Good Cop vs. Bad Cop : When Disaster Strikes

Who’s to blame? When will we say enough is ENOUGH?

Violence and police brutality, two things that have become a daily trending topic, no matter where you live, which news network you tune in to or even whIch social network avenu e you follow. The walls are closing in, and it’s happening fast! My question to you is, what are you doing to prepare yourself and your family? Are you educating your kids about these subjects, and if so, are you being impartial and revealing the FULL truth?

It baffles me to see after so many years of making strives in the right direction, we’ve allowed ourselves to become desensitized to these issues.  If you don’t believe it could happen to you or anyone you know, you’re completely fooling yourself.


Issues and corruption still walk among our community.  As we recall, over the last few months, police brutality is still high. Recently, a black man by the name of Freddie Gray was arrested and later died. His death was initially reported unknown.  After several reports and videos it showed the police used crucial force to tame the young black man, even though he wasn’t resisting. In my perspective, there is still chaos when it comes to the black community.  Every time I watch the news, I see a policeman arrested for killing an innocent black man. Two  days later, Baltimore went into rage — destroying cars, vandalizing stores, and properties, and even attacking citizens. Not all destruction occurred in the city, civilized protest, and peace walks roamed the streets.

Only a few days after the Baltimore settled down, an incident in Dover, Delaware catches nationwide attention…

Good Cop vs. Bad Cop

Today, a guest speaker by the name of Officer Carol came to my class. He is a former sergeant in the military. He talked about the good side in being a cop and how you get to see the world. Basically, he explained how they keep order in the community. I asked him, “How do you feel about the police brutality in Ferguson and Baltimore?” “It’s messed up…”, he replied. “You have the good cops, and bad cops. We have cops that are a**holes”. He claimed proudly, “Every time I walk into a restaurant people give me the side eye, or suck their teeth. I’m not them, you don’t know me”, he added on. His explanation was very vivid! I actually didn’t expect to get that answer. In conclusion it goes to show you not all cops are evil.

Submitted by C. Kendrick