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Throwback Joint: Dj Clue Feat. Boot Camp Click – ‘Come On’

Now you didn’t actually think we would let you go this week without a throwback joint did you? Class is in session…rewind it back to 1998. Nas, DMX, and Hype Williams pulled off the hood version of Al Pacino’s ‘Scarface’ with the street classic ‘Belly’. That soundtrack was a banger from start to finish and right around that same time, Dj Clue took to NYC’s most storied hoods and rounded up the hottest emcees to bring this classic compilation mixtape. This is one those joints that make you go ohhhh sh**! I remember that. Enjoy and if possible revisit that Dj Clue ‘Professional’ mixtape which was packaged and sold as an official album.

Throwback Joint: Foxy Brown Feat. Jay-Z – ‘I’ll Be’

Those were the good ol’ days… Nowadays when we hear any mention of Foxy Brown, the rapper, it’s usually followed by a wacky tale of how the female emcee managed to find herself in some type o trouble with authorities. But we want to let it be known that once upon a time she really was all about the music. Here’s a flashback from her debut album ‘Ill Na Na’. Oh and by the way, it was rumored that Foxy and Jay-Z were once an item. We’ll never know the truth behind that one but one thing is certain, they gave us a few classics that will always be held in high regards in the hip hop world.

Foxy Brown Contemplating Appearing In Playboy?

Notorious female rapper, Foxy Brown, recently revealed that she may be soon gracing the cover of famed adult-magazine, Playboy. Foxy reveals that the reason she is still an object of interest is because of her reluctance to be viewed as that type of lady. She does admit that she is contemplating the $2 million offer but is weary of her kids and their peers seeing the ‘Ill Na Na’ in the magazine showing the goodies. Is that issue going to be a must-have for fans (and critics). Most certainly.

Hey! Whatever Happened To…


With one of the most memorable singles to ever be released off a soundtrack album, Case hit the scene with ‘Touch Me, Tease Me’ which featured Foxy Brown. A few months later he dropped his debut, self-titled album and we found out that the new R&B crooner had more than just one hit. Here’s ‘I Gotcha’, one of the singles to be released off the album.

Previously featured: Kurupt

Foxy Causes Trouble Again

Red Bull Space: Soho, NYC
Last week during New York’s Mercedes-Benz Week, Foxy Brown was reportedly kicked out of an after-party in which she was due to perform. The obvious root of Foxy’s behavior was intoxication. The female rapper arrived late (and drunk) to the venue, approximately 10 minutes before closing. As partygoers began to exit, Foxy threw a tantrum and locked herself in the bathroom and refused to come out. Security eventually subdued the situation and removed her from the building.

Foxy Brown – Christmas Massacre (Lil Kim Diss) YAAAAAWWWN!

This beef is stale at this point and probably has no basis whatsoever. It turns out since Kim has been going hard at Nicki lately, she has also mentioned some unfavorable things about her former arch nemesis and it has awakened the “beast” in Foxy. Come on Kim and Fox, the popular vote says that you two should stop the beef and make some music together before your names hold no weight in the music game. We’re all fans of Foxy, but this is 2011…1998 has been gone for a while.

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Foxy Brown Being Taken To Court By Manager

The list of marriages of rappers and courtrooms steadily continues to grow longer by the second. In this recent plague to the rap world, Foxy Brown now will have her day in court. After having repeated displays of distastful outbursts, Foxy’s manager, Bernadette Brennan, stepped down from her position. She says that she no longer wants to be associated with the female rapper anymore. With a case pending stemming from an incident last summer in which she mooned her neighbor, Foxy is facing a lawsuit that will claim that she owes more than $100,000. Ms. Brennan will be the plaintiff in that case, claiming that Foxy owes for studio unpaid studio expenses and other fees. She even was called a no-show for a recent event held in NYC. No one knows why or where her behavior is coming from but it seems as though it’s one thing after another. Foxy Brown is due in court for trial on Feb. 7 on the charges for ‘mooning’. In a statement released, Brennan said,”I hope she gets the help she needs.”

Foxy Brown-Not again!

Foxy Brown is facing jail time again.  The reason we care about her problems is because let’s all admit it:  she’s a damn hip-hop legend.  Foxy Brown is the closest thing to Nicki Minaj rap has ever previously had.

Just peep the comparisons:  Brown is out of Brooklyn.  Nicki hails from Queens.  Foxy was guest rapping on the hottest platinum and gold singles in rap and r&b as soon as she hit the scene.  Ring a bell?  Then there was a bidding war and she released an album with a highly-touted band of rappers.  Nicki has Young Money.  Foxy had The Firm.

Hopefully Nicki won’t have to endure the same trials and tribulations Foxy seems to find herself getting into again and again.

Let’s not forget, Fox was the Queen.  Her debut album went on to sell 6 million copies worldwide.  But after selling millions of records, the reports of disputes started surfacing pretty frequently.

Disputes were between her and “insert name here” it seemed.  Disputes with tour managers, hotel employees, fans, court dates, Lyor Cohen, manicurists, etc. eventually led to time spent behind bars.

Her notoriety seemed to grow leaps and bounds over just a few years.  In time,  good news did arrive with a new record deal, but tragically her much-heralded signing to Jay-Z’s imprint and preparation for a comeback was interrupted by the loss of her hearing.

More recently, on August 13 she was hit with an indictment stemming from an altercation with a woman a month earlier.  As a result, she now faces jail time again of up to a year.

Let’s just admit that society loves to see its stars torn down.  But they also love to see one get back up again and win redemption.  And let’s face it, hip hop needs a Foxy Brown.

If nothing else, how many female rappers do you know who have done over 30 days in solitary confinement?

We’ve already seen Foxy do time before and we don’t want to see it happen again, but if it does, let’s hope it cleanses her karma for good.

-Dip Jones