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Audio : Lloyd Banks, Kidd Kidd & Tony Yayo – “Set The Pick”

Just in case you thought G-Unit was done, please think again! With a new mixtape recently released, the lyrical collective show and prove just when it matters the most. The new project is dubbed ‘The Lost Flash Drive’  (hosted by DJ Whoo Kidd). They pull no punches on this one, and it’s completely obvious that the members of the crew are not just along for a free coat ride off 50 Cent. You will get a thorough mixtape here, and you will even find that you can actually listen to it without skipping around over tracks!

One of the highlights off the mixtape would definitely be ‘Set The Pick‘. About 10 seconds into the track you’ll see why! Check it out below…


Fantasy League : 50 Cent Snatches Up Young Chris To Upgrade His Arsenal

This edition of Fantasy League explores the idea of a deal that would bring Young Chris to G-Unit’s lineup, which is one of the most talented collective of artists all on one label. To go further into this proposed venture, both sides would undoubtedly capitalize the opportunity to the fullest. 50 Cent has become one of today’s most respected and successful music moguls in the industry and to have Young Chris as one of his label mates would only bring us more abundance of classic hits and collabs. I mean, come on now, a joint with 50 and Chris would be sick! I believe we’d have some memorable verses with a joint from Chris and Kidd Kidd as well too. To solidify this proposal, I beg you to take a look back at a collabo that offers a glimpse into what it would have been like if 50 would have pulled the former Rocafella artist into his lineup…





G-Unit Reloaded : Take A Look Inside of the Clique’s Journey, Thus Far

Just when you thought 50 Cent was going to ride the wave out on his headphones and Vitamin Water checks, he shakes up the game once again. The G-Unit family is back together again, add another hungry soldier (Kidd Kidd) and now the rap game has a huge problem. We seen it all before with ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, followed by the crew’s collaborative album and then Lloyd Banks’ solo effort, as well as, Young Buck’s solo debut. Just like ordinary people, things were said in the heat of the moment, lips were poked out, and at one time even, certain members of the clique stopped speaking, but all that stuff could be considered as growing pains and part of maturing. And now once again, after the differences have been settled and communication amongst the fellas began flow normally, everything is set for another 50 Cent and G-Unit takeover. We can sit back and say he (50 Cent) shouldn’t have let Young Buck back in or he should have just forgotten about Tony Yayo, but you have to remember that these guys played an instrumental part in each other’s lives and careers. This is literally a family, and tell me what family doesn’t have bickering and conflict every now and then… As we take a closer look at the following documentary, it is clear that the mutual respect amongst these gentleman is organic.



On The Rise: Kidd Kidd Leads The 2nd Generation of G-Unit

While 50 Cent continues to put his stamp on the game and stack major dollars, he still takes pride in keeping his crew on point. At the forefront of the 2nd generation of the G-Unit squad, Kidd Kidd stands confidently behind Fif as they plan to take music back to where it once was. This could be exactly what G-Unit has been missing for quite some time now, a spark from someone other than 50 Cent himself. From the very start Kidd Kidd, a native of New Orleans, has shown a certain realness about himself that obviously impressed Fif and maybe even reminded him of himself once upon a time.

50 on signing Kidd Kidd

There’s an apparent chemistry between Kidd and Fif as they ‘Get Busy’ on the mic and blaze this track which was also the intro track that appears on 50’s ‘The Lost Tape’ mixtape, hosted by DJ Drama.

Check out 50 and Kidd Kidd Get Busy…

Audio: Tony Yayo Feat. 50 Cent & Kidd Kidd – ‘Move’

There’s a lot of naysayers out there who suggest that a G-Unit reunion will never happen. But with a new album from 50 Cent on the way and other G-Unit artists such as Tony Yayo dropping new tracks, it seems that guest appearing on each other’s songs is still possible, so just maybe one day we could see a reunion of some capacity. Here’s the latest from Tony Yayo, ‘Move’, which features 50 Cent and Kidd Kidd.

50 Cent : The Man, The Music, The Vision…

So you think you know everything about 50 Cent? Contrary to what you may believe, there is plenty that he has yet to reveal….up until now. Recently Fif sat down with Larry King again for a one-on-one but this time, 50 opens up more about his personal aspirations. True indeed, he is a by-product of the streets but he has crossed over into the corporate world quite superbly and just like his strive for perfection in the studio banging out tracks, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson can now be respected as an all-around business man…

Could A G-Unit Reunion Really Happen?

It seems like such an eternity since we’ve seen 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Game and Young Buck all on the same team. As history serves as a friendly reminder, whenever you put together a collective of artists to come together as one, there will always be friction looming amongst them. With that being said we look back at the history of G-Unit and how their lineup dwindled in what seems like a short period of time. Game and 50 Cent started out as what appeared to be the perfect business relationship. But Game’s agenda obviously did not coincide with 50’s and the two rappers quickly became arch enemies. Young Buck apparently let the accolades of fame ruin him career-wise, as well as, financially. With a highly publicized unraveling, Buck has repeatedly let it be known that he is more than willing work with G-Unit again. As for Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, the two who were most vocal about being loyal to their boss, friend, and labelmate 50 Cent, we haven’t heard much from them lately but it would probably be a sure go ahead for them if G-Unit did reunite. They will probably need to be the ones who need to step it up more as Fif counted on these guys to home him down when times got tough. Furthermore, Fif has said that Banks and Yayo have not done what they needed to do in order to take their careers to the next level. But to get back to the question at hand, can this reunion work? I think it can as long as the idea of it doesn’t become stale and fans are left waiting for years for this event to finally happen.

50 Cent : From The Bottom To The Top

By now we’ve all heard about 50 Cent’s epic journey from running the streets while being heavy in the drug game, to becoming one of the most successful rap artists and entrepreneurs of our time. But truth be told, 50 Cent is smarter than you think and he didn’t get to where he is now by being a slouch. He’s spent countless sleepless nights into making himself an unstoppable money making and trendsetting machine. At this point in time, there is one key fact that stands apparent… he’s here to stay whether you like it or not!

Hands down Fif’ is one of the realest dudes to ever do it. Whether you like him or not, there’s no denying that he REALLY did live what he raps about and his story is so heartfelt because he got shot 9 times and lived to tell the story.

Mixtape: Lloyd Banks – ‘V6: The Gift’

As many of us are wondering, as 50 Cent plans to soon drop his final album for Interscope Records, what’s next for Lloyd Banks, G-Unit, and 50 Cent himself. It’s clear that no matter what happens, Banks is going to continue to drop solid projects, whether official albums or mixtape. This is his latest endeavor, new mixtape titled, ‘V6: The Gift’. The rhymes are still sharp and any uncertainty or lack of confidence is NOT prevalent in Lloyd’s voice on this new mixtape.