“I’m So New York….” Could Remy Ma Be The Key To Bringing New York Back To The Forefront of Rap?

Sometimes it takes an unfortunate incident for us to put things into perspective…

Recently after serving an 8-year bid for an assault with a former acquaintance, Remy Ma is now back home and once again going hard in the studio. After a couple of guest appearances already, it is obvious that the female mc hasn’t lost anything talent wise musically but yet there is a positive change within the music industry veteran. Remy Ma seems to have gained a certain confidence and maturity within herself and it can only be accounted to her time away and having the opportunity for growth without the direct influence of the music industry.

There is no better time than the present for Remy’s re-entry, and this is due to the fact that New York hip hop has been in a struggle for a few years now and has seen many attempts at revamping but still there seems like something is missing. Hip hop heads worldwide now say that Remy Ma could indeed provide that much-needed spark and this would undoubtedly work in her favor.

They say that time is the best healer when it comes to an overly-emotional situation
Minus her hiatus, Remy Ma has put in major contributions to the game. Most notably is her classic verse on The Terror Squad’s hit ‘Lean Back’. Since she first laid that verse, the Terror Squad is almost nonexistent these days and shortly before beginning her sentence, Remy and the crew’s leader, Fat Joe, had a falling out and everything after that went out of control into a downward spiral. But fast-forward to present day, Remy Ma is back and ready to prove that she’s more than an artist… She’s a human being just like the rest of us and she has what it takes to be a trailblazer once again.

Here’s why we believe that Remy Has what it takes to bring female rap, as well as, NY hip hop back…Check out her verse that forever branded her as a thoroughbred mc… ‘Lean Back’

And let’s not forget that ‘Ante Up’ remix verse!