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Mixtape: CyHi The Prynce – ‘Black Hystori Project’

This is what we’ve all been waiting for! CyHi The Prynce drops his new mixtape, Black Hystori Project and delivers on time once again. Well-known for his profound subject matter, CyHi takes a moment to address Black History month and drops a few gems including historical figures such as Huey P. Newton, Nelson Mandela and more. CyHi The Prince is probably the most sought-after artist on a stellar G.O.O.D Music roster.

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2 Chainz Album Sales Have Not Taken Off As Projected, Should He Be Worried?

With lackluster reviews and weak album sales, some may wonder if there should be concerns for 2 Chainz of being of the verge of falling off. Well, as Kanye West put it in a recent interview, 2 Chainz was featured on just about everybody’s songs last year….literally he did 100 features and plus some. In this day and age of getting vast and quick dollars solely off singles and internet sales, the Atlanta native is probably still safe at this point in time. He just may be around for a little while longer. During his recent interview with Streetz 94.5 radio in Atlanta, 2 Chainz seemed cool and collective and didn’t appear to be stressed at all. He also could be found on the red carpet this past weekend at the BET HipHop Awards in Atlanta. The veteran rapper has been in the game for quite some time and most likely has reached the apex in his storied career but he still has some hits left to share so as for now be prepared to hear a lot more from him.

Pusha T : D-Boy Turned B-Boy

It’s been a long time coming for Pusha T… The veteran rapper has had a well-decorated musical career that’s dated back to the mid 90’s era. Starting out as a member of the Virginia-based rap duo, The Clipse, the open-minded artist has flourished into a well-balanced artist and savvy businessman. Most hip hop fans would know that in his early days Pusha T, alongside his partner, Malice, had a wide range of content but primarily kept a ‘cocaine’ flow. With a history of having one foot in the drug game (even while being considered one of rap’s most dope lyricists), Pusha T has survived the test of time through national economy woes, trends, and a fickle rap audience.

Many thought that the absence of Malice would have a negative impact on Pusha’s career and stage presence but he reveals that it’s quite the contrary. He has evolved into an established vet who goes hard every time he records something and will not stop for anything. He is also quick to defend his brother’s turn towards spirituality and decision to shy away from the ‘cocaine’ rap. During Malice’s hiatus, he penned a full-length book titled, ‘Wretched, Pitiful, Blind, and Naked’, which was warmly recieved by many fans of The Clipse. As for Pusha’s upcoming mixtape, Long Live the Caine, Malice is expected to appear and Pusha promises this will be a must-have.

Video: Consequence – ‘Everybody Told Me’

With his next installment of ‘Movies on Demand’ due to drop in a few days, Consequence releases a new for ‘Everybody Told Me’. What’s noticeable is the fact that Cons’ name drops Q-Tip and Kanye West. Maybe this is his way of reaching out to Kanye, who was once the main target of Consequence’s verbal assaults.

Jay-Z & Kanye West’s ‘Watch The Throne’ Album Rumored To Drop In July

After months of speculation, Kanye West and Jay-Z are rumored to be releasing their highly anticipated album, ‘Watch the Throne’ sometime in July. There has been an unofficial tracklist revealed which is currently circulating on the internet. As of now there are only two featured guest artists on the album, Beyonce and Bruno Mars who both appear on a track titled ‘Lift Off’. The album is also a short one in terms of records being sold in today’s time; it is comprised of only 10 tracks. It may or may not be a surprise that the first single released, ‘H.A.M.’ , is not featured on the upcoming project, most likely due to it’s lukewarm reception from anxious fans.

Classic joint from The Blueprint 2 (first time we heard Kanye rhyme)