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Video: Young Blitz ft. King Louie – ‘Again’

Determined to make a name for himself in the rap game, Young Blitz strikes again with new heat titled, ‘Again‘. The track features Chicago artist, King Louie, whose name almost always rings synonymous with fellow Windy City rapper Chief Keef. This track will surely delight those who are heavy into street anthems and club bangers.




You may also want to check out this joint as well. The homey Young Blitz gets Sheek Louch of D-Block to assist with the rhyme. Hot!



Now Playing : Common Feat. Vince Staples – ‘Kingdom’

It’s amazing and equally refreshing to see just how far Chicago native, Common, has come. With a fresh new album (Nobody’s Smiling) on the way, Common sets his sights on cementing his name in the game as one of the all-time greats. Newly signed to Def Jam records, it’s apparent that even at this point in his career, the fire in his heart to deliver quality material is eternally lit. Even with an abundance of appearances in numerous blockbuster movies, Common still reps hard for Chicago and hip hop. We salute the rap veteran as he prepares to bring us yet another classic piece of material in just a few short weeks!

Kanye West… The 2nd Coming of James Brown???

It seems as though that nowadays Kanye West is a moving target and the subject of many people’s ridicules and scorn. But do you think this all matters to him? Probably not. Kanye West has acknowledged the fact that he is well aware that people judge him for things he’s done in the past. He has become well-known for his outspoken views on certain subjects and it’s not exactly what he is saying, it’s HOW he says it. But let’s not forget though…there is a reason why he is in his position of influence. As we think back and remember when Jay-z dropped his classic ‘Blueprint’ album, Kanye West was the architect of that project. If it wasn’t for hits like ‘Takeover’ and ‘Heart of the City’, Hov’s masterpiece of an album may not have come about. And how could we forget about Kanye’s debut album The College dropout which brought us so many unforgettable classic tracks such as ‘Jesus Walks’, ‘All Falls Down’, & ‘Slow Jamz’ just to name a few. So you start to wonder how this all ties in to the late, great legendary James Brown. That’s a simple one! Just as Kanye is viewed now, at the height of his career James Brown was a multi-talented artist, as well as, an extremely complex individual. When you take a look back at Brown’s historic career, you’d see that his run-ins with the law, his thought-provoking lyrics and the energy he put into his live performances clearly put him into a category of his own. So before we start to get ahead of ourselves and go on a bashing spree towards Kanye, let us put this all into perspective. Kanye is musically nothing short of genius. His sense of fashion and way with words are indeed unique to go along with that. Last but not least, when Yeezy is on that stage, he brings a memorable performance every time. So watch the attached videos below and see for yourself that Kanye is not a bad person, just a little misunderstood… and all this is reminiscent of one of the greatest performers of all time… Mr. James Brown!

Grammy Speech

James Brown Live At The Apollo….

Video: Chi City – ‘Here I Go’

Southside Chicago rapper Chi City presents the self-directed music video for his Cash Jordan-produced single “Here I Go”. With over nine underground tapes bearing his name – his last being 2011′s Who Is Chi City – Chi has collaborated with Cory Gunz, Mullyman and has toured with Philadelphia Freeway, Mickey Factz, Mikey Halsted and Daytona. He was crowned Coast To Coast’s Indie Artist Next To Blow and has performed at the BET Artist Showcase and ThisIs50.com’s Independent Fridays. He has ghostwritten for B.O.B., Diggy Simmons and G.O.O.D. Music affiliates. “I came up with the idea for ‘Here I Go’ because I felt like a lot of people use to always ask me who I was as an artist, as if being different or experimenting with different styles of music was a sign of confusion,” says Chi about the song. “I am me when you hear me rap on an EDM record, or rap fast or tell a deep story. I just can’t define myself to stick to one category because i didn’t grow up in one lifestyle.”

submitted by: Dunn Deal PR

Audio: LEP Bogus Boys feat. Lil Wayne & Mase – ‘Commas’

As their notoriety continues to flourish throughout the country, LEP Bogus Boys are winning over tons of new fans by the minute. The duo based out of Chicago have made a name for themselves by giving their perspective and personal accounts of what goes on in their part of the world. As Chicago is known worldwide for, gangs, drugs, and violence, LEP Bogus Boys somehow manage to maintain authenticity as well as keep their listeners engaged as they verbally paint vivid images of what the inner city.

In what some would call an unlikely collaboration, LEP Bogus Boys release new single, ‘Commas’, which features Lil Wayne and Mase. The thought of a collabo with Lil Wayne doesn’t come across as much of a stretch as does a joint with Mase. The music industry and the fans have been confused about Mase’s intentions with hip hop ever since he retired to focus on being a full-time minister — only to come back to the game years later. This particular song actually doesn’t sound bad at all, the only downside would be the addition of Mase, does he really fit into the theme of the record??

Next Up: L.E.P. Bogus Boys (Now Or Never)

In the late 90’s to early 2000’s, a rap group by the name of ‘The Clipse’ were making major noise in the industry. Back in those times, the rap game was so competitive and the level of musical consumption by fans were at an all-time high. The one thing that stood out though were those hard lyrics Malice and Pusha-T were spitting. Some refer to those lyrics as ‘cocaine rap’, and that’s mainly because that’s what their rhymes mostly consisted of….but it was different and it was hot.

Now, with that thought in mind… L.E.P. Bogus Boys is now to what The Clipse were back then. Before you start coming up with reasons why that statement may not be true, listen to why that very same statement IS true! Much like The Clipse, this duo from Chicago, have that same authentic feel and hard rhymes in their music. With crime still rampant in the city of Chi, it’s always a humbling feeling that comes to mind when artists rise out of their elements to become more than just a product of their environment. L.E.P. Bogus Boys are definitely on the path to being known for their music which is actually pretty good. The beat selection is on point and when collaborating with other artists, the finished product never sounds like it was a stretch to blend the two worlds together. It’s something special happening in the city of Chicago, which has a history of producing some of the most talented and complex artists in our time. From Common to Chief Keef, Twista to L.E.P. Bogus Boys, no two artists are alike but they still offer that flavor that keeps us hungry for more. HHABC offers an official cosign to the L.E.P. Bogus Boys. This would be a good time to start paying attention, we always recognize when we see something special. This is that new dope homey, come get a hit…

New mixtape from L.E.P. Bogus Boyz – Now or Never

Legends Never Die: Arsenio Hall Set To Return To Late Night

Coming this fall of 2013, Arsenio Hall is planning his next takeover… but will he be able to pull it off? If this name doesn’t sound familiar, then there is a part of the pop culture that you have missed out on and you really need to catch up. From 1989 until 1994, Arsenio Hall was the alternative to late night TV. Back then the competition wasn’t as fierce as it is today. The only strong presence to late-night television was the late, great Johnny Carson. Arsenio took the basic theme of a talk show and made it more appealing to the younger generation which made his movement different and entertaining at the same time. His show was groundbreaking and it challenged the audiences to think outside the box. To get a greater grasp on what you would find on his show before, check out his farewell show. Some of the most hottest hip hop artists at that time, paid homage to the late-night prince who opened doors for them as well…

After a stint on Celebrity Apprentice, Arsenio is reloaded and ready to break more ground. As a pioneer and legend of television and cinema, we knew it was only a matter of time before he came back to change the game again.

Did you know that at one time Arsenio was hailed as one of the funniest comedians and actors of our generation? Watch this clip of him co-starring in the classic film ‘Coming To America’ which also featured Eddie Murphy and a slew of other famed actors.

Jesus Walks: The Kanye West and Ma$e Connection!

Oh my we’ve come a long way!
It’s amazing how the career of some of today’s hottest artists and producers have grown so much after starting from humble beginnings. Who would have thought that the words humble and Kanye West could be mentioned in the same sentence.

But seriously though, Mr. West has come a long way, and he deserves much praise for rising above the B.S., especially coming from the city of Chicago, which happens to be a city that is looming with crime and violence. Mase, coming from Harlem (a city with a similar descriptive as Chicago) has had a storied career as well. A one-time member of Puffy’s all-star line-up at Bad Boy Records, was well-known as a quick-witted rapper with a slurred flow. He was always favored by the ladies and was thought to be the next ‘it’ factor. Unfortunately, things took a bad turn (Biggie’s death) and Mase tried his hand at becoming an ordained minister.

He was ridiculed heavily and considered a fake wanna-be but nevertheless, when things were going his way, he was THAT DUDE. Here is classic footage of the two vets before the ‘bling and booty was top priority for the majority. Jermaine Dupri on the other hand has seen his fair share of success too. The son of the legendary Michael Mauldin, Jermaine started as a dancer for the rap group Whodini and then would go on to be one of the industry’s most sought out producers.

Video: Raekwon – ‘This S**t Hard (Behind The Scenes)

Raekwon has received much attention for his single, ‘This Sh#t Hard’, off his Unexpected Victory mixtape. In fact the energy was so live that he headed to Chicago to shoot a video for the song which also features L.E.P Bogus Boys. Through the changing times and high-speed digital age, Raekwon has held it down and managed to stay relevant. That in itself deserves respect…from Shaolin to Chi-town, the chef still has the recipe for success.