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New Music : Lindee Link – ‘Hotline Bling (Drake cover)’

At first glance, one could mistake her for any other YouTube sensation but, Lindee Link is a multi-talented singer who covers a variety of songs on her channel and has meticulously won over the hearts of a supportive following that leaves fans eagerly wondering which piece of work she will cover next. In her latest cover, she made an acoustic ode to Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ with her soothing, unique, almost whimsical voice. Not to take anything away from Drake because his version has been an huge success, but Lindee literally turns this into her very own.

Not only does she do covers, she also parodies the music videos such as Meghan Trainor’s ‘Dear Future Husband’ and Taylor Swfit’s ‘Shake It Off’. Dating back to one of her first covers, ‘Last Friday Night / Tonight Tonight‘ mashup, she had an interesting voice but when you compare her latest cover to her older one, you can see that she has improved vocally. On so many levels, the songstress has shown a potential for greatness. She heads to a different creative direction every time and has no problem stepping into another genre either. Lindee has already shown glimpses of being able to flex her vocals in pop, soul and even hip hop.

With over 100,000 subscribers, she is bound to gain more attention for her talents and is undoubtedly headed to superstardom. An early and generous prediction will be made here and now, this beautiful young talent will be a pop icon. It’s only a matter of time.


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Audio: Romeo Santos Feat. Drake – ‘Odio’

So no one is surprised that Romeo Santos has shown nothing but greatness since leaving former group Aventura, and embarked upon a solo career. That unmistakeable voice along with a little bachata tempo does wonders for fans of Romeo who has seen nothin but love and support from everyone since going solo. And with that being said, he’s already collaborated with other big name artists, one namely, Usher. The song made a huge buzz on latin and american pop charts as well. Most recent though, Santos teamed up with hip hop sensation, Drake and well…. Romeo is nothing short of great but truthfully we are still on the fence with Drake’s verse. Although he gets props for singing in Spanish (which he does an amazing job) and he also raps a few bars in English. We applaud the effort anyway!

en espanol
Así que nadie se sorprende de que Romeo Santos ha hecho otra cosa que la grandeza desde que dejó el ex grupo Aventura, y se embarcó en una carrera en solitario. Esa voz inconfundible, junto con un poco de tempo bachata hace maravillas para los fans de Romeo que ha visto nada, pero el amor y el apoyo de todos, ya que ir en solitario. Y con eso se dice, que ya ha colaborado con otros artistas de renombre, uno a saber, Usher. La canción hizo una enorme expectación en listas de pop latino y americano también. Más reciente, sin embargo, Santos se unió con la sensación del hip hop, Drake y bien …. Romeo es nada menos que muy bien, pero la verdad que todavía están en la cerca con el verso de Drake. Aunque él consigue apoyos para cantar en español (que él hace un trabajo increíble) y también rapea unos cuantos bares en Inglés. Aplaudimos el esfuerzo de todos modos!

Interview: Timbaland Speaks On Aaliyah, Drake, Nas & More

He said what? This is a short interview but best believe Timbaland drops some gems in this one. Believe me people, you may want to hear what Tim has to say about Nas’ upcoming project and furthermore he addresses the big question as to if he will do another album with Missy Elliott….

Video: DMX Questions Drake’s Talent and Claims He Isnt Paying Homeage On Aaliyah Album

During an Interview with MTV’s Sway Calloway on Rap Fix, X had some harsh words for Drake who was recently commissioned to help putting together Aaliyah’s latest project.

I’m feeling some kind of way about the fact that you’ve been commissioned… You’ve been blessed, you’ve been given the opportunity to do the [Aaliyah] album yet you don’t include anybody she worked with personally. What part of the game is that?

X, who was widely known as a close friend/collaborator  to the now deceased Aaliyah has been vocal about the various things pertaining to the canadian born and bred MC including his talent which X considers redundant and annoying.

He has talent but it’s kind of redundant,” X said. “It’s kind of the same all the time, and it sounds the same to me personally. It’s an annoying sound. Like a washing machine or a dryer. I don’t even have to explain. I just don’t like what it is

Aaliyah and DMX both starred on the cult lassic film “Romeo Must Die” alongside Jet Li as well as the classic

Nicki Minaj Dumps Diddy As Manager

Young Money female rapper, Nicki Minaj, recently revealed that she is no longer being managed by Diddy. The rap temptress is now under the wing and being managed by Gee Roberson and Kyambo ‘HipHop’ Joshua who are known from Hip-Hip Since 1978. The duo are also responsible for handling affairs for fellow Young Money stars Drake and Lil Wayne. It is believed that Nicki is unhappy with Diddy’s performance as her manager; she was expecting him to bring a lot of guidance but that was never fulfulled. There is a small twist to this story though. Joshua and Roberson were A&R execs for Lil Kim’s ‘The Naked Truth’ album. What do you think the Queen Bee will have to say about this move from Nicki?