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Jay Z And Elliot Wilson Speak On Racism, Sports, Money, George Zimmerman & More

Recently Jay Z sat down with Elliott Wilson to open up about some of today’s hottest topics. With his recent album release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay Z finds himself once again at the forefront of the world’s watchful eye of the media. We all know him to be extremely careful when it comes to interviews, he’s particularly guarded with his words. But with his growth as an artist an businessman as well, Shawn Carter, the man behind the voice is finally opening up to reveal his most personal feelings. He’s definitely matured over the years and has proudly accepted his role as a hip hop veteran and positive role model for the millions who listen to his music and follow his movement.

Documentary: Jay-Z “Where I’m From” 2012

With only afew months into the launch of Jay Z’s renowned Brooklyn based Barclays center, young Hova gives us about a half an hour of a first hand experience from the folks that make it possible.

Home to the Brooklyn Nets, JAY Z’s Barclays Center stands to be one of the most important landmarks in the region since Brooklyn lost the Dodgers to LA some decades ago.

As it pertains to its importance to hip-hop, JAY Z’s Barclays Center is another testament to the power of the culture that helped catapult a kid from Brooklyns Marcy Projects into one of today’s most entrepreneurial entertainers.

Congratulations to Jay and Happy B Day Big Homie!