Got Next: Ralo The Famerican Gangster

It’s not always about the money… or is it? That’s a debate that could last a lifetime. One thing is for sure, Ralo is worth some millions and thats not up for debate. Upon his release from prison, where he found Islam, Ralo vowed to never turn back to the streets, but the streets never turned their back on Ralo. Instead, the streets maintained loyalty and got behind Ralo. So if you ask why you’d soon know that it`s because he preached a message of unity, but not only did he preach it, he lives it.

It was only about 2 years ago when buzz around town was a new up and coming rapper took $1 Million of his own street money and invested in himself. Since then, Ralo has not only successfully established himself, but also launched his own label, Famerica Records. He has maintained ties with long time friend, Young Scooter, who he credits for his introduction to Future, whom he has since collaborated with severally. Ralo has also made friends with previous foes like Young Thug who he has worked with numerous times since their reconciliation,

Fast forward to Feb 2017, when Gucci Mane announced that Ralo would be the first artist signed to his new imprint 1017 Eskimo Records. It makes perfect sense! Besides, who in their right mind would pass up the opportunity to sign one of the hottest artists coming out of Atlanta? All Ralo has needed over the last year is a machine to recognize his efforts and partner up with him.

Below, is a HiphopABCTV exclusive interview conducted with Ralo over this past weekend in Gainesville, GA, at a video shoot in memory of the late Ricko. Ralo not only shot a video but also gave a free performance in effort to raise funds to help Ricko’s family during this difficult time. When is the last time your favorite “rich rapper” did that for a fan? Or better yet, a family member?