Opportunity Is Everywhere!

In today’s times, there are still not many black females in the medical or physics fields get the recognition they deserve. Nevertheless, universities are proud of their black females making a difference in the U.S. Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green has worked her way to the top to receive her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. If you don’t think that’s impressive; wait until you hear this-she is the winner of a $1.1 million grant to develop cancer treatment involving lasers and nanoparticles. Dr. Green is now an assistant professor at Tuskegee University. “I was completely overwhelmed with joy, with thanksgiving, humbles at the opportunity that a group of my peers thought that my work was worthy for such a grant,” she said. “This is a huge door opening. It outlines a path to take this treatment to clinical trial.” After both her mother and father passed away, she went under her aunt and uncle who were both diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, both passed away from cancer. This was a turning point for the young professor assistant. Dr. Green became interested in cancer enough that she went on to major in Physics to research the fatal disease. Notably Dr. Green was the second African-American to receive a doctorate in physics from UAB. Also, she stands as one of fewer than 100 black female physicists in the U.S. – in a field that is dominated by white men.   (SourcesTheRoot.com ; AL.com)

Submitted by : Chance Kendrick