jay Z.

2 Chainz: ATL’s New King Claims His Throne

Introduced to us first as a member of Ludacris DTP collective comprising I-20, Bun B’s nephew “Lil Fate” and Chicago bred Fem-Cee Shawna. As a part of the group 2 Chains aka Tity Boi almost went noticed for over a decade while all the other crew members got their albums released and some even went on so have successful solo careers.

Many might argue that Luda held back on 2 Chains but ask the man and he will tell you otherwise. Luda has recently expressed an appreciation and sense of pride for his former protege. The two have actually recorded a few songs together while extending his blessing for his Younger Homie to shine. Shawna also recently during an Interview with DJ Vlad spoke highly of 2 Chains and depicted his success as something that should have been expected based on his work ethic.

The college Park native always stayed relevant through features with his DTP crew along with various solo attempts here and there over the years.

It was only a matter of time before we all took notice of the slender, 6 foot 5 tall MC and in 2005 he took a bold step following the release of “Dolla Boy” the two went on to form the successful duo “Playa Circle” and release their debut “Supply and Demand”. Through out 2007, the two dominated the airwaves with the classic “Duffle Bag Boy” featuring Lil Wayne and for over a year it was literally impossible to escape hearing the song in clubs, radio and DJ mixshows.

Finally 2 Chains had managed to shake off his referred association with Luda, Playas Circle and managed to curved a cult following that identifies with him as a solo artist. By 2010 2 Chains was on every mixtape, remix, video and a biddin war ensued with the likes of Cash Money, Def Jam and many more expressing a long running desire to work with 2 Chains.

For the passed 2 years his brand has grown and by now everybody including non-hip hop fans are finally familiar with 2 Chains. With the release of his solo effort this passed summer “Based on a TRU Story”, which not only debut at Number 1 on Billboards top 200 but also managed to sell 147,000 units in its first week who can stop him?

With T.I’s interests in film continuing to overshadow his musical attempts, Jeezy and Gucci beefing, the younger generation is definitely gravitating to his movement and it is probably time for a new renaissance anyway.

Who better to claim that spot than a respected vet that already has 10 plus years of releases, played in the league alongside the best, applied graceful patience and has no problem letting others shine along with him? If you disagree just ask Birdman, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Drake, Ludacris, Jeezy, Kanye,Gucci and everyone else that has worked along 2 Chains over the years they will tell you.

In a recent documentary by MTV “How I Made It”, 2 Chains takes his fans through the lifelong journey from his upbringing to he’s present success. If it were an actual nomination for who we would vote in as the new King, without a doubt 2 Chains name would top the list.

2 Chainz by PaperChaserDotCom

BET Hip-Hop Awards & The Famous Cypher

With all the alleged fighting and pepper sparying that went on during this yrs 2012 BET awards, it is refreshing to catch these various sneak peeks from the cyphers we can expect to air to air soon.

On once cypher BET features the whole original Ruff Ryders camp (DMX, EVE, The Lox etc) as well as the West Coast set featuring E 40, Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik and more.

The Award Cyphers go down as one of the most sought out moments featured on the award show especially for hip-hop heads like us and we are hoping the line up meets our expectations.

BREAKING NEWS: Rick Ross & Jeezy Fight At BET Awards
Video: Dj Drama Gives A Recap Of Rick Ross & Young Jeezy Fight

Video: MMG’s Gunplay Gets Jumped At 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards

Feature: Philly Hip-Hop and The Players

Its been almost 12 years since we first heard Freeway introduced to the public through the classic “1900 Hustler” on the Dynasty album.

Years would follow and after getting his footing right and surpassing a few minor setbacks (jail and stuff) Free would eventually get that grand chance to leave his own mark in the game.

It was not long before the North Philly born MC would take the airwaves by storm with the now classic “Roc Da Mic” featuring his big homie Beanie Sigel.

2012 marks the anniversary of the release of “Roc Da Mic” which to this day still gets a reaction in the club. The record would then establish the duo as a force to reckon with, as well as the team that would give life to the rap scene in Philly.

The summer of 2002 was a good one for the whole Rocafella, but more so for Free who was about a year from the release of his classic debut “Philadelphia Freeway” which had the whole rap world bitting their nails.

After engaging in a legendary battle with fellow Philadelphian Cassidy infront if his boss Jay Z and Swizz Beatz, Free would embark on a non stop hit making spree.

Freeway was earning himself guests spots on most of the summers strongest records with the likes of Faith Evans, Mariah Carey, Jay Z, Beanie Sigel and many more.

The stars couldn’t have aligned themselves any better for the hungry MC who’s critically claimed debut failed to meet commercial expectations but still brought forth some of the best music ever released through the Rocafella Imprint.The album featured the likes of Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg (R.I.P), Nelly, Kanye West as well as production from Just Blaze, Kanye West and many more

The project debut at 3rd place and was released 2 weeks from 50 Cent’s debut “Get Rich Or Die Trying” which by comparison left Free unnoticed.

Fortunately for Free, he managed to score another Club classic “Flipside” with long time collaborator Peedi Craak produced by Just Blaze who was responsible for almost 60% of the albums production.

With Philly staring to make its hip-hop presence felt again through Meek Mill, it is interesting to draw the parallels between the two movements and see just how much Meek Mill and Freeway movements have in common.

Lets not forget the City of Brotherly love has contributed to hip-hop people like Will Smith, Cool C, Beanie Sigel, Cassidy, Meek, Young Chris, the list goes on and on. It is finally official Philly is a Hip-Hop strong Hold that will continue to produce some of the best hip-hop we shall ever come to hear.

SEX, Dirty Videos and Hip-Hop

The long running affair between hip-hop and the exploitation of sex is almost as old as the art form itself.

The dynamic between authentic hip-hop and sex has always put the genre at a defensive from the days of Miami’s “Mayor” Uncle Luke and his 2 Live Crew on “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” to Lil Kim’s vulgar exploits on her debut album Hardcore.

In both cases The artist were met with adverse criticism and 2 live crew would eventually go down in history of America as the first group to have an album banned, a ruling that was later over turned.

It was not until Lil Kim’s Hardcore that we finally got to hear the female perspective in a dominant sexual manner and this would elevate our threshold yet another few notches.
The game doesnt stop just new players and the attempts continue to become even more daring than before.

Take for instance YMCMB’s Tyga recent porn exploits in his self titled debut Porno Film “Rack City”.

The video which we shall not share on this thread, features young Tyga waking up in his Mansion with various women walking around at his disposal.

Some may also remember the classic Tupac “How Do Yo Want It” featuring K-Ci and Jojo. The X Rated version of the video featured porn stars elite Heather Hunter, Nina Hartley and Angel Kelly.

We cant forget our beloved uncle snoop who at some point also explored a career in porn which saw him release an entire project centered around pimpin, sex and hip-hop!

It is clear that history will continue to repeat itself especially in our beloved culture known for pushing the envelope and testing new barriers. It is the freedom of speech we fight for as a culture that allows everyone to represent their craft how they best see fit, all in favor of making the game diverse and interesting.



BREAKING NEWS: Rick Ross & Jeezy Fight At BET Awards

Can we all just get along! No we cant, you might recall a few months ago @hiphopabc caught wind of growing tensions between Young Jeezy’s & Rick Ross.

Uh OH! Young Jeezy Flashes Gun In Miami, Take’s Shots At Rick Ross?

According to a few twitter updates from the like’s of Funk Master Flex and others in attendance during 2012 BET Hip-Hop Atlanta currently filming in Atlanta,the altercation was actually physical and an unidentified gunman was actually arrested for letting off shots.

Although no details from either camps have surfaced, this rivalry has definitely taken a turn for the worst. It also happens to come at a time when arch nemesis’s 50 Cent & Fat Joe just patched things up at the award show after almost a decade of high tension and disrespect from both moguls.

Rick Ross Clears Up Beef Rumors & Calls Out Jeezy

It is unfortunate that one time collaborators like Ross and Jeezy are having trouble

Documentary: ‘Just For Kicks’ — A Closer Look At The History And Culture Of Sneakers

This is strictly for the ‘sneaker’ lover in all of us. As time flies by we sometimes lose grasp on the small things which in most cases would be considered as the minor details that make the big picture much brighter (or clearer for that matter). Anyway, this is an ode to the sneaker culture, a closer look at what helped turn this craze into more than just a fashion trend — but a staple to a whole worldwide culture. Look as some of the industry’s pioneers and voices speak out in the name of ‘kicks’.