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What’s Hot : Think Like A Man Too

I’m proud to say that ‘Think Like A Man Too’ escaped the movie sequel jinx we are so accustomed to seeing. I recently had the opportunity to go check it out and it was entertaining and just as funny as the first installment. At first, I will admit, I thought the producers would put Kevin Hart on overkill but that was not the case! This is a well-balanced movie with a believable plot and definitely a must see! Here’s what the stars of the new hit movie had to say about their new release at the recent movie premiere in Atlanta…

Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 Radio Station Exceeds Expectations and Shakes Up The Airwaves!

When you turn on the radio at any given time of day, the average person doesn’t even think about everything that goes on behind the scenes to get those songs on the air. But it is common knowledge that the radio business is very competitive, just think about all of the different stations you are able to tune into just from your location at this very moment.

Streetz 94.5

Just over a year old, Streetz 94.5 has taken the city of Atlanta by storm and they are literally just getting started. Owned by Steve Hegwood, Streetz is responsible for breaking records by Trinidad James as well as Rich Homie Quan. Many of the station’s successes can be accredited to Hegwood but like any other business, it also took the talents and strengths of the entire Streetz 94.5 staff to build the station into what it is today. The Streetz lineup includes Rashan Ali, a multi-talented personality with an impressive resumé that stretches well outside the city of Atlanta. Next is programming consultant Jerry Smokin’ B who also boasts an impressive radio industry background as well. But that’s not all, Streetz also employs some of the industry’s hottest and well-traveled DJ’s in the game with Jay Tek, DJ Holiday, and DJ Blak. Last but not least we have to mention the lovely Ms. Jazzy McBee, who serves as an on-air personality and programming assistant.

Atlanta, GA
For many years Hot 107.9 and V-103 (Atlanta’s local radio stations) have been competing with each other to be the most popular and listened to station in the city. Both Hegwood and Jerry Smokin B were instrumental in getting Hot 107.9 off the ground from an administrative standpoint along with launching the world famous “Birthday Bash” over 15 years ago. At one point in time, V-103 was considered the veteran and Hot 107.9 was like the rookie in the league. Hot 107.9 first started by appealing to a younger audience, but they ended up being the favorite amongst the majority of the city’s listeners. Things held steady at that disposition for years until the ‘Streetz’ caught on fire.

Most recently Streetz 94.5 teamed up with Epic Records, Domino’s Pizza, King and King Attorney’s, Perchwerk Studios in search for Atlanta’s Next Big Hip-Hop Superstar. The contest had hundreds of submissions from various parts of the region and surrounding areas eager to secure the win. 15 year old Chate­jah “Taj” George” emerged the winner securing the $10,000 cash price along with a single deal with Epic Records.