NEWS: Andre 3000 Prepares for Movie Role As Jimi Hendrix

It is almost impossible to come up with a suitable title that will suit Outkast’s Andre 3000. Its been a long road for the ATLien, considering since his debut as one half of arguable one of hip-hops most successful groups it has been a non-stop roll to new artistic heights.

Andre has continued to build his range as an actor and since he was appointed to star as famed Rock n Roll legend Jimi Hendrix it only goes to show that he is yet to prove himself even further.

There has been a tremendous buzz surrounding the role especially considering it is almost a perfect match just based on mild resemblance and also the fact that Andre is an equally acclaimed musician.

Although most hip-hop fans have awaited a follow up album from Andre 3000 and long term partner Big Boi, the duo have hinted at the possibility of a new Outkast project…one day (we shall see)

In the mean time, we can all look forward to the role which could very well establish 3 Stacks as one of tomorrows biggest urban actors.

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