News : Iron Galore in Flint, Michigan, Crisis On Hand

It’s just another day in Flint, Michigan…

You wake up, get out of bed, and the usual routine begins, but suddenly, your tap water is pouring brownish liquid right before your eyes! My first impression was “Wow! Gold water somebody’s is filthy rich!” They’re water supply is, without a doubt, filthy but he or she may be rich altogether. Flint, Michigan is undergoing emergency safety to resolve the water pipe that is connected to Lake Flint, which is notoriously known for its filth, before it was connected to Lake Huron (mostly Detroit area). This transition took place two years ago, when the city agreed to switch lakes for budget purposes. Citizens opposed to the switch, mainly because the lake isn’t safe to drink from.

To make matters worse, the State Department of Environmental Quality did not take action by applying anti-corrosive agent to treat the water. The water contains iron from the eroding water pipes. Flint isn’t one of the prosperous cities in the U.S. but the Councils and mayors need to be more assertive when it comes to health especially children. Researchers from Virginia Tech like Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a pediatrician, concluded lead is found in the water and that it has long-term health consequences, such as IQ deduction, abnormal behaviors, and criminal rates. Information from the DEQ, about the contaminated water was brushed off until the hero doctor took matters into her own hand.

“Their information wasn’t flawed. They had the data, but they were being told by the DEQ that there wasn’t a problem, they just dismissed it”, said Dr. Hanna-Attisha. Dan Wyatt, the former quality director at Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality stepped down after the issue surfaced once again.

Previously,  Mr. Wyatt went on local TV to dismiss the issue by drinking water to prove it is fine. Apparently he hasn’t respond to all the allegations by the citizens of the suffering city. This lead poisoning issue has impacted plenty of generations. The city of Flint is taking the necessary actions to resolve this crisis.


Submitted by : Chance Kendrick