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Atlanta Declares War on TI and Jeezy???

It appears that since the recent scuffle at the Bet Hip-Hop Awards involving Jeezy and Rick Ross there is a degree of animosity looming over region. The once united front that helped define an era of great southern hits and one of the biggest regional shift in mainstream culture since the west coast emerge in the early 90’s seems to be showing some cracks.

Some sources say the altercation was as a result of an incident in New York involving Triple C’s member Torch and Jeezy’s entourage who apparently got served at a New York night spot by one of Jeezy’s goons. So far no one from either camp has confirmed the allegations.

When we further explore this current dynamic it becomes apparent that the once united South might have actually been based on necessity all along and now the truth is beginning to come out. We all remember a time when you could hear every southern artist on the same song, see them in the same building or on each others videos and it was something that clearly worked to the favor of most.

Everybody was going platinum, all the radio/TV platforms had finally warmed up to southern culture as a whole, from the music, the lingo, the swag to the lifestyle. Every state had its representatives and ambassadors to help characterize their region, from Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee etc

This unity was the south’s strongest quality and has probably been instrumental in keeping the region relevant while all the other parts of the country struggled for airtime even in their own cities.

Fast foward to fall 2012, everywhere you look there is a southern artists going at his comrade on your favorite blog site. Recently Gucci made references to T.I, Yo Gotti and Jeezy in his dis “Truth”.

It appeared that Gucci was baiting T.I into a reaction but T.I instead took the high road as explained during the interview below with Hot 107.9 Dirty Boyz.

To some it might appear that T.I was being mature enough to disassociate himself with any rap beef while others just outright felt he is a sucker for not engaging.

In T.I’s case he gets a pass based on having dealt with real life beef and escaped a govt indictment that could have put him away for decades.

In the case of Jeezy it is a bit complicated for various reasons, for one Jeezy is still a top contender for “King of the streets” but recently he has been under attack from former affiliates Gucci Mane, Bleu Davinci and his one time mentor “Big Meech”.

The reason Jeezy’s case might be sensitive is because he has to overcome this vicious attack on his brand and it could prove costly. The reason his brand as a whole could be compromised is simply because he it has its roots engrained in street credibility, which has been in question by his once mentor street mentor Big Meech and various former associates.

On one end you got Rick Ross, arguably the most relevant of all Rap artists going at The Snowman, as well as Gucci Mane who has had a long running feud Jeezy.

In order to remain the “King Of The Street” there is criteria that needs to be in play and when those young boys want you out your spot they come swinging.

Newcomers and Ducktape Mob affiliates Alley Boy and Trouble have aired out their contempt for their older peers both Jeezy and T.I and they as well have gotten no response from either.

Alley Boy and his Ducktape movement have made enough noise around the the region to afford an opinion as to who should represent the streets.

We all recollect a time during the early 2000’s when a young Memphis Bleek helped fuel the legendary Nas and Jay Z battle. That battle helped open up a can of worms from all corners with some people taking sides, old affiliates severing ties new alliances being made etc.

All this really means is that clearly a new renaissance trying to claim the positions once held by these two giants of the southern movement and they are not asking for the opportunity any more.

So whats is our point here people, this s**t is entertainment dont get caught up in it, enjoy the jabs, kick back and see what this awakens in the game.

T.I. – VH1 Behind the Music “King Of The South”

TI has come a long way in his career considering its been almost 13 years since he first hit the scene.

Some may recall his early cameo appearances in fellow Atlanta stars Young Bloods “85” to Donell Jones feat Left Eye “you know whats up”, to becoming one of today’s most sort out hip-hop stars.

The journey has been one that has blessed the Hip-Hop world with one of the most prolific careers, as well as helped pave the way for a region and introduced the genre to the now popular “Trap Muzik”.

Most admire TIP for his charisma, as well as the ability to overcome adversity and remain relevant even after a couple brushes with death and run ins with the law.

VH1 takes you behind the scenes and introduces you to the many facets of TI, the self proclaimed “King Of The South”.

Get More:
T.I., Behind The Music

Get More:
T.I., Behind The Music

Throwback Joint: Young Dro – ‘Rubberband Banks’

With a signature ‘A’ town bounce and a illustrious delivery, Young Dro successfully made a name for himself. Known as T.I.’s right hand man at one point, Dro’s debut album was a mainstream success and dubbed a hood classic. This is one of his most popular singles to date…Rubberband Banks.

Throwback Joint: T.I. – ’24’s’

We all know that longevity in the rap game does not come easy. But for T.I., it seems as if that statement is just the opposite. He has always been an artist that gives his fans exactly what they want every time he drops an album so maybe that’s the key element to his relevance today after dropping his first album almost 10 years ago. Throughout his troubles with the law and other bumps in the road, T.I. has an impressive and well-esteemed discography and from now on will be categorized as a veteran in the hip hop game.

Audio: T.I. Feat. Dr. Dre – ‘Popped Off’

Here’s the audio for T.I. and Dr. Dre’s collabo, ‘Popped Off’. As expected, the track is another heatrock produced by Dre and Tip, who still considers himself the ‘King of the South’ flows over the beat flawlessly. At the pace that’s he going, T.I. seems to have gotten back into grind mode and through his music, it’s evident that he has a true passion for rhyming.

Trae The Truth Gets Signed To Grand Hustle

Grand Hustle recently just added another member to the team. Trae the Truth announced on MTV Rap Fix, that he and T.I. have come together to sign a deal that will officially make him Trae a part of the Grand Hustle family.
T.I. speaks highly of Trae and stands behind the new deal 100%, “We’re gonna work alongside each other for a common goal and release this Trae tha Truth project…When cats cut from a certain cloth give their word and shake their hand, that’s what makes it a done deal…the ink is just a formality.” As he broke the news Trae expressed his enthusiasm of the new venture as well, “…he reached out more on a partner note to where it wasn’t about money…”