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Pusha T : D-Boy Turned B-Boy

It’s been a long time coming for Pusha T… The veteran rapper has had a well-decorated musical career that’s dated back to the mid 90’s era. Starting out as a member of the Virginia-based rap duo, The Clipse, the open-minded artist has flourished into a well-balanced artist and savvy businessman. Most hip hop fans would know that in his early days Pusha T, alongside his partner, Malice, had a wide range of content but primarily kept a ‘cocaine’ flow. With a history of having one foot in the drug game (even while being considered one of rap’s most dope lyricists), Pusha T has survived the test of time through national economy woes, trends, and a fickle rap audience.

Many thought that the absence of Malice would have a negative impact on Pusha’s career and stage presence but he reveals that it’s quite the contrary. He has evolved into an established vet who goes hard every time he records something and will not stop for anything. He is also quick to defend his brother’s turn towards spirituality and decision to shy away from the ‘cocaine’ rap. During Malice’s hiatus, he penned a full-length book titled, ‘Wretched, Pitiful, Blind, and Naked’, which was warmly recieved by many fans of The Clipse. As for Pusha’s upcoming mixtape, Long Live the Caine, Malice is expected to appear and Pusha promises this will be a must-have.

Nairobi : Hip Hop Has Found An Oasis…

Endless libation

For all you true hip hop heads, just think… wouldn’t it be nice to see hip hop the way it used to be? Not only see it, but imagine watching the whole thing take place from the beginning and watch over time the progression of musical art and talent. Close your eyes and think of the time frame of the late 80’s until around 1991-92.

Enter the stage

Nairobi, Kenya

This is it… This is the beginning of rap all over again. Nairobi is a place like no other. Sure there’s been a fast-spreading hip hop culture in other places such as Europe and Asia, but this one has a different feel to it. The music coming from this region is heartfelt and it’s almost as if this music instantly puts the listener/viewer in good spirits. As avid hip hop entusiasts, we’re proudly happy to present to you…

The essence

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