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VIDEO: Ralo Talks Jay Z, Gucci Mane, Practicing Islam, Owning Apartment Buildings & More EXCLUSIVE!!!

During “Pakistan day” at West End Park on July the 8th, Ralo financed a day time event where both children as well as adults from communities all over Atlanta came out to play games, eat food, fellowship together in the historic community.

The event was star studded but it was not so much about celebrity as it was about brining people together.

Ralo shared his insights on various topics from pop culture, Islam, Gucci Mane crossing over and much more!

HipHopABCTV Interviews Morgan Heritage About New Album & More Part 1

With countless hits through out the reggae genre, features with hip-hop greats and beyond, the Grammy Award winning “Morgan Heritage” has sustained for generations and stands as one of the most respected forces in modern music.

If you have been fortunate enough to experience the group live, you understand that it is not an accident that they are considered “The Royal Family of Reggae”.

Since winning their well overdue and much deserved Grammy,  the group has maintained a tour Schedule that allows them to cross from continent to continent all year round.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with front runners Gramps & Peter Morgan who enlightened us on various facets of their movement.

Kolombia Music Takes Over SXSW

This year SXSW  3rd Annual “Sounds From Africa & The Caribbean” was a massive success with one of the most diverse rosters in all of Austin TX.

With artists from Africa, Caribbean and Latin America, W & R Projects put together a production comprising of both Reggae & Afro Beat and various other sub genre’s on the same stage

This year the crowd was treated to a special performance featuring Kolombia and frequent collaborator Stylez Music. We got a chance to speak to Kolombia following his performance and here is what he had to say.


King Kanja is no stranger to the scene since his BET debut on 106 Park. Kanja has maintained a steady grind earning the respect of both his peers & industry heavy weights like Sylvia Rhone.

This year Kanja was present during SXSW 3rd Annual “Sounds From Africa & The Caribbean” a premier event for both Reggae & Afro Beat genres courtesy of W & R Projects. This years was probably the biggest in the since its inception 3 years ago with headliners Morgan Heritage, Mr Eazi, Young Paris just to name a few.

Look out for King Kanja’s new single “The Weekend” slated to hit the radio anytime this spring no later than summer.