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Throwback Joint: Lil Vicious – ‘Nika’

Y’all can’t front on this one! I know some of you remember going to the skating rink on Friday night and rockin’ it out! This joint is straight from the 90’s golden era. Lil Vicious had a nice lil run and kind of faded away from the mainstream.

Now on the other hand when you flipped his ‘Destination Brooklyn’ tape over, it had a yard side to it. For those who aren’t too familiar with Vicious, he’s talented hip hop-wise and reggae dancehall as well.

Jay Z And Elliot Wilson Speak On Racism, Sports, Money, George Zimmerman & More

Recently Jay Z sat down with Elliott Wilson to open up about some of today’s hottest topics. With his recent album release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay Z finds himself once again at the forefront of the world’s watchful eye of the media. We all know him to be extremely careful when it comes to interviews, he’s particularly guarded with his words. But with his growth as an artist an businessman as well, Shawn Carter, the man behind the voice is finally opening up to reveal his most personal feelings. He’s definitely matured over the years and has proudly accepted his role as a hip hop veteran and positive role model for the millions who listen to his music and follow his movement.

Mixtape: Fabolous – The Soul Tape 2

Have you heard how this kid has been rapping lately? This would be a good place to start if you’ve been out of sync with what’s really good. His second installment to the Soul Tape, this collection of tracks shows Fab’s maturity and how far he’s come as an artist and as an individual. One observation we must recognize is that he’s been in the game for a long time but he still continues to get better and stronger. It always feels as though he’s just getting started and there is much more yet to come. Salute to Fabolous as he claims boss status during Brooklyn’s new reign.

Documentary: Jay-Z “Where I’m From” 2012

With only afew months into the launch of Jay Z’s renowned Brooklyn based Barclays center, young Hova gives us about a half an hour of a first hand experience from the folks that make it possible.

Home to the Brooklyn Nets, JAY Z’s Barclays Center stands to be one of the most important landmarks in the region since Brooklyn lost the Dodgers to LA some decades ago.

As it pertains to its importance to hip-hop, JAY Z’s Barclays Center is another testament to the power of the culture that helped catapult a kid from Brooklyns Marcy Projects into one of today’s most entrepreneurial entertainers.

Congratulations to Jay and Happy B Day Big Homie!

Lyrical Fitness : Sean Price Still Going Heavy With The Bars

There comes a time in a rap artist’s career when the limelight starts to fade away and the decision has to be made whether to keep rapping and maintain a steady relevance or maybe stepping away from the mic and assuming another role within the business. Now when you bring Sean Price into this conversation, the previous statement may not exactly fit into into Sean Price’s profile. Although he’s a seasoned veteran in the game, he still can make his listeners appreciate his lyrical value. From the beginning of his career in the mid 90’s, Sean P has always been known for his superb wordplay and loyalty to Duck Down Records. He was first known to the world as one-half the dynamite duo Heltah Skeltah, which was part of the Boot Camp Clik.

With almost two decades worth of work in the game, Sean Price seems to be as witty as he’s always been and with his latest effort, which is titled ‘Mic Tyson’, proves that he can still hold his own. That title seems to be more than appropriate as, upon listening, it feels as though it could actually be considered a workout tape. Lyrically Sean P has that same flow that hits hard like Iron Mike himself.





Skyzoo: Brooklyn’s Knight In Shining Armor

Skyzoo as we all know is a rather unique individual when it comes to this rap ishh. So when he dropped his latest project, A Dream Deferred, we all knew what to expect of him, right?? That may be the case, but luckily enough things didn’t exactly go as we expected. ‘A Dream Deferred’ features a collection of tracks produced by names such as 9th Wonder, !llmind, Jahlil Beats and a few others. The album as a whole has a soulful vibe and is heavily saturated with live instrumentation (horns, strings, pianos, etc). What’s so special about this album? The lyrics and overall vibe that’s brought with it is so joyful as well as inspirational. It’s a long call from the usual Rick Ross (“Unnhh”) or Meek Mill (“30 Racks”), but in this case, that would be considered a good thing. Skyzoo’s music has always been innovative and some have even called him inspirational. His ‘Jansport Strings’ joint is one of those that stand out on his latest project. The song is an ode to Chi-Ali, a young rapper whose rap career was cut short due to a prison bid he had to serve for a murder charge. He credits Chi-Ali for being the one who inspired him to be a rapper and he doesn’t hold back for letting it be known. Skyzoo, who is also a well-known sneaker head, is one to watch in the future, mainly because his music has substance and his passion for music is authentic. Don’t be surprised if 10 years from now we will still be hailing Skyzoo as one of the greats. And besides he’s from Brooklyn… a place where legends are born and bred everyday.

Maino Presents “The Mafia”, Brooklyn’s New Mob!

Since he was brought to our attention through then girl friend Lil Kim’s video “Put Your Lighters Up” , Maino has slowly established his “Hustle Hard” movement into a force in the tri-state.

Soon after serving a 10 year bid, Maino came in the game with a scar on his face, a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove. He has since lived up to the name of his Atlantic distributed imprint “Hustle Hard” and forced the game to recognize his efforts.

Determined to bring his home of New York from a 10 year slump, he has waved his black flag and also had to wave his backhand at a few haters.

Many remember Maino from the  beginning to make his DVD rounds with the  classic “Rumors” video through the “Smack DVD” era. “Rumors” was track that featured Maino discussing various urban legends, rumors and hear say from the time. The track caused a lot of controversy and immediately thrust him into the conscious of the hip-hop world.

Back then you could catch a younger Maino talking about his altercations with various rappers and putting his famous “Hand of God” on them. After a long running rivalry with fellow brooklyn native Lil Cease, the two recently put their differences asside during a tribute to Notorious B.I.G.

Maino and Lil Cease End Beef, Unite During Biggie Tribute

The outspoken Brooklyn native has stayed on his grind and seen two official releases “If Tomorrow Comes”(2009) and “The Day After Tomorrow”(2012). Following the success of both,  Maino spread his wings recently and decided to brings his loyal platoon of spitters Push Mo, Twigg Martin, Lucky Don and his blood brother Hustle Hard Mouse.

All 5 members make up “The Mafia”, a collective of street MC’s with tales about life on the fast lane, hard living, prison and balling like street legends. Maino has worked with all members over time introducing them through his previous releases, collaborations and short films.

Recently with the release of his club banger “Mobbin” Featuring Waka Flocka, Maino seems to be putting his troops together for a hostile takeover.

The remix for “Mobbin” features Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Trae Tha Truth & Jim Jones and has already established that “The Mafia” is next up in the “Hustle Hard” agenda.

Recently the release of their self titled mixtape “The Mafia” has the streets asking for more, featuring tracks like “Whaddup Son” and ” The Introduction”.

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Mixtape: Maino – ‘The Mafia’

After solidifying himself as a relentless force in the industry, Maino is positioning himself to take over the game in true Brooklyn style. Maino has always been known to stay humble all while being outspoken and eager to let the world know his point of view. With the release of his new mixtape, featuring ‘The Mafia’, Maino and crew plans to feed the fans even more audio dopeness…

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Mixtape: Talib Kweli & Z-Trip – ‘Attack The Block’

Consistency would be the main factor in one’s career longevity in the rap game. Having said that, it’s apparent that Talib Kweli is a prime example of how to survive and remain relevant. This latest mixtape features some of Talib’s most creative work and it still has that soulful feel that we all have known and loved from the Brooklynite. At this stage in his career, Talib Kweli is sharper than ever and it’s truly inspirational to have an artist of this caliber still spitting like it’s his first album. His love for hip hop is evident and HHABC salutes Talib Kweli for his achievements.

Check out ‘Numerology’, taken from ‘Attack The Block’…