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Video: Redman – ‘Dopeman’

For hardcore Redman fans, it’s a much needed relief to see Reggie doing what he does best. With a new album, titled Mudface, just a couple of weeks away from release, he sets the tone with a banger with every bit of wit, rawness and humor we’ve come to love Redman for. The lead single, ‘Dopeman’,  is funk-ladened The past few years we’ve been hearing about Red being more involved with things behind the camera, directing and producing videos.


After more than 20+ years in the game, Redman is still a beast when it comes to lyrical content and now to add to that a respected screenwriter. Red’s current work proves the emcee hasn’t lost any of his creative fire, in fact this stuff is dope man!






BREAKING NEWS: Keith Murray & Fredro Starr Battle a HOAX!

This past Sunday the 28th, Avid hip-hop fans as well as other Battle rap enthusiasts were all gathered at Atlanta’s legendary Atrium event hall to witness what was to be one of hip-hop’s most anticipated battle in a while.

The event was scheduled to begin at 9pm and supposed to run until about 1:30-2am.

The promotion was intense for the past couple of months and both camps have engaged fiercely with the media including interviews with Power 105’s Breakfast club.

The event was hosted by Hot 107.9’s Head Crack as well as Streetz 94.5 own DJ Holiday of who were all in attendance as originally advertised.

The event organizers treated the audience to some very interesting battles including SyAri Da Kid VS E Ness (formerly of Bad Boy Records/ Making The Band). The two young MC’s went at it for 3 rounds leaving a very split crowd on who was truly the winner.

Bone Crusher was also set to battle Mike Jones which was also cancelled because of some contractual misunderstandings. The crowd was still hopeful that they would finally get to see Keith Murray and Fredro Starr go at. Reality set in when security began to kick people out, that moment then It was clear that neither of the two MC’s were going to show up.

It is unfortunate that after all the publicity and anticipation we shall never get to witness the 2 MC’s go at it. What could be the cause of such an outcome? Who is responsible for misleading the entire hip-hop community of such a grand production?

We shall attempt to get more details surrounding this matter and hopefully the organizers can release reasonable statement and compensation to the fans.

Throwback Joint: Keith Murray Feat. LL Cool J – ‘Incredible’

As a member of the Def Squad, Keith Murray was always known for his extraordinary wordplay and even more for his willingness to voice his opinion about anything he felt that needed to be addressed. Throughout his various prison bids and beefs which included Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, Keith Murray still has to be recognized as one of the greats to ever spit on a mic.

Throwback Joint: EPMD – ‘Symphony 2000’

When this video hit, the rap world welcomed it with open arms. This joint was off EPMD’s second album released after their hiatus as a group. The two artists, Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith split from making music together because of some differences amongst them. It was also a big moment because it played as an introduction to the world of New Jersey female lyricist, Lady Luck. As you will see in this video, she went in hard and held her own against the other mc’s featured on this classic, who were considered ‘titans’ of the game at that present moment in time.

Hey! Whatever Happened To…


Jamal aka Mally G made his claim to fame when he appeared alongside Mr. Malik as one-half of the rap duo, Illegal. The group recorded one album together but soon went their separate ways. Mr. Malik went out West to work on a solo project and he appeared in on Dogg Pound’s debut album as well as Snoop Dogg’s ‘Doggystyle’ album. Jamal, on the other hand, stayed on the East Coast and flew under the wings of the Def Squad (Redman, Erick Sermon, and Keith Murray). Although his debut solo album, ‘Last Chance, No Breaks’, didn’t do as well as expected, Mally G, made a statement with his rhyme style and ability to remain on the radar as a solo artist.

Previously featured: Camp Lo

Check out Jamal in earlier times with Mr. Malik as the group, ‘Illegal’…

Here’s Mr. Malik with his debut solo…

Throwback Joint: Redman…Pick It Up

Muddy Waters was the third album released by Redman, which is by far the greatest piece of work he’s put out during the course of his career. The album was released in December 1996 and would quickly become classic material. Red’s fellow Def Squad members, Keith Murray, Jamal, and Erick Sermon would appear on the album, as well as, Redman’s brother from the Shaolin temple, Method Man. Over the course of his career, Redman has been known to keep to his same formula and it’s proven through the years to be successful. He would never ‘sellout’ his image and style for record sales, which preserved his reputation. Thank you Redman for quality music…thiz iz Brick City!