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Damon Dash Is Interviewed By Redman, Reveals That Jay-Z & Kanye Learned From Him

Sometimes it’s always interesting to hear the ‘other’ side of a classic story…


Given their respective careers, Dame Dash and Redman are still relatively influential figures and both have had historical moments in the game, as well as, being known to always speak out when given the opportunity. So when I first came across this interview, I was curious to know what kind of things that would be said during a conversation between these two. Surprisingly enough though, there were some interesting points brought to light by Dame Dash and whether you love him or hate him, it’s still entertaining to watch him emulate shades of himself that we once grew familiar with back in the late 90’s.

Don’t fight the current of the water!

Throwback Joint: Memphis Bleek – ‘Regular Cat’

Brooklyn has been known for providing the rap world with some of the finest emcees in its history. Of course when mentioning the famous Brooklyn borough, one would automatically think first of Biggie or Jay-Z but……..had things had gone differently for Memphis Bleek, who claims the same home turf (Marcy Projects) as Jay-Z. Listen to why Bleek could have been or maybe still can be part of the elite team of rappers to rep BK.

Damon Dash : Every Dog Has Its Day

A wise man once told me“A hustler can only be broke when he dies (okay it wasn’t a wise man it was a guy that sold DVD’s round the corner…get to that another time). ” The year is 95 & Funk Flex has just debuted ‘Dead Presidents‘, a song by, then unknown to the rest of the world, Jay-Z. The moment Dead Presidents debuted, the requests wouldn’t stop coming.  The wheels of the Rocafella Records machine were set in motion. From a one artist roster record label, to a multimillion dollar empire that sustained a stable of artists such as Camron, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel etc… Rocafella would continue to enjoy success in a way unknown to many before them.

Fast Forward to 2003 the rumors about a break up due to a rift between Jay Z & his long time partner begin to circulate. After 2 years of denials (from both sides), the reality of the matter came the summer of 2005 when it all fell apart and the rumors proved factual. The reality behind this highly publicized business partnership/friendship left millions of fans disappointed and brought an end to the Motown of the early 2000’s (yea i said it… “Ever since the Row had it/n****a now the Roc Got it”)

Jay Z would continue to flourish due to very commendable business attempts and he has continued to evolve since the break up. That has not been the case for former-partner Dame Dash who has continued to fall into a financial bind and recently divorced Rachel Roy, with whom he has 2 daughters with. It’s been a tough road for Dame but many have remained supportive and the spirit of Dame Dash’s hustle never went unnoticed.

Dame was visibly the driving force behind the Roc, and since his departure, the only projects to come out of that umbrella have been Jay Z records, whereas before then, there was always a slew of records a year at least 3-6, especially in the latter years. 5 years since being acquired by Universal, Rocafella as a label hasn been just a memory of a time before 2005. It only makes sense for Def Jam to consider giving Dame a chance to work the brand he carried on his back so proudly. With Jay Z no longer working at Def Jam as the President, it is probably looking like a reality we shall soon see.

I think the opportunity to take control of the label again will help rekindle that little bit of darkness left behind by “The Roc’s demise. With Dame working close with New Orleans own Currency (formerly of No Limit & Cash Money respectively) it should really make for a good come back. Hip hop needs executives like Dame who lack that traditional mind set that cripples the fluidity hip hop has. “We need real fans of Hip-Hop in positions of power again, HipHop needs to take back Hip-Hop” (Martin Luther King Voice) for real though.

We shall keep you posted on how Dame’s situation with Def Jam goes and good luck to the big homie.