Iggy Azalea: The Return Of “FEminem”

As if being the first female as well as non American born rapper featured on XXL prestigious “Freshman cover” doesn’t speak volumes of the native Australian, maybe a T.I cosign can further drive the point.

It was literally only about 3 years ago when the world was introduced to the new comer as a part of T.I’s Hustle Gang collection and roster. Somewhere along the way changes as well as confusion and speculation surrounding her Grand Hustle affiliation left many uncertain of what would become of Iggy.

She is not only exceptionally good on the mic but she also bares an undeniable runway quality that GQ, Vogue or any other fashion platform can appreciate.

But because this is about hip-hop we can all agree that the girl can rap circles around any squares in the rap game and she has a mean twerk.

So why the Eminem comparisons? Lets see…. could it be the fact they are both white? Yes. Is it because she has been cosigned by some of today’s most important hip-hop icons? Yes.

Out of all the possible factors a couple  things that make young Iggy comparable to Em is her brand potential, marketability as well and her appeal to a broad female audience that goes beyond age and color lines.

Her Def Jam released debut album “The New Classic” fell at 3rd place on the charts to Atlanta rapper Future’s  number 1 release “Honest” which  outsold her by only 5000 copies and lets no overlook he already had multiple hit singles on rotation.

Still need some convincing? Well her latest single “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX after the video was released 2 weeks ago has been one of the most searched for hip-hop videos on the web and is predicted to hit Billboards Top 10 and ultimately change her fate.

A couple years back when we asked What Happened To The Female MC?  it appears the hip-hop god’s were listening and hopefully we continue to see more females emerge and put pressure on the fellas.