Could A G-Unit Reunion Really Happen?

It seems like such an eternity since we’ve seen 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Game and Young Buck all on the same team. As history serves as a friendly reminder, whenever you put together a collective of artists to come together as one, there will always be friction looming amongst them. With that being said we look back at the history of G-Unit and how their lineup dwindled in what seems like a short period of time. Game and 50 Cent started out as what appeared to be the perfect business relationship. But Game’s agenda obviously did not coincide with 50’s and the two rappers quickly became arch enemies. Young Buck apparently let the accolades of fame ruin him career-wise, as well as, financially. With a highly publicized unraveling, Buck has repeatedly let it be known that he is more than willing work with G-Unit again. As for Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, the two who were most vocal about being loyal to their boss, friend, and labelmate 50 Cent, we haven’t heard much from them lately but it would probably be a sure go ahead for them if G-Unit did reunite. They will probably need to be the ones who need to step it up more as Fif counted on these guys to home him down when times got tough. Furthermore, Fif has said that Banks and Yayo have not done what they needed to do in order to take their careers to the next level. But to get back to the question at hand, can this reunion work? I think it can as long as the idea of it doesn’t become stale and fans are left waiting for years for this event to finally happen.

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