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Busta Rhymes Checks In at Hot 97, Celebrates 25 Years In the Game

 Busta Rhymes

One of the most talented and charismatic artists of any genre, has reached a milestone in his epic career. Recently, the rap vet hit the 25 year mark of being in the game. But you know he’s not going to a man of his stature will it take all the glory for himself. Nope! Instead, he is planning one of the most highly-anticipated concerts of all time. With a guest-list of past collaborators he’s had over the span of his career, Busta has all but guaranteed that this will be a classic moment indeed. Yes… This will be epic.





Video: Timberland Chats With The Breakfast Club & Shows Enthusiasm About New Artist

It’ s been a while since we’ve seen and heard that playful side of Timbaland on record or even at all for that matter. But recently with an interview with Power 105.1 (The Breakfast Club), he spoke of everything from Aaliyah, comparisons from today’s music to the 90’s era, all the way to his new artist, Tink. In the interview, you will notice the look in Tim’s eyes, it’s that look of passion, something that has been noticeably missing from the superstar producer for quite some time. After playing a couple of tracks featuring the 19-year old lyricist/vocalist, it’s no wonder why he’s dubbing his new artist to be at the forefront of the next female emcee takeover. A few months ago, Tim mentioned that he had a project coming up that he and Nas are putting together. At the end of the interview he plays another joint but not before telling Dj Envy to end the interview and stop the camera rolling… my guess is that the song he played featured Nas and Tink but we’ll see (and hear) about it in due time.



Btw… here’s that joint with Rick Ross and Jay-z that he played in the video above…



SHOCKING VIDEO: Solange Knowles Puts Hands on Jay-Z In Elevator and Has To Be Restrained

This is where it gets interesting… Media sources worldwide are in a frenzy after recent video surfaces which features Solange, younger sister to Beyoncé, smacking, yelling and even kicking Jay -Z following the Met Gala. The reason behind the outburst has yet to be revealed but close sources say Beyoncé could be torn between two of the closest people in her inner circle. No matter what happens after this, we hope this issue can be resolved and peace can overcome. As the story unfolds, we will keep you posted on new developments.


Interview: Timbaland Speaks On Aaliyah, Drake, Nas & More

He said what? This is a short interview but best believe Timbaland drops some gems in this one. Believe me people, you may want to hear what Tim has to say about Nas’ upcoming project and furthermore he addresses the big question as to if he will do another album with Missy Elliott….

Jay Z And Elliot Wilson Speak On Racism, Sports, Money, George Zimmerman & More

Recently Jay Z sat down with Elliott Wilson to open up about some of today’s hottest topics. With his recent album release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay Z finds himself once again at the forefront of the world’s watchful eye of the media. We all know him to be extremely careful when it comes to interviews, he’s particularly guarded with his words. But with his growth as an artist an businessman as well, Shawn Carter, the man behind the voice is finally opening up to reveal his most personal feelings. He’s definitely matured over the years and has proudly accepted his role as a hip hop veteran and positive role model for the millions who listen to his music and follow his movement.

Audio: Jay-Z – ‘100$ Bill’

Given the task to put together the soundtrack for the highly anticipated remake of ‘The Great Gatsby’, Jay-Z creatively integrates a collective of musical genres and took a couple minutes to bang out another joint himself. This one is titled ‘100$ Bill’ and it almost goes without saying… he comes through once again. This song is the opening track of the soundtrack which actually sounds pretty good and doesn’t need to be skipped through.

Classic Joint: Rocafella’s Greatest Collabo?? Jay-z & Beanie Sigel Go Toe-to-Toe

Remember when Jay-z, Beanie Sigel and State Property used to be on the same squad and they had this aura about them that made them seem unstoppable and at times invincible. Out of the many years, this roster banged out an abundance of hit records and countless classics. There may be some disagreements here but this particular joint is timeless and one of those records that never gets old. Originally featured on the State Property II Soundtrack, ‘It’s On’, a collab that featured Jay and Beans has got to be THE most infamous and greatest collaborative effort in Rocafella’s memorable reign.

Lyrical Fitness: How Does Jay-z Hold Up Against Kendrick Lamar

With a well-distinguished career that dates all the way back to the early 90’s, Jay-z has earned his stripes and proven to be amongst the top emcees and successful businessmen in the world. But after being in the game so long, is the inspiration still there for him to keep going? Or better yet, how would he compare to one of the top emcees of today’s time?

Right on cue, Kendrick Lamar drops a remix to his ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ track and Hov is featured on the song as well.

Jay-z has received a warm response to his verse on this joint and if Kendrick stays on course this song as well as Jay’s verse will undoubtedly be a classic. So does this mean that Hov’s rap game is still up to par? Well of course it does, he IS Jay-Z!

As the years go by, Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, continues to groom his business ventures but you better believe that every now and then he sharpens his skills just because he can!