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Mixtape: CyHi The Prynce – ‘Black Hystori Project’

This is what we’ve all been waiting for! CyHi The Prynce drops his new mixtape, Black Hystori Project and delivers on time once again. Well-known for his profound subject matter, CyHi takes a moment to address Black History month and drops a few gems including historical figures such as Huey P. Newton, Nelson Mandela and more. CyHi The Prince is probably the most sought-after artist on a stellar G.O.O.D Music roster.

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Kanye West… The 2nd Coming of James Brown???

It seems as though that nowadays Kanye West is a moving target and the subject of many people’s ridicules and scorn. But do you think this all matters to him? Probably not. Kanye West has acknowledged the fact that he is well aware that people judge him for things he’s done in the past. He has become well-known for his outspoken views on certain subjects and it’s not exactly what he is saying, it’s HOW he says it. But let’s not forget though…there is a reason why he is in his position of influence. As we think back and remember when Jay-z dropped his classic ‘Blueprint’ album, Kanye West was the architect of that project. If it wasn’t for hits like ‘Takeover’ and ‘Heart of the City’, Hov’s masterpiece of an album may not have come about. And how could we forget about Kanye’s debut album The College dropout which brought us so many unforgettable classic tracks such as ‘Jesus Walks’, ‘All Falls Down’, & ‘Slow Jamz’ just to name a few. So you start to wonder how this all ties in to the late, great legendary James Brown. That’s a simple one! Just as Kanye is viewed now, at the height of his career James Brown was a multi-talented artist, as well as, an extremely complex individual. When you take a look back at Brown’s historic career, you’d see that his run-ins with the law, his thought-provoking lyrics and the energy he put into his live performances clearly put him into a category of his own. So before we start to get ahead of ourselves and go on a bashing spree towards Kanye, let us put this all into perspective. Kanye is musically nothing short of genius. His sense of fashion and way with words are indeed unique to go along with that. Last but not least, when Yeezy is on that stage, he brings a memorable performance every time. So watch the attached videos below and see for yourself that Kanye is not a bad person, just a little misunderstood… and all this is reminiscent of one of the greatest performers of all time… Mr. James Brown!

Grammy Speech

James Brown Live At The Apollo….

Lord Jamar Calls Out Kanye’s ‘Skirt’ And Speaks On Other Rappers’ Sense of Style

The evolution of hip hop has been very interesting as well as entertaining to witness. Back in the day, the cool thing to do was to dress how the rappers dress and to talk how they talk. But nowadays some of the things we see coming from rappers are confusing and downright ignorant. So how does someone determine if it’s okay to do what a rapper does or dress the way they do? And speaking of the word ‘dress’, Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian recently blasted Kanye for rocking a kilt (skirt) on more than one occasion. As a matter of fact, he calls out several names of hip hop artists who have been dressing kind of weird. Watch as Lord Jamar gives a history lesson on how things have come to be the way they are now. Youngsters pay close attention, you may be attracting the wrong kind of people and not even realize it!

Jesus Walks: The Kanye West and Ma$e Connection!

Oh my we’ve come a long way!
It’s amazing how the career of some of today’s hottest artists and producers have grown so much after starting from humble beginnings. Who would have thought that the words humble and Kanye West could be mentioned in the same sentence.

But seriously though, Mr. West has come a long way, and he deserves much praise for rising above the B.S., especially coming from the city of Chicago, which happens to be a city that is looming with crime and violence. Mase, coming from Harlem (a city with a similar descriptive as Chicago) has had a storied career as well. A one-time member of Puffy’s all-star line-up at Bad Boy Records, was well-known as a quick-witted rapper with a slurred flow. He was always favored by the ladies and was thought to be the next ‘it’ factor. Unfortunately, things took a bad turn (Biggie’s death) and Mase tried his hand at becoming an ordained minister.

He was ridiculed heavily and considered a fake wanna-be but nevertheless, when things were going his way, he was THAT DUDE. Here is classic footage of the two vets before the ‘bling and booty was top priority for the majority. Jermaine Dupri on the other hand has seen his fair share of success too. The son of the legendary Michael Mauldin, Jermaine started as a dancer for the rap group Whodini and then would go on to be one of the industry’s most sought out producers.

Pusha T : D-Boy Turned B-Boy

It’s been a long time coming for Pusha T… The veteran rapper has had a well-decorated musical career that’s dated back to the mid 90’s era. Starting out as a member of the Virginia-based rap duo, The Clipse, the open-minded artist has flourished into a well-balanced artist and savvy businessman. Most hip hop fans would know that in his early days Pusha T, alongside his partner, Malice, had a wide range of content but primarily kept a ‘cocaine’ flow. With a history of having one foot in the drug game (even while being considered one of rap’s most dope lyricists), Pusha T has survived the test of time through national economy woes, trends, and a fickle rap audience.

Many thought that the absence of Malice would have a negative impact on Pusha’s career and stage presence but he reveals that it’s quite the contrary. He has evolved into an established vet who goes hard every time he records something and will not stop for anything. He is also quick to defend his brother’s turn towards spirituality and decision to shy away from the ‘cocaine’ rap. During Malice’s hiatus, he penned a full-length book titled, ‘Wretched, Pitiful, Blind, and Naked’, which was warmly recieved by many fans of The Clipse. As for Pusha’s upcoming mixtape, Long Live the Caine, Malice is expected to appear and Pusha promises this will be a must-have.

‘Watch The Throne 2’ May Soon Materialize, Says Producer Mike Dean

Hip hop producer Mike Dean, has revealed that Kanye West and Jay-Z are planning to drop a sequel to ‘Watch the Throne’. According to Dean, the making of the album process will begin as soon as Kanye puts the finishing touches on the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album. This is indeed great news for fans but there’s only one thing… Jay-Z has other plans for now. Here’s Jay’s reaction when asked about the ‘Throne’ sequel album, “I thought I would be more inspired with all the new feelings and everything that I’d have to write about, but it really happened the other way. I just really wanna hang out with her. I just wanna enjoy those moments for a bit and I’m sure that feeling of music will come back to me.”

Who knows when this album will drop, but best believe fans will be eagerly anticipating that day.

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Throwback Joint: Common – ‘The Game’

This one is taken from Common’s ‘Finding Forever’ album. Produced by Kanye West, the song sounds as if it could have been produced by DJ Premier but Kanye gets the credit for this one (although Premo did the scratches you hear in the background). The moral of the story is Common and Kanye always make magic together when they collab. The ‘Be’ album was not a fluke, these two artists channel a certain type of energy which is undeniably successful every time.