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New Music : dFresh – ‘The Strangest Secret’

We remember the resolutions we’ve set and whether or not we’ve followed through with them (if you’re a gym goer, things should go back to normal within the next few weeks, if not already.) Why do some people succeed with setting goals while others fall back on their habits? Famed self development forefather Earl Nightingale would say that those who aren’t successful do not set goals and are reactive to those around them, forcing their dreams to take the back seat in favor of simple pleasures. Though these distractions may arise, don’t think that dFresh will succumb to them.

In practicing with the Nightingale ethos, “The Strangest Secret,” which is named after one of his seminal works, has the Delaware native going through the daily grind. Simple and to the point, the video throws away all of the glitz and glamour, allowing us to take in Fresh’s lyrics directly. dFresh’s upcoming “Universal Laws: Chapter 1” doesn’t have a release date, but let’s hope it comes out soon so we’ve got something to bump while we stay on our path of success.   (DUB MD,  January 2015)

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Video : Jean-luc Kaberuka – “Breathe”

With some artists, you just know! Jean-luc has delivered in a major way each and every time, so it was expected that his new video for “Breathe” would fall in line with what we’ve been used to getting from one of today’s most inspirational artists. The one that we appreciate from the humbled talent, is the soul he puts into his work. It’s one thing to release music, but when the fans actually connect with you and can feel your passion through song, that’s a few major elements of an artist with the complete package. Over the past decade, substance has virtually disappeared from most urban music that we hear on a daily basis but Jean-luc is destined to be one of the voices that we will come to acknowledge as being one of music’s purest and most consistent artists.

Our best advice is to start paying attention now. Watch the following video and you’ll see why!

HHABC: Cool Amerika Performs “Make Sum Shake” Live At Aroma

New comers and AMG (Affiliates Music Group) duo “Cool Amerika” undoubtedly have one of the most contagious records on rotation lately. As the duo continue to make a name for themselves club goers can not resist the infectious nature of the song which has been taking a life of its own over the past few months.

The Track is produced by Cassius Jay who is responsible for a slew of other hits with artists such as Justin Beiber, The Migo’s, Bankroll Fresh and countless more.

#NowPlaying : Jay Owens – ‘Give Me My Credit’

In 2015 we’re gonna keep it real simple, we’re gonna let the music speak for itself! A name you may want to pay attention to would have to be  none other than Jay Owens. This joint is a banger and from what we have been hearing, he has more heat waiting to be heard as well. So far we love what we hear and there’s an underlying excitement you get when listening to this track.  Jay Owens who resides in Atlanta, has been patiently grinding and working the local scene and now has his sights on reaching out even further. This is only the beginning!

In his own words

“I stand for positivity, honesty, and I stand for my future and those that are down for me. I am a fighter. I go hard for the things I believe in and I love the ups and downs of life. I wasn’t taught to throw in the towel. You are going to catch a few L’s but if you are able and willing to pick yourself up from adversity, you’ve already won”        Jay Owens

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Video: Young Scholar – ‘Now or Never’

When listening to Young Scholar, I somehow manage to think of him (as an artist) in the likes of J Cole, Talib Kweli, Common and so forth. When he’s delivering his lines, the passion in his voice informs us that he is in this game for more than a couple of dollars… his purpose is much bigger! Here’s the latest from Rhode Island-based emcee, titled ‘Now or Never’.

Video: Young Blitz ft. King Louie – ‘Again’

Determined to make a name for himself in the rap game, Young Blitz strikes again with new heat titled, ‘Again‘. The track features Chicago artist, King Louie, whose name almost always rings synonymous with fellow Windy City rapper Chief Keef. This track will surely delight those who are heavy into street anthems and club bangers.




You may also want to check out this joint as well. The homey Young Blitz gets Sheek Louch of D-Block to assist with the rhyme. Hot!



#NowPlaying : Fat Joe feat. Jennifer Lopez – ‘Stressin’

I love it when I see these type of collabos. One thing that remains apparent is that Latinos stick together and this one is definitely appreciated by many. Two of music’s major bosses join forces to mesh out a banger for the streets and the clubs. JLo and Fat Joe, well-respected in the Latino community and the music industry don’t seem to be ‘Stressin’ about anything these days. This is a good look for both artists who have come back on the scene heavy and it’s always nice to see them return to what they do best!

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Thursdayz 4 Wordplay : Ludacris – ‘Ludaverses Vol. 2 (Nutmeg, Tom Ford, Numbers On The Boards)

Not so fast! Ludacris takes time out to remember Atlanta and the rest of the rap community that he has not fell off and he wants to make one thing clear… he’s here to stay. He was always known for his versatility and he is also aware that there are whispers around town that his name is of the past tense. Well take a peek at what Luda’s been up to in the studio these days. Doesn’t sound like he’s gone Hollywood to me, in fact, I’d say that if he really went hard at the rap game again, lyrics would matter again (especially those from the Atlanta side of things… sorry, I’m just saying).

Thursdayz 4 Wordplay : Joe Budden – ‘Ordinary Love Shit 4’

Don’t get me wrong… we hate to see Joe Budden go through his moments of despair and misfortune. But at the same time we appreciate what comes out of the fire when Joe rises from the flames. He is known to present his finest music after going through such dark times in his personal life, so that’s why we continue to respect the OG and give him props for always silencing his critics. His latest installment to his ‘Ordinary Love Sh*t’ is no different than the ones released prior to this one. He digs deep into his soul to give us another real life tale…


New Music : LL Cool J feat. Mavado – ‘The Hustler’

Before you pass judgment on Uncle L, I’m gonna have to remind you to NOT get it twisted! There are absolutely no signs of LL Cool J going soft even after going at it for over 2 decades now. This is a street banger that features LL paying homage to the NYC streets and the rap game. As for Mavado…. he’s di Gully Gad, nuff said! To make a long story short, you shouldn’t be surprised that this track goes hard. As always, it’s nice to welcome Uncle L back anytime he damn well pleases. He deserved that right… ‘ask them cats up at Def Jam who made ’em major!’