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Legends Never Die : James Brown, Micheal Jackson & Prince Share The Stage

As we try to compose ourselves and get a grasp on the recent news that the artist we’ve come to love and admire, Prince, had just passed away, the right words are suddenly so hard to find. There are in fact though, endless words that could describe the brilliance of Prince’s artistry and what exactly he meant to the world. It would be fair to say that his legacy is one that could be compared to Michael Jackson or even the legendary James Brown. Just imagine that one day these three souls met at the beginning of their careers and shit the building down! Yes, this really happened and moments like the one your about to see will explain exactly why…. legends never die.

News : Iron Galore in Flint, Michigan, Crisis On Hand

It’s just another day in Flint, Michigan…

You wake up, get out of bed, and the usual routine begins, but suddenly, your tap water is pouring brownish liquid right before your eyes! My first impression was “Wow! Gold water somebody’s is filthy rich!” They’re water supply is, without a doubt, filthy but he or she may be rich altogether. Flint, Michigan is undergoing emergency safety to resolve the water pipe that is connected to Lake Flint, which is notoriously known for its filth, before it was connected to Lake Huron (mostly Detroit area). This transition took place two years ago, when the city agreed to switch lakes for budget purposes. Citizens opposed to the switch, mainly because the lake isn’t safe to drink from.

To make matters worse, the State Department of Environmental Quality did not take action by applying anti-corrosive agent to treat the water. The water contains iron from the eroding water pipes. Flint isn’t one of the prosperous cities in the U.S. but the Councils and mayors need to be more assertive when it comes to health especially children. Researchers from Virginia Tech like Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a pediatrician, concluded lead is found in the water and that it has long-term health consequences, such as IQ deduction, abnormal behaviors, and criminal rates. Information from the DEQ, about the contaminated water was brushed off until the hero doctor took matters into her own hand.

“Their information wasn’t flawed. They had the data, but they were being told by the DEQ that there wasn’t a problem, they just dismissed it”, said Dr. Hanna-Attisha. Dan Wyatt, the former quality director at Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality stepped down after the issue surfaced once again.

Previously,  Mr. Wyatt went on local TV to dismiss the issue by drinking water to prove it is fine. Apparently he hasn’t respond to all the allegations by the citizens of the suffering city. This lead poisoning issue has impacted plenty of generations. The city of Flint is taking the necessary actions to resolve this crisis.


Submitted by : Chance Kendrick


Opportunity Is Everywhere!

In today’s times, there are still not many black females in the medical or physics fields get the recognition they deserve. Nevertheless, universities are proud of their black females making a difference in the U.S. Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green has worked her way to the top to receive her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. If you don’t think that’s impressive; wait until you hear this-she is the winner of a $1.1 million grant to develop cancer treatment involving lasers and nanoparticles. Dr. Green is now an assistant professor at Tuskegee University. “I was completely overwhelmed with joy, with thanksgiving, humbles at the opportunity that a group of my peers thought that my work was worthy for such a grant,” she said. “This is a huge door opening. It outlines a path to take this treatment to clinical trial.” After both her mother and father passed away, she went under her aunt and uncle who were both diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, both passed away from cancer. This was a turning point for the young professor assistant. Dr. Green became interested in cancer enough that she went on to major in Physics to research the fatal disease. Notably Dr. Green was the second African-American to receive a doctorate in physics from UAB. Also, she stands as one of fewer than 100 black female physicists in the U.S. – in a field that is dominated by white men.   ( ;

Submitted by : Chance Kendrick

KCON is here! Who’s Ready for the KPop Takeover???

As NYC prepares for this weekend’s KPop invasion, we offer you a closer look into South Korea’s latest cultural sensation!


Minho, Taemin, Onew, Jonghyun, and Key. I doubt you know the names of these 5 people but by the end of this article you will. These guys are a part of a 5 member South Korean boy group named SHINee (pronounced as shiny) under SM Entertainment in the KPOP industry. KPOP is short for Korean Pop which is taking over the world and converting people into fans daily. If you have ever heard the song Gangnam Style by Psy, then you’ve witnessed a glimpse into KPOP.

SHINee debuted under SM Entertainment in 2008 with their first mini­-album and single named ‘Replay’ which charted at #10. Since then they have won awards and started trends. Their early trend called the ‘The SHINee trend’ which consisted of a bright colored T­shirt with a sweater, sneakers, colorful accessories and bright colored skinny jeans. They are not only recognized through the industry for their vocals, but also their energetic, sharp, complex and synchronized dances. The following link is to one of their most complex dances, the dance practice of their song Lucifer:

and Sherlock:


Not only do they do singing and dancing, they are also actors in TV shows and musicals, radio DJs and MCs on music shows. SHINee have also starred in their own shows such as ‘Hello Baby’, where the boys have to take care of a child together, ‘One Fine Day’, where the boys go travel to a country of their choice without their band mates, and some of the members have also been on the show ‘We Got Married’, a reality show putting two idols together to act as if they’re married.

To this day SHINee has released 6 full albums, in which 3 are in Japanese and the remaining 3 in Korean, 5 mini-­albums, 3 live albums and multiple Japanese singles as well as remaking their songs from Korean to Japanese. The members also have written lyrics for some of their songs. Taemin released his first solo EP ‘ACE’ in the end of 2014 while Jonghyun went to release his first solo EP ‘Base’ earlier this year. Since then, the boys have held 7 of their own tours, been a supporting act in 2, and participated in 5 of their company’s tours through the years of 2008­present.

In 2013, their music video for their single ‘Everybody’ was named some of

2013’s top choreography on

Click here:


The boys are also known for their unique style in not only their music but also in their music videos such as ‘Dream Girl’ ​

 Click here to watch:​

It’s safe to say that they will return to the fans with new music due to a hint the leader Onew said in an interview saying they are currently preparing a new album in Korea. Until then catch up on some of their cherished songs: Everybody, Why So Serious, Sherlock, Fire, Hello, Amigo, Shout Out, Up & Down, The SHINee World (Doo­Bop), Like A Fire, Downtown Baby, Quasimodo, Picasso and Evil. On May 17, 2015 (America’s time) and May 18, 2015 (South Korea’s time), the boys released their 4​studio album named ‘Odd’, here is the tracklist to their album:

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 5.39.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 5.40.51 PM


 Here is their official music video to the smash hit ‘View’

Click here to watch:

 Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 6.14.33 PM

Let’s introduce the members of SHINee along with their roles, names, and nicknames given to them starting from oldest to youngest:

  • ●  Onew: He was born as Lee Jin Ki on December 14, 1989. He is also the leader and lead vocalist. Due to him being the leader he has earned the nickname of Leader Onew.
  • ●  Jonghyun: He was born as Kim Jong Hyun on April 8, 1990. His position of the main vocalist and can be considered the powerhouse of SHINee. His one of many nicknames he has is Dino Jjong due to a joke of him resembling a dinosaur.
  • ●  Key: Born as Kim Ki Bum on September 23, 1991. His roles consist of vocalist and lead rapper. He has earned the nickname of Almighty Key and can be considered a triple threat because he is essentially good at everything including singing, dancing, and acting.
  • ●  Minho: He was born as Choi Min Ho on December 9, 1991. Minho is in charge of the rapping of the group which can be heard through their songs. Due to his amazing charisma he has the nickname of Flaming Charisma.
  • ●  Taemin: Taemin was born as Lee Tae Min on July 18, 1993. He is not only a vocalist but their main dancer which can be seen throughout their dance practice, live performances, and music videos. He is also known as the maknae which is the name to indicate the youngest person in a group.

Television : ‘Starz’ Align for the Resurgence of ‘Power’

When 50 Cent first announced his involvement in an upcoming tv series, a lot of people had their doubts and were quick to put the show in a box before it even aired the premiere. But after only one season in, critics have jumped on the other side of the table as fans are now anticipating the start of the second season. This is more than a crime story, it’s much deeper than that.



Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.41.53 AM

Deep down inside, everyone respects Ghost (Omari Hardwick). From the outside looking in, he appears to have it all: a beautiful and loving wife, a successful nightclub, lucrative drug empire, and a good heart. But on the other hand, there’s also many people who dislike him for those very same reasons. In fact, they would love to see him fall flat on his face or maybe even… dead. You see, it all comes down to loyalty and the lack thereof. Perfection and efficiency is what keeps Ghost inspired to always rise above the evils that cross his path. What could be worse than that? How about having your livelihood threatened, along with a marriage being strained by a hot and steamy lust (and love) filled affair. Not to mention, a heartless assassin running the streets, ready to take out any member of your crew who slips up.

Season 1 of Power left viewers on the edge of their seats but most importantly the suspense was quite unbearable. But worry no more because season 2 begins on Saturday June 6th.

You think you know what Power is…

but the real question is

 do you know how to keep it?



For more on cast members, schedule, behind the scenes, etc, visit the official site for Starz

Good Cop vs. Bad Cop : When Disaster Strikes

Who’s to blame? When will we say enough is ENOUGH?

Violence and police brutality, two things that have become a daily trending topic, no matter where you live, which news network you tune in to or even whIch social network avenu e you follow. The walls are closing in, and it’s happening fast! My question to you is, what are you doing to prepare yourself and your family? Are you educating your kids about these subjects, and if so, are you being impartial and revealing the FULL truth?

It baffles me to see after so many years of making strives in the right direction, we’ve allowed ourselves to become desensitized to these issues.  If you don’t believe it could happen to you or anyone you know, you’re completely fooling yourself.


Issues and corruption still walk among our community.  As we recall, over the last few months, police brutality is still high. Recently, a black man by the name of Freddie Gray was arrested and later died. His death was initially reported unknown.  After several reports and videos it showed the police used crucial force to tame the young black man, even though he wasn’t resisting. In my perspective, there is still chaos when it comes to the black community.  Every time I watch the news, I see a policeman arrested for killing an innocent black man. Two  days later, Baltimore went into rage — destroying cars, vandalizing stores, and properties, and even attacking citizens. Not all destruction occurred in the city, civilized protest, and peace walks roamed the streets.

Only a few days after the Baltimore settled down, an incident in Dover, Delaware catches nationwide attention…

Good Cop vs. Bad Cop

Today, a guest speaker by the name of Officer Carol came to my class. He is a former sergeant in the military. He talked about the good side in being a cop and how you get to see the world. Basically, he explained how they keep order in the community. I asked him, “How do you feel about the police brutality in Ferguson and Baltimore?” “It’s messed up…”, he replied. “You have the good cops, and bad cops. We have cops that are a**holes”. He claimed proudly, “Every time I walk into a restaurant people give me the side eye, or suck their teeth. I’m not them, you don’t know me”, he added on. His explanation was very vivid! I actually didn’t expect to get that answer. In conclusion it goes to show you not all cops are evil.
Submitted by C. Kendrick

Bad Boy & Lil Kim Reunite And Reps Hard For NYC NBA All-Star Weekend!

When we look back at the history of Bad Boy Records, we now have to give Diddy his props once and for all. Even after all of the contract beefs, ‘shiny suits, etc., there’s no mistaking that Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs is on another level when speaking in terms of his vision. Let’s take a look at the recent performance during the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend event. We witnessed another classic moment as Diddy, Lil Kim and The Lox came together on stage for a memorable performance of ‘All About the Benjamins‘. This is definitely a good look for NYC! In all honesty, the beloved east coast city needed this, especially for the realm of hip hop.



Even the Queensbridge legend Nasty Nas put in work for this NYC moment!!!

Old School 99.3 Radio Debuts In Atlanta

Life is all about choices and in most cases, the more we have to choose from, the better chance we have to be happy. As we all know, finding the best suitable radio station can sometimes become quite a task. But for the city of Atlanta, change is on the horizon. Not too long ago, Streetz 94.5 Radio took the city by storm and offered a nice blend of music to keep virtually everyone happy. From hip hop enthuisiasts to R&B lovers and even the faithful reality tv fans. But now with the addition of Old School 99.3 Radio, which is affiliated with Streetz 94.5, radio listeners have another viable option. Specializing in spinning 80’s,90’s and early 2000’s hits and even a sprinkle of 90’s sounds, this station will feature classics from artists such as Keith Sweat, Luther Vandross, Mary J Blige, Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Jodeci, Jagged Edge LL Cool J, Scarface and countless others. In addition, there are few who may be familiar with this station mostly because it runs as a simulcast with 1010 WTZA-AM. As of now, the owner Steve Hegwood, maintains his focus on building the station into becoming the city’s premier radio station and plans to recruit some of the best talent to fill positions of disc jockeys and on-air personalities.

What’s Hot : Think Like A Man Too

I’m proud to say that ‘Think Like A Man Too’ escaped the movie sequel jinx we are so accustomed to seeing. I recently had the opportunity to go check it out and it was entertaining and just as funny as the first installment. At first, I will admit, I thought the producers would put Kevin Hart on overkill but that was not the case! This is a well-balanced movie with a believable plot and definitely a must see! Here’s what the stars of the new hit movie had to say about their new release at the recent movie premiere in Atlanta…