Musiq Soulchild Creates Alter-Ego, Introduces ‘The Husel’

For many years, we’ve learned to love and appreciate the endless counts of audio greatness given to us by Musiq Soulchild. From ‘Love’ to ‘Half Crazy’, all the way to his infamous ‘Buddy‘ song, he has delivered classics that will always be held in high regards. But just as numerous other artists have experienced with today’s state of music (Pop, R&B, Hip Hop), the Philadelphia native realized that the time has come to step out of what he’s been used to doing and make adjustments in order to identify and be an artist that would interest today’s mainstream audience. Honestly, he chose to do the right thing at the right time and so far he’s connected and has everyone’s ear once again. And for those who still remain confused as to why he’s changing up, the following is a recent interview of Musiq (excuse me,,, The Husel) explaining what he’s doing and giving us the heads up on what to expect.



We mentioned earlier that change has been good so far for the artist formerly known as Musiq Soulchild and here’s one good reason why… His radio hit ‘Greatest’ has been heavy in rotation and leaves us with high expectations for his upcoming project.