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Thursdayz 4 Wordplay : Throwback Freestyle featuring Prodigy x Boogz Boogetz on Shade45

We had to do our part in getting your Thanksgiving holiday started off right. So it’s our pleasure to give you a classic throwback freestyle session featuring Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) and Boogz Boogetz going in on the mic live at Shade45. This freestyle came days prior to Prodigy releasing HNIC 3, and at that point in time, it was all about seeing P doing what he does best after serving a bid for a gun violation.

Thursdayz 4 Wordplay: Lupe Fiasco & Sway Reminds Us What A True Freestyle Is

Every now and then, a friendly reminder has to be sent out to those who need clarification of what a freestyle really is. Recently on his visit to Shade45, Lupe Fiasco honored Sway’s request to drop a freestyle and go completely off the top of his head. Now just to reiterate, a freestyle is unrehearsed and unwritten — completely organic. In the following video, you will see that this was an original verse that came to life on the spot. Be sure to get your facts straight when you proclaim to be spitting a freestyle because there are still some seasoned veterans in the game that will call you out in a heartbeat!Questions anyone?

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Thursdayz 4 Wordplay: Stalley ‘Cup Inside A Cup (Freestyle)’

Stalley is slowly becoming the next big voice of Maybach Music Group. The Ohio native seems to be a perfect fit for the already star-studded line-up at MMG. As we take a closer look at what motivates Stalley to writing the things we hear from him, we’re also delighted to catch his latest freestyle for Revolt TV, titled “Cup Inside A Cup”.

Audio: Chubby Jag – ‘U.O.E.N.O. Freestyle’

And once again Jag bodies another track! It’s no secret that Chubby Jag is one of the illest emcees on the come up right now. Ever since he’s came into the game he’s had a phenomenal flow which seems to only get better with each joint we hear. All we need now is an official album from him to flood the mainstream with the same type of heat and then you can pretty much call it a wrap. He’s too gone and as we speak no one has stepped forward and challenged him directly whether it be beef or rap battle. So what’s that tell you?? Peep his latest freestyle over the ‘U.O.E.N.O.’ track and see for yourself.

Mixtape: Alkee – ‘High Demand’

Every now and again there comes along a vibrant and youthful spirit that gives us another light of hope that one day hip hop can get back to what it once was…

In comes Alkee, a native of upstate New York that is starting gain some buzz on the underground stream. In his debut mixtape, titled High Demand’, the youngster goes in on some of the hottest beats, some of which we’ve may have heard but he makes every track sound like it was made to cater his versatile flow — which will only get better with time. Check out the young homey…….

Milkbox Material: Will Canibus Ever Return To At Least HALF Of What He Once Was???

The most competitive and fierce music genre in the world is hip hop… hands down. And almost every single time a rapper does something that isn’t considered the ‘cool’ thing to do, the consequences could prove to be fatal in terms of a rap career. For those who may not know, when you step in the ring to battle rap, there are a few things that just will not be tolerated…

#Hip Hop 101: Upon entering the battle rap area, you will be held responsible for EVERY action you take, whether verbal or physical. You are expected to come fully prepared to recite original lyrics and by no means should you read from tablets, notebooks, paper, cell phones, or any other foreign objects! Lyrics must be recited on the spot from off the top of the head.


As we apply these rules to the infamous Canibus VS Dizaster rap battle, how could anyone watch this and say to themselves… no this n***a didn’t! HHABC apologizes for coming across so harsh but we’ve had so many people ask why we didn’t spotlight this moment. Canibus has always been a beast but with his actions during this battle we had no choice. With all due respect, it’s gonna be close to impossible for him to come back after this one and be taken seriously, but we still have hope for him.

Watch as the unraveling of Canibus as a battle rapper unfolds….

Mixtape: Ar-Ab – ‘Who Harder Than Me 2’

There’s a lot of people out there who may not know who Ar-Ab is, but here’s just the thing to get acquainted. For those who are familiar, it’s no secret that this dude is a beast on the mic. Here’s his second installment of ‘Who Harder Than Me’. The number behind the title has changed but the temperature hasn’t. The kid is still sick with it and the hunger is still prevalent. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Damage and DJ Alamo…

Video: Gunplay – ‘B**ches Ain’t S**t’

Gunplay of Maybach Music Group picks one of Snoop and Dr Dre’s classic beats to go in on. It was a lot of negative talk about Gunplay when he first went to MMG. Many felt he wouldn’t be able to pull his weight or would not fit in with the rest of the team. This video will prove that theory to be incorrect and highly unlikely. This dude has definitely got the skills and he has that hunger that is well-respected amongst his peers.