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Mixtape: Nipsey Hussle – ‘Crenshaw’

Some people may have forgotten how versatile many of the artists who emerge from the west coast really are. And for that, we ain’t even mad you but we will put you up on something that will be sure to remind you! Nipsey Hussle is without a doubt one of those artists we’re speaking about and with his latest mixtape release, Crenshaw, the hip hop world has welcomed this classic project with open arms. How could this be dubbed a classic already? Well for starters, if you listen to this masterpiece from start to finish, you could probably understand why. But if that is not enough to convince you, then maybe the fact that Jay-z purchased 100 copies of the album which Nipsey made available online or hard copy for a whopping $100 a pop!

This could be considered by some to be a premature statement but Nipsey Hussle could be the next Snoop Dogg. He has so much balance in his music, and at this stage in his career, that is a rare quality to have.


Mixtape: Bigg Ricc – ‘Unleashed’

The summer may be over but that don’t stop the heat! Them boys from All Inn Entertainment got the streets buzzing and while they continue to flood the underground with their music we get to watch their takeover in the making. The new recently released mixtape, ‘Unleashed’, is full of bangers and as Bigg Ricc and 4te da Giant assume the roles of the elder statesman, we also get to hear from some of the other members of the crew. Such members include George Franklin, Goldie, Yashee, Tone Trump, Picasso, J-Face and Sour. Bottom line: you will not be disappointed with this project which has a mix of southern bounce and some freestyles over popular industry beats.


Mixtape: Asia Sparks – ‘Spark Up’

Did we call this a few months ago?? Female mc’s are back and this time around the sounds are bigger and better. Asia Sparks recently drops her latest mixtape ‘Spark Up’ and quite frankly she could probably give some of these half-baked so-called male rappers who ‘claim’ to be nice with the mic. From start to finish, this is a solid project, and by the time you reach the last track, it will be apparent that this lady is more than just a pretty face. The mixtape is hosted by Don Cannon…

Check out Asia Sparks’ video for ‘Faja’

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Mixtape: Elite – ‘Wavy Flexin’ Cool’

We all know that Naughty By Nature can be credited for contributing to the that 90’s hardcore hip hop that laid the foundation for the ‘underground to mainstream’ movement. Now amidst a intergroup beef, the New Jersey veterans keep themselves relevant by touring worldwide and launching the second generation of that East Coast music that the real hip hop junkies can appreciate. With fresh new production from Kay Gee, Elite picks up where Naughty By Nature and Next left off. The group consists of Boxie, Chaz Mack and KO and with the lanes wide open for a new takeover, we will definitely be hearing a lot of noise from this new sensation. And why do we say takeover?? Well…. when’s the last time we’ve had a ‘group’ who seen a successful run? First thing comes to mind… Jagged Edge, 112 just to name a few. Anyway, get ready for some fresh sounds and the next big movement!

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Mixtape: Ransom – ‘The Alternative’

Second chances are hard to come by for some folks so when blessed with the opportunity to shine light again, Ransom is set to prove to all naysayers that he can and will rise above. With his new mixtape release and video (I’m Back), Ransom’s sound is reminds us of those good ol’ glory days of the 90’s hip hop era. Check out his new mixtape…

Mixtape: Wyclef Jean – ‘April Showers’

Even an extended hiatus couldn’t diminish Clef’s wizardry when putting albums together. After years of not being in the mix of things musically, Wyclef Jean makes his return to hip hop felt and he definitely makes it count. His new mixtape ‘April Showers’ is gonna put an answer to a lot of questions as well as any doubts about him still having the talent and drive to put out quality music. With a few features, original tracks, as well as a few borrowed beats, this member of the acclaimed hip hop legendary trio, The Fugees, Clef hits his target dead on. The only thing we would like to see after this is a Fugees reunion and album. Yes I know it’s unlikely but hey, we’re fans of good music over here! Let’s just see what happens!

Mixtape: Alkee – ‘High Demand’

Every now and again there comes along a vibrant and youthful spirit that gives us another light of hope that one day hip hop can get back to what it once was…

In comes Alkee, a native of upstate New York that is starting gain some buzz on the underground stream. In his debut mixtape, titled High Demand’, the youngster goes in on some of the hottest beats, some of which we’ve may have heard but he makes every track sound like it was made to cater his versatile flow — which will only get better with time. Check out the young homey…….

Mixtape: Bangladesh – ‘Ponzi Scheme’

After maintaining a steady grind in the trenches of the industry, super-producer Bangladesh drops a bag of bangers for the world to know that he’s still here. At one point in time, Bangladesh found himself in the middle of a public and in-house feud with Cash Money/YMCMB over checks that he never received for producing some of the label’s biggest hits. With that same work ethic that got him noticed, he comes back strong once more to show and prove he’s that dude, and if you can’t give that respect, at least mention him in the conversation. Take a listen for yourself…

Mixtape: International Gem – ‘Who Dare Move Me’

There comes a time in one’s life when you realize that some things just don’t cut it for you as they did before. When it comes to music, this could be a drastic change or merely a subtle change of heart. But with that in mind, when the quality of music is of that high levels, it rarely matters what genre it is categorized within. Hip Hop as we know is the fastest growing and genre in the music realm and with it being popularized around the world, it’s safe to say that the true translation of what is good music could sometimes be jaded with gimmicks or corny dance steps that only last a few months…

Quality above all
International Gem has been a player in the game for minute and he’s finally getting the shine he’s deserved, and for good reason too. With wordplay and a rhyme flow that’s reminiscent of that 90’s New York rap that everybody loved. Gem’s ‘Who Dare Move Me’ mixtape was originally released in 2010, but if you listen to this album, you’d most likely become an instant fan. International Gem has earned his stripes and this will serve as a warning to be on the lookout for him because he’s on his way to the top!

Video: ‘Crude Oil’ – track featured on Gem’s ‘Old Gold‘ mixtape…

Video: ‘Raising The Bar’

Now Playing: Jae Millz Ft. Al Doe – ‘Vintage Jae’

While he has his affiliation with Young Money, Jae Millz receives much love from the streets as for not saturating his projects with Drake and Lil Wayne features. He’s definitely known for his ability to grind and make things happen when it comes to his career. Checkbox his latest work…

Latest Project: Mixtape – ‘Dead Presidents 2’

Remember that classic battle between Jae and E. Ness?? Check out footage of an unforgettable event that put Jae Millz catapulted him up to the next level…