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Mixtape: International Gem – ‘Who Dare Move Me’

There comes a time in one’s life when you realize that some things just don’t cut it for you as they did before. When it comes to music, this could be a drastic change or merely a subtle change of heart. But with that in mind, when the quality of music is of that high levels, it rarely matters what genre it is categorized within. Hip Hop as we know is the fastest growing and genre in the music realm and with it being popularized around the world, it’s safe to say that the true translation of what is good music could sometimes be jaded with gimmicks or corny dance steps that only last a few months…

Quality above all
International Gem has been a player in the game for minute and he’s finally getting the shine he’s deserved, and for good reason too. With wordplay and a rhyme flow that’s reminiscent of that 90’s New York rap that everybody loved. Gem’s ‘Who Dare Move Me’ mixtape was originally released in 2010, but if you listen to this album, you’d most likely become an instant fan. International Gem has earned his stripes and this will serve as a warning to be on the lookout for him because he’s on his way to the top!

Video: ‘Crude Oil’ – track featured on Gem’s ‘Old Gold‘ mixtape…

Video: ‘Raising The Bar’

Video: International Gem – ‘I Hate Gossip’

It’s apparent that International Gem has found his lane and now he sets his sights on capitalizing off his buzz from his previous mixtape release, Old Gold (remastered version). No stranger to wordplay, Gem delivers yet again with a new video for Gossip, which can be found on his ‘Thoughts of a Capricorn’ mixtape.

I had heard a joint from Gem and instantly I was impressed with his talent for painting vivid pictures as he rhymes over carefully selected tracks. But it wasn’t until when I came across this video that I couldn’t even front, HHABC had to salute the kid simply because his style is dope. Take a listen at this and feel where we’re coming from…