French Food: YES…I SAID IT!

Things that used to be poached very gently before being presented in a cream sauce are now finally being seared, sautéed, or flame-broiled instead.

What’s the point, you ask? I prefer my dishes to be interesting, rather than ‘refined’, and coaxing that flavor out of a scallop, or a piece of fish, or veal, and adding a bit of tooth to it as well, adds some excitement our forebears would have regarded as gauche.

Note: Before anyone tries to rip me a new one, I’m not against French food.

As far as I know, they invented vittles. All I’m saying is that French fare has become a tad bit antiquated, making it too predictable… And that’s what I have a problem with). Maybe it has to do with the victuals in this country… just maybe…  

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