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G-Unit Reloaded : Take A Look Inside of the Clique’s Journey, Thus Far

Just when you thought 50 Cent was going to ride the wave out on his headphones and Vitamin Water checks, he shakes up the game once again. The G-Unit family is back together again, add another hungry soldier (Kidd Kidd) and now the rap game has a huge problem. We seen it all before with ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, followed by the crew’s collaborative album and then Lloyd Banks’ solo effort, as well as, Young Buck’s solo debut. Just like ordinary people, things were said in the heat of the moment, lips were poked out, and at one time even, certain members of the clique stopped speaking, but all that stuff could be considered as growing pains and part of maturing. And now once again, after the differences have been settled and communication amongst the fellas began flow normally, everything is set for another 50 Cent and G-Unit takeover. We can sit back and say he (50 Cent) shouldn’t have let Young Buck back in or he should have just forgotten about Tony Yayo, but you have to remember that these guys played an instrumental part in each other’s lives and careers. This is literally a family, and tell me what family doesn’t have bickering and conflict every now and then… As we take a closer look at the following documentary, it is clear that the mutual respect amongst these gentleman is organic.



T.I. – VH1 Behind the Music “King Of The South”

TI has come a long way in his career considering its been almost 13 years since he first hit the scene.

Some may recall his early cameo appearances in fellow Atlanta stars Young Bloods “85” to Donell Jones feat Left Eye “you know whats up”, to becoming one of today’s most sort out hip-hop stars.

The journey has been one that has blessed the Hip-Hop world with one of the most prolific careers, as well as helped pave the way for a region and introduced the genre to the now popular “Trap Muzik”.

Most admire TIP for his charisma, as well as the ability to overcome adversity and remain relevant even after a couple brushes with death and run ins with the law.

VH1 takes you behind the scenes and introduces you to the many facets of TI, the self proclaimed “King Of The South”.

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T.I., Behind The Music

Get More:
T.I., Behind The Music

Documentary: ‘Just For Kicks’ — A Closer Look At The History And Culture Of Sneakers

This is strictly for the ‘sneaker’ lover in all of us. As time flies by we sometimes lose grasp on the small things which in most cases would be considered as the minor details that make the big picture much brighter (or clearer for that matter). Anyway, this is an ode to the sneaker culture, a closer look at what helped turn this craze into more than just a fashion trend — but a staple to a whole worldwide culture. Look as some of the industry’s pioneers and voices speak out in the name of ‘kicks’.

Video: Marathon Metaphors Kenyan Hip-Hop Documentary Coming Soon!

Marathon Metaphors is a hip-hop documentary Produced, Written & Directed by Artist James Noggz Kamawe in various parts of Kenya.

During a visit to his native country Kenya, Noggz embarked on a tour of virtually every neighborhood, district, region, ghetto and area where hip-hop culture was kept alive simply by the dreams of many hungry prospective artists of all kinds.

Amidst tribal tensions and uncertainty surrounding the fate of Kenya as the general election approaches in March 2013, Hip-Hop has served as a vessel of artistic expression that unites the youth.

Marathon Metaphors takes you through Kenya’s underground hip-hop scene where a slew of artists vow to stay true to the culture while still getting their message across.

Documentary: Rakim : Definition Of A Classic

What’s the true definiton of a classic? It’s surprising that it’s so many so-called ‘hip hop lovers’ out there that couldn’t tell you what a classic is. Well, for those of you who still have a hard time defining that word (in terms of music of course!), you’re in luck. This is a documentary put together by Reebok and Complex that features the legendary emcee, Rakim. This video focuses on Rakim’s stellar career and his longevity in the game.

Video: Bob Marley Documentary Trailer

Legendary musician and major hip hop influence, Bob Marley was, without question, one of the greatest legends to ever help shape music and social culture…worldwide. Get to know the righteous man outside of his musical persona. This is a documentary film celebrating Bob’s life, family, legacy, and influence on the world…then and now.

A Tribe Called Quest Voices Their Disapproval Of Upcoming Documentary

Fans will have to remain in suspense for a little while longer as to when they’ll be able to view the upcoming documentary on A Tribe Called Quest. Apparently, producer of the project forwarded an email to his associates..but members of the rap group were not to see the email. Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed recently sat down with MTV and Sway to voice their disgust with the email. In the past few months, there have been rumors on why their was tension between the film’s executive producer, Michael Rapaport and Q-Tip. When asked about the their working relationship, it was said that Rapaport told media outlets and fans that disagreements came about because Q-Tip was upset about not being in control of the project. But ATCQ says it was much more than that. The basis of the controversy surfaced after the email was read by Q-Tip, who instantly expressed his disdain. According to Q-Tip, the letter read:

“First off let’s close the billing block and put it on the poster so they can’t get on that. Then we’ll **** them on everything else.”

If the email is indeed authentic, fans may never get to see the documentary because of the feuds it has caused. Creative control is one thing, but cutting the group members out of being credited for their input is dead wrong.

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Video: Eminem – Recovery Of Detroit [Mini-Documentary]

Our good friend Marshall puts on for the city that raised him. This mini documentary takes us through the journey of one of his biggest performances since his recovery from addiction and his new found solace. We are glad to see that Em has evolved both as an artist and a person and that’s Hip-Hop.

Still Shining: J Dilla Tribute (Full Documentary)

This is the full documentary of Still Shining, a tribute and documentary based on the life and legacy of J Dilla. In this film, you will see the legendary producer’s influence on the hip hop world, namely the artists and music industry figures he worked closely with.

“J.Dilla: Still Shining” from B.Kyle on Vimeo.