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Nuff Respect Due : A Reflection On Angie Martinez’ Impact On The Culture



‘I’m so New York…’ 


After years of being an avid music enthusiast and an all so apparent product of pop culture, I’ve always had a fond admiration for NYC’s very own Angie Martinez. She is widely known as one of the pioneer voices of New York’s Hot 97 Radio Station and in my opinion played a vital part in making the station what it is today. A few months ago, she recently left Hot 97 to start a new tenure at rival station Power 105.1, the same station responsible for bringing daily news and interviews by an esteemed trio known as The Breakfast Club. For those that aren’t familiar, Angie has been one of radio’s most reliable and trusted names in the business. I must say that my respect for her has grown even more after watching her interview with The Breakfast Club where she addresses everything from Hot 97 to friendships to her historical interview with the late, great Tupac Shakur [Angie is the woman you hear interviewing ‘Pac on his Makaveli album in the interlude right before ‘To Live and Die in L.A.]. I’ve always wondered why that interview was never released but after hearing her explain her reason for not doing so, I’m once again tipping my hat to the radio queen. To sum things up, in my opinion if there is anyone with the clout or deserves to make the statement ‘I’m so New York’, Angie Martinez has earned that right plus more. Watch her interview with her ‘now’ co-workers The Breakfast Club (Angela Yee, DJ Envy, & Charlamagne The God). I will go as far as saying that even this very interview will be historical one day. It was exciting and interesting to see Angie on the other side of the table as the interviewee, one of the few moments she’s opened up to reveal a part of herself that we don’t normally get a chance to see or hear.









Jay Z And Elliot Wilson Speak On Racism, Sports, Money, George Zimmerman & More

Recently Jay Z sat down with Elliott Wilson to open up about some of today’s hottest topics. With his recent album release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay Z finds himself once again at the forefront of the world’s watchful eye of the media. We all know him to be extremely careful when it comes to interviews, he’s particularly guarded with his words. But with his growth as an artist an businessman as well, Shawn Carter, the man behind the voice is finally opening up to reveal his most personal feelings. He’s definitely matured over the years and has proudly accepted his role as a hip hop veteran and positive role model for the millions who listen to his music and follow his movement.

Video: Ñengo Flow Chops it Up With Montreality

So you’re a fan of Ñengo Flow and you think you know everything there is to know about the man and his music. A few months back, the reggaeton artist sat down with Montreality for an interview. Aside from being humble, there’s quite a bit more to love and learn about Ñengo Flow, check out the interview below.

Video: Aries Spears Breaks Out New Biggie Impression & Shares Thoughts On Today’s HipHop Artists

Before people start to criticize Aries Spears for his opinion on some of today’s hottest rap stars, we must take into consideration that he’s been in the entertainment industry for 23 years. After a stint such as that one, he’s seen some of the highs and lows and most likely has a good taste in music and more importantly has well-earned his right to speak out. Not only does he call out rappers, he’s taken to his own peers of comedy to challenge them to step their game up a notch. During this interview with NY’s Hot97, Aries would go on to cite 2 Chainz, Affion Crockett, Jay Pharoah and a few others.

Aries debuts his Biggie freestyle…

50 Cent : The Man, The Music, The Vision…

So you think you know everything about 50 Cent? Contrary to what you may believe, there is plenty that he has yet to reveal….up until now. Recently Fif sat down with Larry King again for a one-on-one but this time, 50 opens up more about his personal aspirations. True indeed, he is a by-product of the streets but he has crossed over into the corporate world quite superbly and just like his strive for perfection in the studio banging out tracks, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson can now be respected as an all-around business man…

Video: J. Cole Interview Funny LMAO!

Comedian Jack Thriller caught up with Roc Nation’s J Cole and they consducted a 10 plus minute interview where Jack Thriller kept acting a damn fool.

Big Up to Thisis50.com for this crazy exclusive and for giving Jack Thriller a good job with a GED education.

“… you are tall in real life, you do a kart wheel and you’ll kick a cloud”

Video: Fat Joe Boom Box TV Interview

Legendary Bronx MC and business mogul Fat Joe got together with Boom Box TV for an interview following the release of his 10th solo album (Welcome To The Darkside Vol 1)

Many don’t acknowledge Fat Joe’s relevance to the game but he has quite a few notches under his belt. Being behind the Big Pun’s career alone holds some weight, to having a number one single on the billboard charts 16 years ago and still being relevant today.

HHABC Salutes Fat Joe and we also send a big ups to Boom Box TV for putting the interview together.

Fat Joe BoomBox Interview
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Video: T.I. Jimmy Kimmel Interview

With his production debut “Takers” raking up in the box office and him finally marrying his long time girl friend, TI stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s show for a chat with the late-night host.

TI has in a recent press release stated he opted to push back his album “King Uncaged” to focus on the film and its recent success (understandable)

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