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Movie Trailer: ‘Think Like A Man’

Check out the movie trailer for new comedy movie, ‘Think Like A Man’. The movie is a must-see and seems to have the potential to give moviegoers endless gut-wrenching laughs all while bringing a positive message. The movie features big names such as Kevin Hart, Megan Good, Taraji P. Henson, Chris Brown, Regina Hall, & Michael Ealy.

One To Watch: Eve To Return To Prime Time

Once dubbed as the ‘blond bombshell’ of Ruff Ryders, Eve is coming back to prime time TV! In a new comedy airing on NBC, titled ‘Whitney’, Eve will reclaim her stake as one of the hottest and most influential figures to rule prime time ratings. ‘Whitney’ is a comedy series which is based upon real life experiences of Whitney Cummings’ stand-up comedy routines. The show will be aired on Wednesday nights on NBC at 8 pm.

Casting Call For Upcoming Movie Starring Jim Carrey

The upcoming New Line Cinema movie “Burt Wonderstone” is now casting major roles for filming in January! This comedy film will star Jim Carrey and Steve Carell. Six roles are being cast for filming in January 2012.

For more info on auditions, please email along with attached information to: JimCarreyFilmAudition@gmail.com

Interview: Barak Amen – ‘Don’t Let The Name Fool You!’

Most of us go to work everyday with a cup of coffee in our hands and our heads down. That’s the life of the average person who chooses a job or career and make due the best they can. But when it comes to Mr. Barak Amen, that may not be the case. His job is to laugh at people and make them laugh at him. Sounds nice right? Hear it from the man himself. Barak is an up-and-coming comedian/entrepreneur who doesn’t take life for granted but he certainly isn’t afraid to put his many talents to good use.

1. First of all, we’d like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to chop it up with you. Now getting started, introduce yourself to the fans and let them know who you are.

No thank you for the opportunity to be apart of what you have here I appreciate the love. My name is Barak Amen I am the C.E.O of my own Enterprise. Barak Amen Enterprises Inc., Which I also have Purple Kisss Ent., Purple Kisss Full Service Salon and Barbershop and I am also a comedian. So the best part about what I do is I get to book, host, promote, and perform at all my events and ventures and get checks for each position.

2. With a name like that, I’m sure you hear all sorts of jokes and references to the President. Is that your birth name or solely a stage moniker?

Yes Barak Amen is my real name. I know with a name like that you expect me to have a chain of gas stations or some ish, but you see I look black with gold teeth and tattoos and it’s throwin you off. Im actually Black and Jewish. I was born in Melrose Ft Lauderdale and the landlord was Jewish and my mom couldn’t pay the rent a couple of months so she did what she had to do… dont judge US..

3. When you speak, there’s a noticeably thick southern accent, where exactly are you from?

Yea I have a heavy Southern accent like i said I’m from Ft Lauderdale U.S.A the bottom of the map… I’m southern please dont call it country.

4. How long have you been doing stand-up and how did you get started?

I’ve been doing stand up for about 3 years. I have always been the class clown even growing up people have always said I’m extra funny i should give it a try. So me and my wife was on a cruise for my b-day and they had this open mic competition, so she said I should try it and I did, and won. I hit ’em with 3 hot min. Its short and sweet like a prison rape.

5. So do you see yourself doing this 10 years from now or do you have other aspirations (acting, producing, etc).

I actually like to compare myself to Diddy, Puffy, P Diddy, Swag. Whoever he is this week. But ‘ am more of a business man 1st and a performer 2nd. So i see myself owning way more ish and having financial freedom. I’m trying to build more than just a brand, I’m trying to build an empire so that when my daughter grows up she can see what to expect out of life and the men in hers

6. Are there any comedians that may have had an influence on your career or your style of comedy?

I would say that guys like the greats Robin Harris, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphie, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart not in that order but jus to name a few have for sure shown me that my image is the best tactic to throw you off guard ’cause people think I’m gon’ rap or I’m super gangster.

7. Who would you include in your top 5 greatest comedians of all-time?

Once again I would have to say Robin Harris, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphie, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart are the greats but the real doin the ground work comedians like Roy Woods Jr., Ricky Smiley, Eddi Griffin, Dave Chappelle, Ced the Entertainer. Those are the guys that let me know I can make it no matter where I come from or how hood I may come across. Funny is Funny no matter who you are.

8. What kind of music are you bumping in your ride these days? Any Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber (lol)?

If I’m not bumpin my artist Lady Whit… the first Female rap artist of Purple Kisss Ent., it’s the homegirl Khalea with her hit single “I know”. You can YouTube Khalea and see for yourself she that fire. I got the homie Asiah Dio new EP “Face Time” in the cd player rite now check him out. I try to show love to local talent, because even the big names had to start somewhere and I feel like why not here with us.

9. Any new shows or comedy tours you want the fans to check out?

I am planning a tour of the East coast at least by the start of the winter. hit me up with how I can come to your city and crack ribs out there. You can youtube some of my stuff just enter Barak Amen in the search bar. also be sure to check out my websites www.barakamen.com and www.purplekisss.com I designed myself so I’m proud of em.

10. In one word, how would you describe your style of comedy?

In one word I would drescribe my style of comedy as “Crack”. I hit the stage with that D-boy comedy. Real ish you can relate to if you grew up in the worst part of the crack epidemic or just know some real N!99@$. and when I get off stage your gonna have a Barak addiction you wanna know where can you get some more.