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Bad Boy & Lil Kim Reunite And Reps Hard For NYC NBA All-Star Weekend!

When we look back at the history of Bad Boy Records, we now have to give Diddy his props once and for all. Even after all of the contract beefs, ‘shiny suits, etc., there’s no mistaking that Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs is on another level when speaking in terms of his vision. Let’s take a look at the recent performance during the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend event. We witnessed another classic moment as Diddy, Lil Kim and The Lox came together on stage for a memorable performance of ‘All About the Benjamins‘. This is definitely a good look for NYC! In all honesty, the beloved east coast city needed this, especially for the realm of hip hop.



Even the Queensbridge legend Nasty Nas put in work for this NYC moment!!!

Diddy Leads The Revolt, Is He The New King Of Hip Hop?

Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs, better known in the entertainment world as Diddy, has ventured into yet another dimension… Revolt TV.

We all have watched Diddy come from being an intern at Uptown Records back in the early 90’s to present day a time when he is not only a music mogul, businessman, and proud father but a revolutionary pioneer. With an almost effortless talent for turning mediocre artists into big name stars, he has recently launched his own website, Revolt TV, which gives artists of EVERY genre the platform to present their music and videos to a global audience. Diddy has high expectations for Revolt TV and emphasizes the fact that be wants to create an avenue for artists no matter if it’s hip hop, country, pop, etc…

As we put Diddy’s accomplishments into play and all that he’s done for music and entertainment, maybe it’s time that we acknowledge the fact that he’s in a class of his own. Perhaps even as we watch him continue to hustle and grind as if everyday was his first day of work, maybe we could indeed dub him the King of Hip Hop. With endless contributions to rap music and it’s evolution, how could anyone deny Diddy of the throne? Take that!!!

Video: Red Cafe Feat. Diddy, 2 Chainz & French Montana – ‘Let It Go (Remix)’

Here is the video to Red Cafe’s ‘Let It Go’ remix. The Brooklyn rapper taps Diddy, 2 Chainz and French Montana to ride with him on this banger. The original version of the track is featured on Red’s ‘Hell Kitchen’ mixtape. The video was directed by Aristotle Torres.

R&B Pick: Faith Evans – ‘Used To Love Me (Remix)’

The first lady of Bad Boy Records, Faith Evans, had a nice run of classic joints during her tenure at Bad Boy Records. This is the remix to her first single, ‘Used To Love Me’ , which also features, of course, Diddy. For those true hip hop heads out there, I’m sure you remember Biggie and The Lox to flip this same track…and murder it.

Tupac’s 1994 Robbery Thief Comes Forward

It’s been nearly two decades since the rap legend Tupac Sbakur was robbed at gunpoint at NYC’s Quad Studio. Now after the loss of two of rap’s greatest icons, never-ending beefs, etc., Dexter Isaac, comes forward and names himself as the culprit that robbed 2Pac. Isaac is currently serving a life sentence in a New York facility. According to Isaac, he was paid $2500.00 for the robbery and was told to keep all the jewelry he confiscated except for one ring. He names James ‘Jimmy Henchman’ Rosemond as the one who ordered the hit. His reason for coming forth now…he wants to provide closure for Pac and Biggie’s families. One claim that he mentioned has got the street buzzing…Dexter Isaac, named Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs as one of the conspirators. This is getting deep. For now we’re going to keep our ear to the street for the whole story. At least the families can now breathe a little easier and connect some of the dots in this real-life saga.

Hey! Whatever Happened To…

Choppa (Making Da Band)

After a brief period signed to Bad Boy, Choppa grew disgruntled with Diddy’s managerial ethics. Upon the end of his Bad Boy tenure, he signed with Cash Money Records and since then his star power has slowly dwindled. It would be nice to see Choppa revamp his career, after all we had the opportunity to get to native of New Orleans as an artist and as a regular dude trying to get on.

Previously featured: Loon

Hey! Whatever Happened To…


After years of being a ‘Bad Boy’ and numerous beefs with fellow Harlem natives, Loon has since changed his lifestyle and sought refuge in his new found faith, Islam. This probably doesn’t make since to a lot of people when we think back to how he used to live a fast life. No one is mad at the Harlem cat for taking a turn for the best.