Documentary: Activate – Kenya Rising “Evolution Not Revolution”

We have heard all the horror stories about Kenya’s 2007 post Election violence that left thousands dead and hundreds of thousand permanently displaced.

As the 2013 election approaches a sense of panic begins to set in as the majority prepare for the worst, while they hope for the best.

Activate Kenya is a documentary featuring award winning Photo Journalist Boniface Mwangi, who takes on the bold mission of creating social awareness in Kenya through photography, graffiti, protest and pure courage.

The bold statement the 27 year old sets out to make is made even more apparent when the the film captures the profound effect these simple messages have on the masses.

It is no secret that since Barack Obama’s victory the world has become more aware of Kenya’s existence and like most other nations in Africa, Kenya continues to suffer from impunity, unfair politics, social inequalities and corruption.

Boniface hopes to accomplish the difficult task of convincing the majority to vote their leaders wisely and not succumb to the perpetuated tribal propaganda.

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